IMG_6588First into Bentley Bridge Val & Brian Timporley!

Two More Narrow Boat Cruises for Wednesfield!

I have again been informed by the Birmingham Canal Navigation Society that Wednesfield and our wonderful historic Wyrley and Essington Canal features again in the 2018 Narrowboat cruise programme, and that is excellent news for our Village.

Councillor Phil Bateman said today “That means that once again we can expect visitors from across the UK and even from Abroad, stopping off and spending time in Wednesfield.

This is good news for the Village traders and good news for everyone who is proud of our Village and its heritage.

In 2016 boating visitors spent more than £20,000 in our village, through re – provisioning or through the leisure outlets that we have, like Pubs, Restaurants, Cinema, and Bowling!

I expect 2018 to be a bumper year for boating visitors because the canal is not planned to be blocked like it was in 2017, with the bridge work that took place on the Pinfold Bridge.

Also the reputation of the Wyrley & Essington Canal has improved, because boaters have been talking up the moorings at Bentley Bridge, and also their overall experience when using our beautiful canal.

I will of course let people know more about these events as they get closer to the time.”

The Wyrley & Essington canal was 220 years old in 2017, it is a valuable and historic canal that was first constructed to ensure Coal from the Staffordshire coal mines could be transported to the big local cities for use in manufacturing, home heating, and other energy requirements.



Local Bus Service Changes

Local Bus Service changes Service 50 – The contract for this service was up for renewal on 22nd October 2017 and loadings were just on the access standards minimum of 8 per hour.


Transport for West Midlands inform me that Passenger Loads were particularly poor along Primrose Lane and Park Lane. The service was withdrawn from these roads which has enabled the service to be  extended to operate via Moat House Lane East and Olinthus Avenue in Wednesfield (this estate had been without a service from September 2016 when Arriva withdrew operation of Service 71).

I understand from  TfWM  thye have had requests from Wednesfield residents  to re-introduce a service to the estate and this was the first opportunity TfWM  had without using additional resources. This also meant that Service 50 does not now serve Amos Lane and the top end of Wood End Road.

TfWM tell me that  both of these areas, have other direct services to and from Wednesfield and Wolverhampton.  It is hoped that these changes can secure the long term future of the service 50.


Other changes that took place in October:- Service 25 Pendeford to Bilston (Sunday daytimes) – Change of operator from Diamond to National Express with no change to route or timetable.

  • Service 28E Wolverhampton to Willenhall (eves and Sundays) – Evening journeys were withdrawn due to low usage (16 passengers per evening Mon-Fri and 15 on Saturday).
  • The Sunday daytime journeys have been replaced by new daytime journeys on Service 69 between Wolverhampton and Walsall via New Invention, operated by National Express.
  • This gives new links to Walsall and the section between New Invention and Willenhall and is still served by Service 41 (including evenings and Sundays).



Service 57 – Change of operator from Diamond to iGo, no change to route or timetable, but newer vehicles in operation.


BMX Track 3

Winter Light Switch On – Ashmore Park

Councillor Phil Bateman said “Recently I contacted the Environmental team to ensure that the lights around the Basketball & 5 a side Cage on Ashmore Park was working, and fixed to operate.” he went onto say he was pleased to have received confirmation from Environment which stated “ “I’ve just received an email from the Street Lighting Team today that the repair/time adjustment to the time clocks on the MUGA Ashmore Park have been attended to by their electrician today.  The PEC (Photo Electric Cell) will bring the lighting on at dusk and the time clock set to p.m. when the lights will go off.

I believe this is an activity that the Street Lighting Team have programmed in at change to daylight saving hours etc annually; so you can be confident that these activities will take place. Again a little bit of good news for the youngsters that use the facilities.”


Lawyers in Local Government Awards

Councillor Phil Bateman today congratulated the City of Wolverhampton Lawyers, for their shortlisting in the Lawyers in Local Government Awards….He said “Its always good to see the City doing well, and testing its quality with other Local Authorities. Good staff will deliver good performance. I wish them well in the Awards”.

Lawyers in Local Government Awards

The Legal Services Team has been shortlisted for a total of six awards at the annual Lawyers in Local Government Awards – The shortlisted categories are:

1 Legal Team of the Year

2 Governance Team of the Year

3 Cilex Lawyer of the Year-Bob Baldwin

4 Litigation Team of the Year

5 People Related Team of the Year

6 Business Manager of the Year-Lorraine Moses-Copeman

It is a great success for the Council to be shortlisted in six out of a possible ten categories.

The Legal Services Team are hoping to make it the third successful year in a row having picked up the award for the Governance Team of the Year in 2017 and awards for Place Lawyer of the Year, Litigation Lawyer of the Year and Cilex Lawyer of the Year in 2016.

The winners will be announced at a dinner in Birmingham on 24th November hosted by John Pienaar, Political Editor of the BBC.



Bonfire in Whitehouse Crescent Causing Concern!

A situation in Whitehouse crescent on Ashmore Park has been developing over recent days, as a bonfire being made ready for 5th of November has been growing to a huge height.

There has been a bonfire on Whitehouse Crescent for many years, but over those years the law surrounding Health & Safety has changed considerably. Now to build and construct a safe public bonfire on public land you have to have the permissions of the owners. Also you have to have safety policies in place for use in the event of a misfortune on the night.

The Land on Whitehouse Crescent is in the ownership of the Wolverhampton City Councils Highways portfolio.

When I asked questions about this years (2017) event, I was informed that “No application has been received”.

If there has been no application received, it follows logically that no single person/ committee has taken up the responsibility, that is required in law – in case of injury or accident.

In light of the information City Officials went onto inform me that they are now considering enforcement action against those tipping on the green.

They are taking the line that those responsible are involved with fly tipping offences.

Last year (2016) the City Council assisted with this event providing guidance for the organisers, but it was difficult to establish a person responsible for the event.

I have only been back from holiday one day! But there has been a steady stream of objectors to what is happening now, and it is clear there is no overall resident support for the event taking place. Many residents it appears would feel safer if the event  was curtailed.

I took a quick look at the bonfire on Sunday ( 29th Oct 2017) morning after the first telephone complaints had been picked up. I also became concerned to see a secondary pile of combustible material growing with Old Plastic Suites and other items being piled high.

This morning ( Monday 30th October 2017) I was informed that yet another load of combustible items was dropped by another lorry!

The law and guidance provided by the Government specifically warns about using rubber and plastics that may harm people’s health on bonfires. It is clear that these items dumped have plastic and Foam and rubber in the contents.

Other resident objectors inform me of their concerns for the safety of the telephone wires that the bonfire has been constructed under, and due to the Bonfire size could disrupt local communications if damaged by heat or fire.

The City Council Officials will likely be making a decision about the Bonfire in the next day or so. I will inform you via my social media what that decision is.

Police and Community Together.

Would You Help With A Community Speed Watch?

Speed is a constant issue in Wednesfield North…there are reports of fast speeds taking place right across the Ward.

Wednesfield Police tell me that they are very willing to involve residents in their quest to quell speeds by some motorists.

Would you be prepared to take part with Wednesfield Police in a Speed Watch campaign if it took place in your street/neighbourhood.

If you would be- Please email me with your name and address and contact numbers, and I will liaise with the Police about your involvement.


Partnership- Wolverhampton Library Service and Community!

What a brilliant way to work! Partnership working with Wolverhampton Library Service and Ashmore Park Community Association. It just keeps on developing.

Here we have the latest piece of kit at the Library in the Hub at Ashmore Park.

It’s a much welcome display case where the community and the Library staff can display artefacts and awards.

Rosa from Wolverhampton Library Service and Angela from Ashmore Park Community Association have placed the very first such exhibition into the cabinet, its a nice little exhibition, that links our Community with our Royal Sovereign Queen Elizabeth the Second.

Why not stop and take a look when you visit!

Why not just pop along and take a book from our Library, see what is taking place in The Hub. Have a cup of tea in the café and enjoy the facilities  that are on offer!



BREAKING NEWS – Aviva UK Congratulates “Hands on Wednesfield”

Councillor Phil Bateman said today -“Bentley Bridge Retail Park Owners Aviva have written to me congratulating the volunteers of ‘Hands on Wednesfield’ in winning the Heart of England in Bloom Gold Award for Wednesfield!”

Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited who own the giant retail and shopping park at Bentley Bridge said “We are absolutely delighted to learn that Wednesfield in Bloom has won the Heart of England in Bloom Gold Award.

We would especially like to thank and congratulate Hands On Wednesfield and all its volunteers who helped achieved this success, and the magnificent efforts made in brightening Wednesfield. It is fantastic that our donation went some way in helping to support the bid.”

Hands On Wednesfield is a community group made up of volunteers from Wednesfield and Fallings Park who work to make their local area a better place to live, work and play.

Formed in 2015 Hands on Wednesfield are involved in a wide range of community activities, some of which they lead on and some they collaborate on with other groups from around Wednesfield and elsewhere in the City.

Councillor Phil Bateman further added “Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited had made a generous donation to Hands on Wednesfield earlier in the year for planting in the Village.

We are all delighted that the Volunteers of Hands on Wednesfield together with the people of Wednesfield have done so well in not only gaining a Gold Award, but their outstanding work with flowers has lifted every ones spirits, whether you live here or you have a business in Wednesfield or that you are just passing through.

Our volunteers have all reported the very positive attitude residents or visitors a like have had, to the flowers, and the splash of living colour that they have delivered”.

Greg & Phil IMG_1769

Wednesfield Is On A High!

There is a lot going on in Wednesfield!

Bentley Bridge Retail Park is still attracting shopper’s interest, and in fact is delivering a great service for Wednesfield, as well as providing 500 local jobs!

Trade appears to be holding up very well with some impressive statistics, indicating that the shopping and retail part of Bentley Bridge is on for a bumper year this year. Cars attending the retail park number over 76,000 a week, and this interest sets the retail park up for attracting more than 3m cars a year.

These cars attract not only shoppers to the retail site, but also helps to increase footfall in the High Street, and elsewhere locally. It is great for trade in Wednesfield and it is great for the City of Wolverhampton.

Councillor Phil Bateman went onto say – “Wednesfield Volunteers like ‘Hands on Wednesfield’, ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ along with the Local Councillors have done much to enhance the Wednesfield ‘Offer’ this year (2017).

This has been a year when Wednesfield has had Fun Days, won a Gold Award for its ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ entry in the Heart of England in Bloom competition.

Plus it delivered a record breaking Canal Festival in August at which 4,300 people turned up to attend a ‘Floating Market’, two days of live music, and to attend stalls, fun fair, and to meet mix and chat with neighbours and friends.

Councillor Greg Brackenridge Wednesfield South added “The actions and energy here in Wednesfield continues to be delivered, as we look towards the annual opening of the ‘Wednesfield Christmas Lights’. This again is a festival that is led by our magnificent ‘HOW’ Volunteers. I am pleased to say that Wednesfield continues to reach out and deliver attractions and activities that attracts local people and as well as stumps up regional interest!

The success that Wednesfield is currently having can be translated in another way. In 2015/16 there were 7 local shops in Wednesfield High Street which were standing vacant. Today in 2017/18 there are just three vacant shops. A reduction of 57% which has to be seen as good news. In what has been a tough trading period for the City of Wolverhampton as a whole.”

Grafitti - Ashmore Shops

Graffiti- No Useful Evidence!

I have raised graffiti and the huge out break we are experiencing not just in Wednesfield North, but also in other parts of Wednesfield including the Village.

The Wolverhampton Homes team thought that they had a useful lead, but the Police have knocked that theory down in a message that they have sent to me which is repeated here for your attention.

West Midlands Police “As part of the investigation, officers viewed the CCTV just after the offence had occurred and there was no evidential value to the footage.”
But I am keen that we do continue to try and combat this ugly nuisance which is causing criminal damage and costing both public finances to deal with it and private financial resource as well.

If you happen to know who these people are who are painting on property, please inform the Police or contact me.