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Taxi and Private Hire – Licensing.

 A message from City of Wolverhampton Licensing Services.

City of Wolverhampton Council’s Licensing Services have commenced a consultation on the proposed draft Guidelines relating to relevance of convictions and breaches of licence conditions.These guidelines are used determine whether an applicant/ current licence holder is fit and proper to hold a hackney carriage/ private hire drivers licence; hackney carriage/ private hire vehicle licence or a private hire vehicle operator licence.

The current consultation can be viewed at

We welcome any comments/ feedback that you wish to make on the proposed draft guidelines.To take part in this consultation, please send written responses, either via email to or by post to:

Licensing Services

City of Wolverhampton Council

Civic Centre

St Peters Square



Comments need to be made by no later than 31 December 2018.

Licensing Services

City of Wolverhampton Counci

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Wolverhampton City Council – Judged Excellent!

I was very pleased to read about the Wolverhampton City Council’s  Equalities Peer Review: This is good news for our Council.

The City of Wolverhampton Council have been accredited as an ‘Excellent’ Council under the Equalities Framework for Local Government (EFLG).

The LGA Peer Team returned to the Council on Tuesday 2 October and were here until (Thursday 4 October), meeting with colleagues, Councillors and partners to assess the team’s work against the (EFLG).

In the last three years, City of Wolverhampton Council has moved from no accreditation, through to ‘Developing’ to ‘Achieving’ status which was gained in April 2017 and now ‘Excellent’ status in 2018.

The Managing Director Tim Johnson said in a message to City Councillors “This is a great achievement for the council, the city, its partners and communities. I would like to thank everybody involved in helping us achieve this accreditation.”

Its clear that a whole lot of effort has been recognised in this Peer Review and that can only be good new for our Council.

Councillor Phil Bateman.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Come Along & Meet Me!

Tomorrow Wednesday at 12 Noon I will be attending The Hub@Ashmore Park.


This is on Griffith Drive Ashmore Park- It’s a little bit of an Ad-Hoc arrangement!

If you have never been to The Hub and you would like to see what is happening come along and meet with me! Have a look around – chat with our excellent volunteers,

If you live in Wednesfield North and you have an issue you feel I can help you with and  give advice on – Pop a Long and I will see you.

I have also decided that I will give a little talk on my exploits in the North Pole.  So if you want to be entertained with some stories and some evidence of my trip and what I was doing. Come along you will be most welcome.

There is a brilliant Sunshine Café in the Hub, so you can grab a cup of tea, and a biscuit. Hear  some of my tales, have a question or two answered and have a natter with some brilliant Volunteers!

Hope I have interested you – See you tomorrow at about 12 NOON! We can have some fun with this……

leaning tree

Green Belt & The Threat of Housing!

There is rightly concern about the potential loss of the Green Belt that is currently in force between the West Midlands and South Staffordshire and is within  the boundary of Staffordshire County Council..

The key message in this article being published today – is to bring you the electorate in Wednesfield North – up to date with the current situation. Recently a number of residents have contacted me to ask,  and understand what the latest plan is which has been reported in the press and media.  I have been in contact with Wolverhampton City Council

The latest situation has been clarified by City of Wolverhampton Planning Officers.

They have explained , that the only allocations in the adopted South Staffordshire Site Allocations Document (2018) which are near our border are the employment sites to the north (i54 western extension) and small extensions to Perton (to the west) and Codsall/Bilbrook.

These are the sites that are causing so much conversation at the moment in the North of Staffordshire. 

However, there is to be another ‘New South Staffordshire Plan’ (which will replace the 2018 Plan). This is the Plan that holds major concerns for me, and my fellow Councillors here in Wednesfield North.


The Issues and Options consultation is due out in Oct/Nov with regards to this plan.

City Officials will be preparing a Cabinet report to approve a Wolverhampton response.   

Wednesfield North Labour Party were the first to break this story about how 2,500 homes are being made ready to be constructed on Green Belt land locally, and we are pleased that we did!

It wasn’t the Councils of South Staffordshire District Council, Essington Parish Council, or even Staffordshire County Council that told the public about these proposals first. It wasn’t the Express and Star, or the Local Radio stations that told the public about the enormous interest the developers were showing in this Green Belt Land!

It was Wednesfield North Labour Party and it was Wednesfield North  Councillors who were vigilant and found the information buried deep in a regional report. It was our team that went public, and told you. It was twenty-four hours later before the Government confirmed their plans on housing in the House of Commons!

We have made our opposition to the proposals for the construction of 2,500 homes a major part of Wednesfield North Labour Party’s Local Election Campaign, in the run up to the City Council elections on the 3rd May 2018

The proposals that will go to South Staffordshire District Council to build 2,500 homes on this agricultural land within the Essington Green Belt is strongly opposed by all three of your Wednesfield North’s City Councillors.

We will continue to keep you aware of the situation, as we become aware of the proposals and plans going forward.

Police car C-m_bVaXoAEqffS

Crime problem taking place in Wednesfield

Huge issues around unlawful and suspicious activity in Wednesfield and on Coppice Farm, as well as on Ashmore Park,  Plus there was a Ram Raiding which took place in Stubby Lane and Silverton Way last night.
Clearly there is a crime problem taking place in Wednesfield at the moment. Please if you see someone or something and they are acting very suspicious. Contact the Police right away.

I will be raising the problems you speak with me about directly with the Police,

I have had contact with them this morning about other issues, I have previously raised with them.
Its beyond me that the Government can continue to cut Police resources when there is so much concern about crime in almost every part of the West Midlands….

jsda-oct2018 42800788_10217998407134445_3598498418642649088_n

#CultureWednesfield! – Well Done JSDA You Have Smashed It Again!

Wednesfield is a district of Wolverhampton that is rich in sporting clubs and sporting achievement, and Wednesfield sometimes gets overlooked as to what it is achieving in that other great world of leisure activity.

Dance and culture is a really strong sector here in Wednesfield!

Very little get written in the popular press about how good our Dance Schools are here in Wednesfield. Or what kind of job they do in teaching young people to express their selves take exercise and enjoy themselves in the music that flows with the dance.

I am pleased to say that we regularly see scores of parents and their children getting ready for the displays and the rehearsal that go with the dance.

One of the best is the JSDA School who have been dancing in Blackpool over this weekend. In the “That’s Showbiz” Semi Finals.

Here is what JSDA say about themselves following their successful dance routines on the big stage……

Julie Scrivens the owner and Dance Coach states – “So so proud two days at semi-finals amazing standard! 12 trophies! 
And our Nellies Didi Kidz and adults -Run the World – both qualified for the finals and dance at Liverpool Echo in March! “

Didi Kidz 3rd place classic – Nellie
Didi Kidz 2nd place open –  Space Unicorn
Didi Kidz 5th place Overall – Nellie Q
Mini Kidz 3rd place classic -Thousand Years
Mini Kidz 3rd place open -Shake it off
Senior 3rd place modern – Find Me
Mixed 3rd place classic- What a Feeling
Mixed 2nd place modern – Lil Bad Girl
Adult 1st place open – Purple Rain
Adult 5th place Overall –  Purple Rain
Adult 1st place modern – Run the World
Adult 1st place Overall – Run the World
12 trophies and two teams through !


So proud we’ve laughed cried and had an eventful few days

Good luck to our Didi Kidz and Adults who now dance at the Echo Arena in March!” 

Now for me and Mary and Councillor Rita Potter, as your local Councillors we think that this is fantastic! We want to say that we are equally as proud of you all.


21,000 Police Axed DVbkoGfXUAEO60Z

No More Police Station Closures!

I despair with the Police here in the West Midlands!

Policing  is an important public service. It is vital that the force here in the West Midlands,  police with the consent of the public,  that pay their wages, and provide the finance through local and national tax for their infrastructure, and other resources.

Why oh why is it that the West Midlands Police are now considering reducing the police response teams across the Black Country?

Crime hasn’t been solved, it hasn’t gone away, its still here and active in all our local communities.

The public will I am sure be as angry as I am at these proposals. Never mind arguing about having just two Police Stations operating in the Black Country! I certainly don’t agree that we should lose any more Police stations be they in  Walsall or  Dudley, taking officers further away from the neighbourhoods they work in.

I strongly disagree that our own Wednesfield Police Station closes! But it is down for closure and this is bad news for my community here in Wednesfield. The Local Councillors and our MP are battling hard against this happening.

Taking the police out of their neighbourhoods will take them further away from the people who pay for them. It will lessen the links, it will ensure the only police people will see are those in cars. It will make the police unapproachable and remote from residents, children and business.

It isn’t the way to run a  police force!

This rotten Government also need to know that their voters, our communities,  are demanding that more national resource is place into our regional Police forces.

If you start to police , without the community consent to the style of policing, you will force people into thinking about other ways to police their property, and their families.

That is not what is required. Drop this silly proposal and everyone join together to have more of our tax pounds pumped into our Regional Police Force. Save the Police. That is why its important you raise your own voice. Be it through social media, the press, or by individual letter to your MP!


Please do your best to get your voice heard…….We need to Save The Police in your Town! and we need to save neighbourhood policing where you have chance to speak with a Police officer direct.

10462542_715400025192216_4193381832399208680_n Ashmore Park Sign

Have You Made Your Objection- Be Quick!

Many of you will be aware that there has been a number of attempts to build a House of Multiple Occupancy on Millbank Street in Ashmore Park.

There is a very strong objection to this happening in the local neighbourhood. There is concern that such a development would very much alter the family oriented  neighbourhood. 

It would increase car traffic bringing additional hazards for road safety , add to problems for the Police, and create issues relating to noise and other environmental problems with drains and drainage. 

The Planning Inspectorate in Bristol will be will be running an appeal by Mr K Plant at 52 Millbank Street against the decision of the Wolverhampton City Council to refuse planning permissions for the erection of two semi detached dwellings at 52 Millbank Street Ashmore Park Wednesfield.

Readers will remember that there have been applications to provide a house of Multiple Accommodation on this site.The Appeal will be determined by this Governments – Secretary of State  or by an Inspector appointed by him.

Local residents have until JUST the 3rd of October to make your representations known to the Inspector. The Planning Inspector has introduced an online appeal service which you can use to comment on this appeal.


Please us the appeal on line process – if you wish to object to the development. You will have to quote this reference number  APP/D4635/W/18/3207000


Please be aware- All your objections must be planning based. 

Your comments may include your name and address and email address or phone number. Please ensure that you only provide information that , including personal information belonging to you, that you are happy will be made available too others. Please request the Inspectorate to inform you of their decision.

The time is very tight if you want to take part in this process and object to this unwanted development. DO IT TODAY -DON’T DELAY.


Russell Close Path to Ashmore Parkdownload

Russell Close Trip Hazard Removed!

13522564_10209895324728028_698074258_n Russell Close entrance to Park. 29 June 2016There has been a little bit of controversy about the footpath into the Ashmore Park from Russell Close. There was a huge loss of tarmac in the pedestrian footway which had become a walking hazard.

It had been addressed in a ‘temporary’ way, by filling the impediment whilst the proper resources and the team that carry’s out the work in the highways department was  timetabled to reduce the health and safety risk,  before the main work was able to take place.

It has now been completed and it looks a treat! Hopefully the controversy will now dissipate.



Motorists reminded of traffic regulations outside schools


As pupils settle back into class following the summer holidays, parents in Wolverhampton are being reminded about the parking restrictions which are in place outside local schools.

While many pupils walk or cycle to school, more and more number of parents are driving their children there. This is adding to the problem of – and complaints about – inconsiderate parking outside local schools and posing an increasing danger to young pedestrians during the ‘school run’.

Councillor Steve Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment, said: “The over-riding priority outside our schools is ensuring the safety of children – and it goes without saying that parents who choose to take their children to and from school by car need to obey the parking restrictions in place, and consider alternatives where possible.”

Yellow zigzag ‘school keep clear’ markings can be found outside most schools across the city. No vehicles, including those displaying a blue badge, are allowed to stop on these markings for any reason during the hours shown on the accompanying signs.

In addition, single and double yellow lines are present outside most schools. Waiting is not permitted at any time on double yellow lines, and not permitted on single yellow lines during the times stated on the accompanying signs.

Parking on the pavement or grass verge also poses a potential hazard to pedestrians and can result in enforcement action by West Midlands Police where there is an obstruction of the highway or the City of Wolverhampton Council where there are parking restrictions in place.

Blue badge holders can park for up to three hours on single or double yellow lines where there are no loading or unloading restrictions in place, and where their vehicle does not cause an obstruction. As always, the blue badge must be displayed and the clock set to the time of arrival.

Loading and unloading restrictions are shown by yellow markings on the kerb. Single yellow markings mean loading and unloading is prohibited during the times shown on the accompanying signs. Double yellow markings mean that no loading or unloading is allowed at any time.

As well as parking restrictions, a number of schemes are in operation in Wolverhampton designed to alleviate parking outside the school gates. They include the Safety Outside Schools Programme delivered by the council, police and West Midlands Fire Service which focuses on parking and road safety and encourages schools to hold patrols to educate parents about the dangers of inconsiderate parking.

The Safer Routes to School initiative has led to the installation of safety features around participating schools, while many schools have been supported to develop “park and stride” schemes whereby parents are given a rendezvous point away from school and encouraged to complete the journey on foot.

Bikeability cycle training is offered to all primary and secondary schools to give children the skills to cycle safely on the city’s roads, and class visits by school crossing patrol wardens introduce pupils to the Green Cross Code.

Councillor Lynne Moran, Cabinet Member for Education, added: “While we would always encourage parents and children to walk to school, and also enjoy the health benefits that doing so brings, we understand that this is not always possible.

“For those parents who have to drive to school for whatever reason, they should make sure they are not causing a danger to children or other road users by parking in restricted areas outside schools, and also think about any ways they can – for instance parking around the corner and walking the rest of the way.”

For further information regarding parking restrictions around schools please call the City of Wolverhampton Council on 01902 551155, e-mail: or visit