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Be Careful & Lock Your Car Doors!

Last night on Tuesday the 17th April at about 7.39 I pulled up at the lights in my car on Broad street in Wolverhampton City Centre. I had stopped because the traffic lights leading to the ring road had turned red. I was making my way home back to Wednesfield. There was a group of young men sitting on the steps of the building (about five in total) on the left of me, right alongside the lights.

One man in a hoody and baseball cap stood up and leaned over the railings and tried my front passenger door.

Luckily I had locked it. He then went to the rear door and opened the car door. I challenged him, but he just remained focussed. At that with the door waving open. I decided that the best way was to get out of the situation as fast as I could. So I put  my foot on the accelerator, I drove away at some speed through the red light.

I was unnerved, I was concerned that he had wanted to rob my bag which was on the back seat. Or so I thought.

But I was also scared in case he was trying to get into my vehicle with the gang following him…. I was heading towards Wednesfield having attended a City Council Scrutiny Meeting at the City Council City centre offices.

I tried to contact West Midlands Police via 101 without success, and waited till I got home when I emailed the Wednesfield WMP team.

I don’t think the man stole anything from the car. I found I had put my bag with my I-Pad in the Car Boot and not on the back seat.

But the whole incident unnerved me greatly. I have obviously warned my wife and friends. But after some deep thought today I have decided to post on my site to give a wider warning. Please lock your car doors and be watchful. All this was over in about 20 seconds. But it nevertheless was very alarming.

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Latest News – Proposal for 2,500 Homes In Green Belt .

Wednesfield North Labour Councillors today issued further information to their Local Residents relating to plans and proposals to build on current ‘Green Belt ‘ in Essington.

This message is primarily aimed at Wednesfield North constituents who have an interest, or who are interested in the recently announced proposal to develop 2,500 homes on what is current ‘Green Belt’ land alongside Linthouse Lane and Kitchen Lane and within the Parish of Essington and the District Boundary of South Staffordshire D.C.

Councillor Bateman said ” have received this further information from South Staffordshire District Council.

South Staffordshire District Council is still finalising work on their current Site Allocations document (SAD) but have also begun work on the review of their Local Plan.

They inform me that they are working towards publishing Issues and Options for the new Local Plan in Autumn of this year, by which time they hope the revised NPPF will be in place.

This document will set out strategic growth options for South Staffordshire and consider what levels of growth can be accommodated.  They further inform me that they are currently updating our Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) which will contain all the sites suggested to them (including Linthouse Lane) and this will be the starting point for site options.

Wednesfield North City Councillors Mary Bateman PhiIBateman and Rita Potter have asked that their contact details be added to South Staffordshire District Councils Local Plan database, and that means that we will receive automatic updates on local planning matters.

I would now urge any of our Wednesfield North constituents or local residents in Wednesfield who wish to be added to the database, to do so now, by sending your email address to localplans@sstaffs.gov.uk .

We will continue to inform Wednesfield North residents of new information as we receive it of plans around this development.

Kitchen Lane Essington Boundary

Road Closure -High Hill Essington Planned for May 15th 2018

Wednesfield North residents please be aware Staffordshire County Council will be closing High Hill Essington to deal with the pothole issues as they have been a huge danger to traffic during the past winter months.

Residents in Kitchen Lane and Linthouse Lane should note however that Staffordshire County Council will be sign posting a diversion using Wednesfield North highway network in Kitchen Lane and Linthouse Lane as a diversion.

This perhaps will not add to much traffic to our road system. But it may attract some!

The date for closure of High Hill is 15th of May 2018 – though they are taking powers for up to five days, for unseen problems….

Hope this news helps residents to understand what may happen…….and be prepared if they use High Hill for their own journeys…


IMG_0016-640pxTrue North.

Want To Appear On A New Consumer TV Show?!

I have received the following note from a researcher who is looking for people in Wednesfield and Wolverhampton to appear on a new TV Consumer Show!

Dear Councillor, I hope you don’t mind me contacting you.We are doing a final shout out for contributors for a new money saving TV show. I am trying to reach out to as many families as possible in Wolverhampton for a brand new consumer TV series I am working on for a Leeds based television production company, True North.

I thought it might be useful to get in touch with yourself as I am trying to spread the word to any local groups/schools/ect and I was hoping you might be able to pass on our flyer to any in your local area? Or if you know any families yourself please feel free to pass on our email address. The programme will be presented by familiar household names, which we can’t announce quite yet. The show is all about saving money but still enjoying lives’ luxuries. It will be filled with tips and tricks for shopping in your supermarket, on your high street and even your best deals online. It will air on a weekday evening for three weeks in June.

We are looking for families to take part in different parts of the program such as meeting experts, testing out products and seeing how well you budget your weekly shop.We are looking for families preferably with children, but we would love to hear from anyone who is interested.?”

Contact Robert Beck | Researcher at rbeck@truenorth.tv

True North | Marshalls Mill | Marshall Street | Leeds | LS11 9YP | UK
www.truenorth.tv | twitter.com/truenorthtv


Alice Reynolds. IMG_4173

Campaigning for Labour In Wednesfield North!

Today we had a visit from Councillor John Reynolds and daughter Alice Reynolds – who Mary and I have known since she was born! Mom Gillian Walton was herself a Councillor here in Wednesfield North back in 1990 through to 1994. John and Gill have been friends of ours for decades!

Today we had been out campaigning in Wednesfield North with Mary delivering leaflets here in the sunshine following what seems like weeks of grey cold and damp skies.

Alice made us all perk up a little as we chatted about those early years just after she was born, and of course we reminisced about Gill and the work she had done working with families in the very Ward we were out campaigning in today!

Alice is the sort of person that will help build tomorrows Labour Party. Fantastic with people, enthusiastic, and already showing keen interest in representing hard working families. I have high hopes that Alice will follow in the family footsteps of representing people.

Mary and I spoke warmly about both John and Gill who we had known now for decades. We were delighted that Alice had come to spend a little time with us campaigning here in Wednesfield North.

Currently Alice works in Europe; she is President of the Bruxelles Branch of the GMB Union. How about that for a title!

Both Mary and I were mightily impressed with Alice and we thanked both John and Alice for their contribution to Mary’s campaign to win Wednesfield North again for Labour today.

greg & Mary 26220089_10214871054543430_3559803203781017248_n

Wednesfield Police Station Closure- The Public Say No!


Wednesfield Police Station Closure- The Public Say No!

Wednesfield North Labour Party and Wednesfield South Labour Party have come together to fight the announced closure of the Wednesfield Police Station in Alfred Squire Road.

The two local parties have held three (2 hour) petition signing sessions in Wednesfield High Street

The first of these was on Good Friday 30th March. followed by Saturday the 31st March and finally on Friday 6th April.

Both Local Labour Parties have taken the campaign out on the doorsteps as well. With really strong support, and reaction from residents.

Councillor Greg Brackenridge (Labour ) Wednesfield South said “After working closely with our local police neighbourhood team over the years, I have the deepest respect for the work that they do and the value they bring to our communities. The West Midlands Police have received the largest cuts in government grant in the whole of the UK.

After losing 2000 officers in 7 years we are now losing local police stations to balance the books.

This is at a time of rising crime levels which is placing our local communities at greater risk. The people of Wednesfield have spoken clearly. They want to keep our police local and I support this wholeheartedly.

Wednesfield calls on the government to fund the police and public services properly and end the austerity we have all suffered.”

Councillor Mary Bateman (Labour) Wednesfield North added “This issue is a bit of a battle, we are not attacking the police, we know that the government are the real reason that the funds are so hard to come by. But our residents do not want this to happen and the Tory Government, need to know as the Chief Constable needs to know, Wednesfield Police Station needs to remain open.”

There has also been a campaign taking place in social media here In Wednesfield, making people aware of what is taking place and also canvassing opinion.

One social media survey taking place in Wednesfield North informs that 75% of local residents who have taken part want the police station to remain open.100% of all those that have responded also say that police response times will lengthen if it closes.

The petitions canvassed over the three days in Wednesfield High Street, by the Joint Wednesfield Labour Party is nearly 1200 strong now. That means over the six hours of collecting signatures against the Police Closure Wednesfield residents queued up and signed at more than 3 person a minute! Now that shows the strength of feeling that local residents who pay for these services think!

The plan is to present this petition and the evidence we are collecting, from our community to keep the Police Station Open in the next few weeks.


For further information – contact either Councillor Greg Brackenridge or Councillor Mary Bateman …..




Emergency Highway Information -Wednesfield!

Would Wednesfield North residents and others please note- There may be delays in this part of Wednesfield due to emergency work on the highway due to a gas incident…..

Notification of emergency road works:


Location: Wolverhampton Road junction of Coronation Road.


Promoter: Cadent Gas


Nature of works: Emergency Gas Escape


Traffic management: 3 way temporary traffic signals


Duration: 11/04/2018 – 20/04/2018


Road Works Planned for Woodend Road/Orchard Road Junction

On the 16th April at the junction of Orchard Road and Woodend Road BT Openreach will be working on their cable infrastructure.

I have been informed that from around 09.30 through to 14.30 there will be delays as a 2 –way temporary traffic lights will be set up the protect and aid traffic management and workers who will be servicing the site. Please be aware of this traffic management scheme on the day.

There may well be traffic congestion due to the traffic management of the site…..

lower prestwood road !cid_image001_png@01D3CCCF

Information – More Water Run Off Lower Prestwood Road.

Lots of areas of Wednesfield North appear to have had their drains blocked by the heavy rain we had experienced in the early part of the week. This appears to have caused some local  flooding across pavements and property.

In this incident which is in Lower Prestwood Road your Councillors have request the City Council to clear local drains. The location of this flood water is close to the Pheasant Shopping Parade, near to the  pedestrian crossing.

The pavement area is heavily used by pedestrians and residents a like… We have urged action from the City Officials…..

Woodened road water !cid_image001_png@01D3CCCF

Information – Woodend Road Pavement Flooding

On Thursday 5th of April the Wednesfield North team of Councillors reported the pavement flooding on Woodend Road, following the bad and wet  weather we had at the beginning of the week.

This flooding which covers a large part of the pavement area,  is clearly a hazard for pedestrians and the adjacent properties. When we come across it, it was already quite deep, and the residents tells me every time it rains the pavement and  their property floods.

We have asked the City Council to arrange for some one to test the drainage system in this locality.