Motorists reminded of traffic regulations outside schools


As pupils settle back into class following the summer holidays, parents in Wolverhampton are being reminded about the parking restrictions which are in place outside local schools.

While many pupils walk or cycle to school, more and more number of parents are driving their children there. This is adding to the problem of – and complaints about – inconsiderate parking outside local schools and posing an increasing danger to young pedestrians during the ‘school run’.

Councillor Steve Evans, Cabinet Member for City Environment, said: “The over-riding priority outside our schools is ensuring the safety of children – and it goes without saying that parents who choose to take their children to and from school by car need to obey the parking restrictions in place, and consider alternatives where possible.”

Yellow zigzag ‘school keep clear’ markings can be found outside most schools across the city. No vehicles, including those displaying a blue badge, are allowed to stop on these markings for any reason during the hours shown on the accompanying signs.

In addition, single and double yellow lines are present outside most schools. Waiting is not permitted at any time on double yellow lines, and not permitted on single yellow lines during the times stated on the accompanying signs.

Parking on the pavement or grass verge also poses a potential hazard to pedestrians and can result in enforcement action by West Midlands Police where there is an obstruction of the highway or the City of Wolverhampton Council where there are parking restrictions in place.

Blue badge holders can park for up to three hours on single or double yellow lines where there are no loading or unloading restrictions in place, and where their vehicle does not cause an obstruction. As always, the blue badge must be displayed and the clock set to the time of arrival.

Loading and unloading restrictions are shown by yellow markings on the kerb. Single yellow markings mean loading and unloading is prohibited during the times shown on the accompanying signs. Double yellow markings mean that no loading or unloading is allowed at any time.

As well as parking restrictions, a number of schemes are in operation in Wolverhampton designed to alleviate parking outside the school gates. They include the Safety Outside Schools Programme delivered by the council, police and West Midlands Fire Service which focuses on parking and road safety and encourages schools to hold patrols to educate parents about the dangers of inconsiderate parking.

The Safer Routes to School initiative has led to the installation of safety features around participating schools, while many schools have been supported to develop “park and stride” schemes whereby parents are given a rendezvous point away from school and encouraged to complete the journey on foot.

Bikeability cycle training is offered to all primary and secondary schools to give children the skills to cycle safely on the city’s roads, and class visits by school crossing patrol wardens introduce pupils to the Green Cross Code.

Councillor Lynne Moran, Cabinet Member for Education, added: “While we would always encourage parents and children to walk to school, and also enjoy the health benefits that doing so brings, we understand that this is not always possible.

“For those parents who have to drive to school for whatever reason, they should make sure they are not causing a danger to children or other road users by parking in restricted areas outside schools, and also think about any ways they can – for instance parking around the corner and walking the rest of the way.”

For further information regarding parking restrictions around schools please call the City of Wolverhampton Council on 01902 551155, e-mail: or visit


Oak tree's

Latest News On Storm Damage

Following two days of storms and high winds.
The thousands of trees that are part of the City of Wolverhampton have taken a bit of a battering, to say the least! 
Here in Wednesfield North your Councillors have been reporting residents difficulties.
In the Ashmore Park for instance there are some 400 hundred trees. There have been some damage to tree limbs and branches. They have been reported.
However the City is having to prioritise the response. Here is the advice note that all Councillors across the City have received….
“Dear Councillor,
I wanted to reassure you that City of Wolverhampton Council’s Environmental Services arboricultural teams and grounds maintenance teams have been working hard to deal with a large number of fallen trees and broken branches caused by the high winds that have hit the city over the last two days.
The priority remains dealing with fallen trees, large fallen branches, and any trees that are causing immediate danger to people and property – in particular trees and branches obstructing buildings, foot-ways and carriageways.
Fallen trees and branches in parks and open spaces that are deemed safe will be dealt with as part of the ongoing clearance operations as and when resources become available.
Kind regards,
Steve Woodward (Head of Environmental Services).
Hopefully the high winds forecast for today will dissipate without causing any further damage to the environment here in Wednesfield.

Wednesfield In Bloom – Gold Award Winners Yet Again!

Now I know Wednesfield and Wednesfielders from further away, are looking to hear what has been achieved in 2018’s Heart of England in Bloom’s competition.
Wednesfield in Bloom – are once again Gold awards winners. That in itself is just brilliant!
But this time is different to our success in 2016, and 2017!
This time we have won a ‘discretionary award’  from the organisers which reflects the way our diverse community works.
Wow! That is in itself just brilliant. This  Community Award comes with a Glass Trophy!
I think that all of our Volunteers in Wednesfield in Bloom deserve a huge ‘Pat on the back’
What we have achieved three years on the trot has been magnificent. I am sure the City of Wolverhampton will be proud of us all! As they should be, Its not just winning an award, its the way we have done so.
Our Village has been transformed by a riot of colours and the impact beautiful flowers have on people.
Image may contain: one or more people
While we Volunteers have been out and about planting and tending ‘Our Patch of Flowers’. Hundreds of people passing through have felt the need to pass the day by , commenting on the flowers, talking about the competition, speak about their gardens, or offer advice on flowers,Bugs,children, and of course the weather!
What we have done is encouraged people to speak together, be friendly with each other, Care about the environment and ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ has been the catalyst for this and more!
This year we expanded into Ashmore Park where we planted up three redundant flower beds, and that in itself has been a success, Ashmore Parkers will be pleased to know that we think that this years work on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade will take place again next year, and we will also be expanding that work. But more on that later!
Ashmore Park bloom Volunteering has grown and grown here in Wednesfield, We have had a summer of heat, flowers, great conversations and huge success, Enjoy the moment volunteers because we are about to start doing it all over again!
Councillor Mary Bateman.  Picture by Shaun Fellows / Shine Pix

Problem? Why Not Visit Wednesfield North Councillors Advice Surgery

If you live in Wednesfield North and you have a problem that you think your Councillors may be able to help you with? Then why not pop a long to see them?

We will all be there! –

Your Councillor Rita Potter, Councillor Mary Bateman, and Councillor Phil Bateman.

On Friday 21st September there will be a Councillors Advice Surgery – This time the venue is The Hub at Ashmore Park on Griffith Drive Ashmore Park.

Again the Surgery will be open from 6.00pm to 7.00pm .


Coppice High School – Obstructing Residents Driveways is a Traffic Offence!

I have been receiving complaints from residents about the unthoughtful parking being undertaken by some parents picking up and and setting down their children in the locality of this school.

Residents of Southwell Road have told me that they are fed up of the situation.

I have today contacted both the City Officials and the West Midlands Police because of the complaints and the developing situation.

My own message to parents is, ” Please be a little thoughtful if you do pick up your children by car, if it was you and some one obstructed your drive and access, you would be equally as furious!

I will be contacting West Midlands Police and the City Highway Officials about the current situation.”

Residents might also like to know that there is a Police Surgery taking place at The Hub at Ashmore Park. Where the police will speak with you about this problem and any other police related issue you may have. The Police Surgery takes place at 10.00am Thursday 20th September 2018


EQaUgvNs_reasonably_small Wolverhampton Homes logo

Redundant Wolmer Road Garage Site – Survey

Redundant Wolmer Road Garage Site

Your Councillors have been informed of a survey being undertaken soon – which relates to Wolverhampton Homes and their proposals to develop under used and redundant Garage Sites for new build council housing across the City of Wolverhampton.

This is the case soon to be undertaken in the Garage site in Wolmer road that currently has a pathway linking with Kitchen Lane.

There is a legal check being undertaken which will be followed by a more detailed survey.

The survey is being designed to establish if this garage site is viable for development.The survey work will give the Wolverhampton Homes team information that will go towards the decision making.

Letters will be sent out by Wolverhampton Homes to neighbouring properties to advise them of the survey work.
Wednesfield North Councillors wanted to give you early indication of the process soon to be started.

I emphasise that the work is a survey of the site.

NO decision has yet been made about the outcome. That will follow the site survey results.

Abandoned car Millbank st 17 September 2018 41907734_288288085111284_7698440814623457280_n

Abandoned Car- Reported!

There has been a car abandoned in Millbank Street Ashmore Park Wednesfield.

I have reported the car to West Midlands Police. I have also reported it to the City Council. I will keep local residents informed of events when I have received a response from the Authorities.

I want to thank Local residents for bringing this issue to my attention. Hopefully the Authorities will take the matter up and respond quickly to dispose of it. Making the highway safe again,


Wednesfield Burglaries And Stolen Vehicles Recovered

Wednesfield Burglaries And Stolen Vehicles Recovered

Dear Residents
In the early hours of the 12th September 2018 a residential burglary occurred at an address in the vicinity of Wood End Road/Linthouse Lane Wednesfield. Two vehicles were stolen in what is known as a ‘car key burglary’.
A few hours after this offence, officers from Wolverhampton’s Offender Management Team located and recovered two stolen vehicles a short distance away in Castle Bridge Gardens. One of which was from the burglary mentioned above. The other vehicle was stolen from the Heath Town area a few hours before also.
At the same time West Midlands Police Traffic Unit also located another stolen vehicle just off Mill Lane Wednesfield. This was stolen several day before from the Scotland’s Area of Wolverhampton.
In the past 7 days there has been 2 residential burglaries and 7 business burglaries within Wednesfield area – this includes Wednesfield North/South and Fallings Park.
Car Key burglaries most company occur in the early hours of the morning. If you happen to see something that doesn’t look right or may be suspicious please do not hesitate to contact police on 101 or 999 if you believe a crime is taking place.
The same advice goes for unusual vehicles that may have ‘appeared’ overnight in quite residential streets. Burglars who steal cars frequently leave these in a seemingly quite residential road for a few hours after they have been stolen to allow them to ‘cool down’ and see if the vehicles are being tracked. If you believe a vehicle is suspicious please do not hesitate to contact us.
Below is a host of information and steps to consider to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of burglary.
Kind Regards
Wednesfield Neighbourhood Police TeamKeeping your home safe

There are simple steps that you can take to make your home safer. Burglars look for homes that appear to be empty or have easy access to the back of the building.
They can also choose homes where there are no visible signs of protection such as alarms or security lighting, and where trees and high bushes provide good cover. in addition, something as simple as locking doors and shutting windows in unoccupied rooms can make a big difference.
Try placing yourself in the burglar’s mind-set and look at your home to see if there are areas where the security could be improved.
Below are some tips that will help improve the security of your home.

Your doors
• Front doors should have a viewer and door chain where possible.
• Letter boxes should be positioned so that people cannot reach through and release the lock
• Wooden back doors should ideally be fitted with a five lever mortice deadlock and two bolts
• UPVC doors or doors with Euro Cylinders should have DHF TS007 3 Star or Sold Secure Diamond Standard Anti-Bump replacement cylinders fitted. Always consult a Master Locksmiths Association accredited locksmith if you are unsure. Badly fitted Euro Cylinders can compromise your security.
• When fitting security products always remember to use strong bolts and long screws. Follow the manufacturers guidelines or consult a specialist using the guide from the Master Locksmiths Association
• Laminated glass should be used in all glazed areas. Wooden beading should be glued and fixed securely. In the case of UPVC beading should be internal, externally beaded older UPVC windows can have the beading sealed into place

Your patio doors
• Most modern patio doors will incorporate a multi-point locking system. On older units, or those without multi-point locking, you should fit approved patio door locks to the top and bottom of the sliding door.
• Also ensure that an “anti-lift” device is used. This will prevent the sliding door being levered off its runners.
• Patio door Euro Cylinders should be DHF TS007 3 Star or have Sold Secure Diamond Standard Anti-Bump replacement cylinders fitted. Always consult a Master Locksmiths Association accredited locksmith if you are unsure. Badly fitted Euro Cylinders can compromise your security.

Your windows
• All ground floor windows and those which open onto accessible areas such as balconies or roofs should be fitted with window locks, unless designated as a means of escape.

French Windows
• These generally open outwards and have exposed hinges. These doors are can be vulnerable to being levered open by screwdrivers or garden tools.
• Security on timber and metal frame French windows can be improved by fitting mortise or surface-mounted security bolts on the inside top and bottom, together with hinge bolts and frame reinforcement.

Replacing your doors and windows
• If you decide or need to replace your doors and windows, please look for products that are tested to the PAS 24 standard from 2012 onwards and carry the Secured by Design logo.

Lock snapping
We are aware that some people may try and snap your locks to gain entry into your home. This is not a new concept and has been around for some time.
On most UPVC doors the type of locks fitted will be a Euro profile cylinder, these are the types of locks which can be snapped. There are locks on the market which can combat this method of entry and branded as Anti-Snap locks, they will be tested to meet a certain standard.
If you are changing locks make sure the lock is tested to TS007 and achieve 3 Star standard. There are two ways to attain the TS007 3 Star standard:
• Replace your existing cylinder with a TS007 3 Star Kitemarked cylinder.
• The cylinder will clearly show the 3 Star Kitemark logo. It gives the highest level of security available with several layers of protection built in. You don’t need to replace your existing handles.
• Or replace your existing cylinder with a TS007 1 Star Kitemarked cylinder, and replace your door handles with TS007 2 Star Kitemarked handles. By combining a 1 Star Cylinder with 2 Star handles, you get the same 3 star rating.
For further information on home security visit Secured by Design or the Master Locksmiths Association.

• Vulnerable areas include French windows and glazed external doors, as well as windows next to any door. For those windows you should fit laminated safety glass. Please beware of toughened safety glass. It shatters into thousands of small pieces with no sharp edges, leaving a gaping hole to climb or reach through. Toughened safety glass can be regarded as ‘burglar friendly’. Do not confuse it with laminated safety glass. If you are in any doubt, check with a glazing professional.
• In double glazed units, laminated glass on both the inner and outer surfaces will offer the ultimate protection. However, one pane of laminated glass should be enough to prevent entry. It is generally recommended that the laminated pane is fitted on the inside surface, thereby offering protection from the burglar and reduced risk of accidental injury to the occupants.

Going on holiday
No one wants to return from holiday to find out your home has been broken into. Before going away next think about the following safety advice:
• Lock all doors and windows
• Lock your garage and secure tools
• Cancel the milk and papers
• Get a friend or neighbour to collect your post, draw your curtains and make your home look lived in
• Property mark your valuables
• Cut the lawns
• Set timer switches on lights and a radio
• Avoid displaying your name and address on your luggage. Put your address inside the case to help identification if the luggage is lost
• Hide financial documents and keys. If possible please use a safe.
• Don’t mention on social media or your answering machine that you will be away from home for a few days

Keeping your jewellery safe at home
• If you have jewellery please consider keeping items in a safety deposit box. Your bank or insurance company will be able to provide suitable advice.
• If you prefer to keep your jewellery at home, please purchase a suitable safe that is installed to manufacturer’s instructions. Your insurance company will provide advice on which type and grade of safe best suits your needs. They will also advise whether your home insurance provides sufficient cover for high-value jewellery.
• It is important that you keep an inventory of your jewellery. This can be done in a paper version or online at Immobilise. Include identifying marks, images, value and the purchase date.

Sheds, garages and greenhouses
Gone are the days when a garden shed or garage were full of items such as half-empty paint tins and plant pots. They are now home to expensive electrical items, top of the range bikes and a whole host of other items on the wish list of opportunist criminals.
It is important that you see your shed or garage as an extension to your house and afford it the same levels of crime prevention.
• Put away all tools and equipment. Ensure sheds are locked when not in use using solid and secure locks.
• Install outside security lighting which comes on automatically at dusk
• If you have a burglar alarm, consult with your installer to see if you can extend it to cover outbuildings, garage and sheds
• Register your valuables for free on the national property database
Useful Links
• Secured by Design is a group of national police projects that focus on trying to ‘design out crime’ reducing the risk of crimes taking place at any given location.
• If you want to read more advice about how to prevent yourself being a victim of burglary, visit the national police website.
• There are lots of Neighbourhood Watch schemes set up in the West Midlands, which aim to bring the people of the area together to make communities safer. To learn more, and to find your local scheme, visit their website.
• Victim Support is an independent charity that help people affected by crime and traumatic events. They are not part of the police or any other criminal justice agency. Visit their website to see how they can help you, or call 0808 168 9111.

West Midlands Police

Action Fraud Warns About Fake Netflix Emails!

Plain Text version:

Watch out for these fake Netflix emails.

We’ve seen an increase in reports about fake Netflix emails claiming that there’s an issue with your account, or that your account has been suspended. The email states that you need to “update” your account details in order to resolve the problem. The link in the emails leads to genuine-looking Netflix phishing websites designed to steal your username and password, as well as payment details.

Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in case it’s a scam. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.

For more information on how to stay secure online, visit 

Message Sent By
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

Bullying President Trump Threatens Ruination of Canada!


I hate Bully’s!

What kind of Free World Leader, and Neighbouring Country Bully’s a friend and allie by threatening to ‘Ruin Them’?.

Of course there is only one President in the Western World would wave that sort of threat isnt there?!

‘ruination’ of Canada

WASHINGTON— Returning to his bellicose trade rhetoric, U.S. President Donald Trump warned Friday that he would cause the “ruination” of Canada if he imposed tariffs on Canadian-made cars.

Trump issued the threat during another day of North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations that did not produce a deal between the U.S. and Canada. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland continued to describe the talks as constructive but provided no details.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at a fundraiser in Fargo, N.D., on Sept. 7, 2018. On his way to the event, Trump took a swipe at the pace of NAFTA talks threatening Canada with “ruination.” “I don’t want to do anything bad to Canada. I can — all I have to do is tax their cars, it would be devastating,” Trump said.
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at a fundraiser in Fargo, N.D., on Sept. 7, 2018. On his way to the event, Trump took a swipe at the pace of NAFTA talks threatening Canada with “ruination.” “I don’t want to do anything bad to Canada. I can — all I have to do is tax their cars, it would be devastating,” Trump said.  (SUSAN WALSH / AP)