Newspapers Today – Suggest Big Rise in Care Home Fee’s

Care home fees rise to £30,000 a year
The average cost of staying in a care home has shot up to £30,000 a year, more than double pensioners’ incomes.

The annual cost increased by 5.6% or £1,536 to £30,926 over the past year. This is ten times the £156 rise in pensioners’ incomes in the same period; the average pensioner’s income of £14,456 grew by 1.1%. As a result elderly and vulnerable people who need residential care face a shortfall of £290 a week.

London has the highest and the fastest growing care home costs, according to the research by Prestige Nursing and Care.

Average annual care costs in the capital are £38,896, up 19% in the past year. Other areas with big rises include the east of England, where fees have gone up 12.2% to £37,908; the southwest, with a 5.8% rise to £35,360; and the East Midlands, where fees have risen 10.6% to £28,860Peacock Butterfly- Essington & Wyrley Canal near Moathouse Bridge.

Phil Bateman

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