Road Works Planned for Woodend Road/Orchard Road Junction

On the 16th April at the junction of Orchard Road and Woodend Road BT Openreach will be working on their cable infrastructure.

I have been informed that from around 09.30 through to 14.30 there will be delays as a 2 –way temporary traffic lights will be set up the protect and aid traffic management and workers who will be servicing the site. Please be aware of this traffic management scheme on the day.

There may well be traffic congestion due to the traffic management of the site…..

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Information – More Water Run Off Lower Prestwood Road.

Lots of areas of Wednesfield North appear to have had their drains blocked by the heavy rain we had experienced in the early part of the week. This appears to have caused some local  flooding across pavements and property.

In this incident which is in Lower Prestwood Road your Councillors have request the City Council to clear local drains. The location of this flood water is close to the Pheasant Shopping Parade, near to the  pedestrian crossing.

The pavement area is heavily used by pedestrians and residents a like… We have urged action from the City Officials…..

Woodened road water !cid_image001_png@01D3CCCF

Information – Woodend Road Pavement Flooding

On Thursday 5th of April the Wednesfield North team of Councillors reported the pavement flooding on Woodend Road, following the bad and wet  weather we had at the beginning of the week.

This flooding which covers a large part of the pavement area,  is clearly a hazard for pedestrians and the adjacent properties. When we come across it, it was already quite deep, and the residents tells me every time it rains the pavement and  their property floods.

We have asked the City Council to arrange for some one to test the drainage system in this locality.


Linthouse Lane – Proposed Housing Development.

I like what Mary has said against this Housing proposal. As a team of Councillors working together we have already been quick off the mark! We quickly announced the proposals a soon as we found out! That gave our residents a good day before the news started to arrive to others.

Of 257 people who responded to a survey on this housing announcement.
A 143 of you responded from Wednesfield North Ward. That is 56% of the Poll.

2 -95.7% said the Greenbelt was important.
That is 246 of those responding!

3- 91% or 236 people either living in Wednesfield or Essington didn’t think the proposals were a good development for Wednesfield or Essington.
60% of those surveyed believed that local people needed homes. But the info suggested that it should not be at the loss of this Greenbelt!

4 – 89% or 231 of the people responding to the survey agreed that the site being earmarked for housing is rich in Wildlife and Heritage. They agreed  that the Housing Development should not take preference over this important Green Belt. 

These are your 257 very strong sets of reasons to all the questions posed that you the public gave, and those responses from you will be used, to highlight your responses to these green Belt destruction proposals.

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Please Enter Our Survey- As We Battle To Save Wednesfield Police Station!


Wednesfield Councillors have been out Friday and Saturday over Easter (2018) collecting signatures in the High Street in Wednesfield….opposing the proposed closure of Wednesfield Police Station.” There has been a fantastic response to our campaign” said Councillor Greg Brackenridge.

But we are now being asked if residents can place their views electronically.

Councillor Mary Bateman added “So this survey has been constructed which will allow residents that are affected or feel they are affected to give their views” Please take a few moments and let us know what you think! Click on and follow the link

This Was My Top Facebook Story Last Week!

#SpeakingUp4WednesfieldNorth! This is a major piece of community information.
Please if you have the slightest scrap of information, or if you were suspicious of any activity,
please contact West Midlands Police Straight Away!

No delays please…

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4,913 people reached

Wednesfield Road Signs

Wolverhampton On The UP!

We are  pleased as I am sure everyone else in our Great City is to note that the City of Wolverhampton has been recognised as one of the top four places to start a business and is ranked in the top 10 of UK growth areas.

This highlights how the City of Wolverhampton is the place to be for those considering to start or expand their business.

Add to that the fact that last year Wolverhampton City Council was recognised as being an Authority that had made huge progress. With others writing of the way the City is changing for the good, the future is  still one of progress  even though we are being starved of Government resources.

Wolverhampton has a history which stretches back over a thousand years, I am sure every year moving forward will be equally as important as every year that built the Cities glorious history! Progress is still our aim…

Councillor Mary Bateman.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Join Labour In The Fight To Save Wednesfield Police Station!

Wednesfield residents will know that Wednesfield Labour Party are still trying to convince the West Midlands Police to save Wednesfield Police Station from closure.

Tomorrow Friday 30th March at 10.30am Wednesfield North Labour Party and Wednesfield South Labour Party will be joining together in Wednesfield High Street,  collecting the Public’ s signatures, to endorse the case we make that the Police need to reverse their decision and save the Police Station.

Would all members of Wednesfield North Labour Party turn up and give general support for this campaign….

Your Three Labour Councillors in Wednesfield North are committed to this campaign and we will be Joining the Wednesfield South Councillors as we try hard to win  public opinion to  our side,  and yes we will fight hard to do so!

Police car C-m_bVaXoAEqffS

Wednesfield Police and Community Together Meeting!

Pot Holes- Councils Need More Resources!

Pot holes have ravaged the Local Road Network, both locally and nationally.

We need more Government resources to deliver a maintenance programme that takes the highway surface back to pre austerity levels, here in the City.

The danger to the local economy and the national network from pot holes shouldn’t be underestimated.

Here in Wednesfield North we have ben identifying and urging repairs to Potholes through out the winter. Some have been attended too, and some haven’t.

Resources are very scarce at the moment. But repairing pot holes is one thing, placing much more importance to whole road surface relaying, in a huge programme across the UK, would be a very popular thing to do.

The overall safety of our highways is an important issue. I would urge the Government to deliver many more resources than they currently have, so that road users from, bikes, to  motorists, to HGV vehicles can ply the roads quickly without fear of vehicular damage, or personal safety fears. IMG_5047