No Government Assistance Package? Is it Leaving UK Aerospace Without a Parachute!

Councillor Phil Bateman writes “I recently received this email from a resident who works in the aerospace industry . He is upset and very disappointed that this Government in his mind is not offering support to his industry. Read the contents of the letter he sent me. I shall be contacting the Member of Parliament and ask her what she intends to do to help these workers.”

“Dear Councillor Bateman As a worker in the UK aerospace sector and your constituent, I am extremely concerned that there has been no government assistance package for the industry to survive the coronavirus crisis.

I have been proud to work in the sector in a highly skilled role, and proud that this industry contributes so much to our economy and national security. There is not a region in the country without an aerospace presence which is why MPs must help with the fight for a strong future.

Jobs such as mine support the community where I live, and importantly they create skilled employment for future generations so I appeal to you today, please help persuade UK ministers to stop dragging their feet on a support package for aerospace.

The governments in France, Germany and Spain have all taken steps to secure the future of their aerospace and aviation industries but nothing equivalent has been forthcoming from the UK government.

This delay is putting jobs at risk; indeed, thousands of UK workers in the sector have already lost their jobs.
The UK industry is world-leading. We are known around the planet for our engineering skills and incredible products – but without the support of the government in getting through this pandemic, our country will lose this incredible expertise.

Employers like Airbus are already saying that the swift and comprehensive action by the French government to protect its aerospace sector makes France an attractive option for business.

Please help ensure that UK workers don’t lose out
Every day of delay by the UK government puts UK jobs at risk. A signal now that support is coming is urgently needed or I fear that many more job will be lost in the coming days and weeks.

Please do all you can to persuade the government to act now.”

Councillor Phil Bateman added – “Now I am not the MP, but just a Local Councillor. But I am sure that all of us in Wednesfield North would like the Government to do what they can for this sector. I shall be writing to our MP. But I am also keen to hear what you think also?”

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more