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Pride and Passion As Wolverhampton Unveils New First World War Memorial.

As  Wednesfield North Councillor’s – We  know that this initiative will be very popular  with families that live in Wednesfield and Wolverhampton.

Councillors Rita Potter, Mary Bateman,  and Phil Bateman were  delighted to read on the City of Wolverhampton’s Managing Director’s Councillors Briefing Note. It detailed,  this very important and historic project.

Managing Director Mr Tim Johnson said  “A new roll of honour featuring the names of 4,272 men and women from the City of Wolverhampton who died during the First World War has gone on public display in the foyer of the Civic Centre.

The memorial has been created as part of our programme of activities to mark the centenary of the end of the conflict.

Many of the names of the fallen have never been recognised before on any official record and the updated roll is therefore the most accurate and comprehensive memorial to the city’s war dead ever produced.”

Well I for one am very happy that this project has been undertaken.

I am sure it will bring  much pride  to many Wolverhampton families who will now be able to cast their eyes on a friend or family member, that had previously gone through the decades  without any public recognition.

Well done Wolverhampton, a great project and well done the people behind the incredible research and hard work it must have taken to deliver a memorial of this nature.



Chancellor You Really Need To Do This!

Yesterday I wrote to the Chancellor Mr Philip Hammond re today’s forth coming Budget 2018.

This is the contents of that correspondence.

Now its a case of sitting back and seeing if the arrangements that I have asked for is forthcoming. As a Local Councillor I am very frustrated by these two issues, as well as a few others relating to other important sectors that need attention. There is not much I can do except do what I have on all your behalf’s……


“Dear Chancellor Tomorrow is a ‘Big Day’ for both you and the Government.  I wish you well in your time management of the day. I write directly to you to inform you that here in the City of Wolverhampton and my Ward of Wednesfield North there are two ‘Big’ issues that are affecting the almost 12,000 people I represent here in Wednesfield North.

My constituent are worried about the increasing levels of crime. They are like me concerned that the Police numbers are going down and the savage budget you are operating is creating massive Police Cuts,  which are  pressing the West Midlands Force into breaking point. Losing more Police Officers will make the Police even more remote from the .

The public in my Ward of Wednesfield North are scared that losing  even more police, will expose them to ever more escalating violent crime , burglary and a further assault on their property.

The Police here do not have the personnel to attend burglaries!

Time and time again we have the message from our residents about vehicle  crime, burglaries, and other crimes.  When they report the crimes because of your budget cuts,  no home calls are made. Police Stations are closing, Police officers are seen only in cars and on the television! The public are talking about not reporting crime because they see nothing happen. This cannot be the way forward for a Country like ours?

  • My first plea to you tomorrow is when you are at the dispatch box that you really do plough some real new resources into West Midlands Police.
  • My second plea is to urge you to provide proper funding Maintained Nursery Schools

Here in Wednesfield North we are proud of our Maintained Nursery School and along with the 400 other Maintained Nursery Schools across the Country. Our constituents wish that our school and that excellent  work they do making children ready for education, is funded properly again which would allow them to continue to stay open.

The Local Government Association has recently carried out research into the impact of the revised funding for maintained nursery school (MNS)

And 61% of councils with MNS provision responded to the question – “what will happen if the supplementary funding for Nursery schools does not continue beyond 2019/20 ?”

  • 33% said closure of MNS was very likely
  • 28% said closure of MNS was fairly likely

This is very worrying for parents, its putting great strain on Schools and their Governing Body’s as they work hard to maintain and continue  successful teaching and highly qualified educator teams, at the schools.  With no information from Government about what funding levels will look like in 2019-2020,  this uncertainty is not the way forward for Families in Wednesfield North, or Wolverhampton or for parents and children in all the other great Cities of this Country..

Maintained Nursery Schools are still the future of our Towns and Cities, good and outstanding nursery schools, who are supporting the most disadvantaged children, should be the way forward. If the  funding ceases, and you allow this to happen. Parents and families who send their children to these establishments will be outraged.

Those are my pleas to you Chancellor.

Wolverhampton as a  City have over  800 – 3- and 4-year olds in these Maintained Nursery Schools in our great and historic City, where they are  delivering  either Good or Outstanding education to those children that attend.

I do hope that you will read this correspondence and take these two issues I have raised, and look at them with some degree of sympathy, and prepare  a budget that deals with these two great issues fairly. They are both very important to my electorate here in Wednesfield North.

Best Regards

Councillor Phil Bateman MBE

Wednesfield North

City of Wolverhampton Council.


Budget 2018 = Police and Maintained Nursery School Funding Chancellor!


Tomorrow the Government sets out its budget and the architect of that budget The Chancellor Philip Hammond MP, will spend the whole day explaining what he has done to direct and drive the UK’s economy. Brexit will no doubt feature heavily.

I need to tell you that I have written to The Chancellor him asking for two areas of his budget to reflect the overwhelming political needs of our Ward here in Wednesfield North.

I have asked him to ensure that there are new financial resources to be made available to West Midlands Police.

One of the overwhelming issues we have here in Wednesfield North is crime, and the fear of crime. I have urged the Chancellor to provide much-needed further resources that our Police force needs to police our community in the way that we all want to see. We need a well resourced Police force if the public confidence that we all want in our force is to be developed.

I have also asked The Chancellor to ensure that Maintained Nursery Schools have the financial resources to allow them to continue to provide the sort of educational benefits that Ashmore Park Nursery provides currently for our children.

Currently this Government has no financial plans for Maintained Nursery School  funding beyond 2019-2020.

I know that I may be whistling in the wind. I know also that I could have picked on at least a dozen other political policies to write to him about.

The issue of poor and declining police resources though is on everyone’s lips.

Plus, the lack of an education funding plan for all 400 Maintained Nursery’s in the Country is in itself a travesty.

Here in Wolverhampton the 800 children who are being guided into Early Years education by Maintained Nursery Schools need a better,  and deserve a better deal, than this Government is currently offering.

Will This Make My ‘Top Tweet’ – for October

As we enter the last few days of October will this tweet that I placed earlier in the month be overtaken! This information is from my own Twitter account! I think it shows the concerns that people have about the very poor Government record on crime……

Top Tweet earned 3,107 impressions

We need more Police on the beat, doing old fashioned community policing.
We also need a Gov that feels the fear and pain caused when crime strikes.
For Goodness sake Prime Minister stop robbing West Mids of resources for the Police
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Police Need More Resources -PM Stop Ignoring Us!

I am so frustrated with the Prime Minister and this rotten Conservative Government.

Let me say as clear as I can say – There is not enough Police in the West Midlands Police Force, and there is a growing crime problem in Wolverhampton fuelled by drugs, and gangs.

Every day I am told crime horror stories about issues that affect my Ward of Wednesfield North, we have had the recent human tragedy of a murder, we have had horrific burglaries, where senior citizens have been targeted. Car crime and motorcycle theft are happening almost daily.

On a daily basis citizens tools are being stolen from their  vans and light vehicles, putting their own trades and business and their own family’s future at risk.

People keep telling me they want more CCTV on the streets, they also tell me that they want more community police officers on the beat, they plead with me for the protection of their property and their family’s safety. Many individuals are deeply unhappy with the service that West Midlands Police provide for our community.

Yet all we can do is wring our hands and cry out for more resources for the Police……Shocking just shocking!

So another plea from me…Prime Minister this is not crying Wolf. We need many more Police Resources, and every time you ignore this public call, you just stoke more anger,frustration and resentment. Both against the Government and the Police, who are growing more remote from communities day by day.

IMG_5708 City Council

True Briton Fence Blown Down In Storm- Upsets Neighbours.


I continue to have critical comments made to me about the True Briton PH.

This time it is because The Pubs fence panels have been blown down. That has led to a critical neighbour comment. I have contacted the Planning Department officialswith a view to seeing if the issue can be dealt with.

Officials have now written  and say “that having discussed the concerns with the landlord of the premises and the potential risks of unauthorised entry and flytipping to the site.”

They go on and tell me that “The landlord has decided that he no longer wishes to have a fence covering at that particular section and therefore will not be replacing the fence panels that have been affected.”

Officials go onto state that  “Unfortunately, there is no environmental health legislation requiring the landlord to have a fence.”

The issue then reverts to the fallen fence panels – it is hoped that the owners will  remove the panels that has fallen down. Tidying the site up. My hope is that this will happen….

It is in everyone’s interest to have the Public House looking smart, and free from looking like it is uncared and unused.


Good News – As Public Toilets Are Poised To Open!

After a long campaign by your Wednesfield North and South Councillors – finally some good news that will be much appreciated I am sure.

“The Bentley Bridge Shopping Park in Wednesfield is poised to open its long promised public toilets, in the next few weeks. 

That will make the Shopping trips for individuals and families a whole lot more comfortable. Watch this site for the announcement date, It’s been a long campaign for your local Councillors. But it does look as though our campaign is going to end in success! 

The Bentley Bridge Shopping Park is already an attractive draw for people from across Wednesfield, Wolverhampton and the Black Country. This investment in a public toilet can only enhance the Shopping Park to both new visitors  and longstanding loyal customers.” 

Wednesfield Bentley Bridge Shopping Park is currently riding a crest of the wave of success, with all its retail outlets full, and no vacancies existing.

Tim Johnson with Angie 8 oct 201843385737_10216335605036277_8259456503753211904_n

“Fantastic Facility” Says Wolverhampton City Council Managing Director!

I thought that readers may be interested in What the Managing Director of City of Wolverhampton Council wrote in a briefing too all 60 City Council Members. Here it is!

Ward Visit: Mr Tim Johnson ” On Monday, I attended another ward visit, this time in Wednesfield North with Councillor Phil Bateman, Councillor Mary Bateman and Councillor Rita Potter.

It was great to get out and about in the local community discussing issues and concerns they and residents have in the neighbourhood.

I think the highlight of the visit was a trip to the Ashmore Park Hub, where we were taken on a tour of the fantastic facility. It was also great to meet Irene and Angela, volunteers who run the café at the hub five days a week, and who demonstrated the potential of our voluntary offer.

They have just received a five-star food hygiene rating which is a fantastic achievement and I am sure you will all join me in congratulating them on receiving this accolade.”

Wednesfield Road Signs

Wednesfield North Round -Up!

This morning I thought that I would take a number of items that we are working on behind the scenes and give information on.

  • True Briton Public House – The fences are down and this gives the  PH the appearance of being a mess. We have been receiving complaints from a local resident. There is continued  information being sought from The City Councils Chief Planner.

This is not an issue which  is not being worked on, but it is only possible to act if it in some ways the inaction breaks the law. Unless of course the PH owners do the right thing and replace the fences and tidy up the site as just good business practice.


The Green Public Open Space on Kitchen Lane –  your Councillors have tried to get the hedge on the side of the road trimmed back on road safety grounds, on the stretch running into Essington.

  • Dumped Sofa – Kitchen Lane this has been reported and I am hoping that it will soon be removed. Other residents indicate that the Sofa is the result of local residents dumping it?

Please if you have any additional information on who dumps items like this, you can phone Crime stoppers and leave the information anonymously.

There have been one or two issues relating to crime here in Wednesfield North- They are not issues that I can publicise. But there is some on going investigation by the Police on issues that are causing concern locally.

I persevered following one residents complaint and eventually the Police called and spoke with him this week. It is a disgrace that like the Local Authority, the Government has been cutting down on Police resources. Crime is one of the big concerns here in Wednesfield North.

Viking art

165 New Jobs Coming to Wednesfield.

There is continued good news for Wednesfield as we approach the end of 2018.

It looks like the investment and the subsequent development of six new industrial units at Steelpark Trading Estate, at Steelpark Way and Bearing Drive, in Wednesfield will be very successful for its owners.

The news now  is that the development is close to being completed.

All six of the new units are either sold, let or under offer.

They have been developed by commercial property company Goold Estates and provide around 70,000 sq ft of industrial and warehouse space.

CS Labels has already re-located from Willenhall to its new home on the estate and businesses set to move into the new units include Kinetrol Powerite.

I understand from a recent conference held in Wednesfield  that it will deliver around 165 jobs locally when it is completed. It means that the £7m invested into Wednesfield to ensure this project went ahead will be seen as an investment success.

So it is yet another good news story for our Village district, and a great piece of economic news also for the City of Wolverhampton!