No More Police Station Closures!

I despair with the Police here in the West Midlands!

Policing  is an important public service. It is vital that the force here in the West Midlands,  police with the consent of the public,  that pay their wages, and provide the finance through local and national tax for their infrastructure, and other resources.

Why oh why is it that the West Midlands Police are now considering reducing the police response teams across the Black Country?

Crime hasn’t been solved, it hasn’t gone away, its still here and active in all our local communities.

The public will I am sure be as angry as I am at these proposals. Never mind arguing about having just two Police Stations operating in the Black Country! I certainly don’t agree that we should lose any more Police stations be they in  Walsall or  Dudley, taking officers further away from the neighbourhoods they work in.

I strongly disagree that our own Wednesfield Police Station closes! But it is down for closure and this is bad news for my community here in Wednesfield. The Local Councillors and our MP are battling hard against this happening.

Taking the police out of their neighbourhoods will take them further away from the people who pay for them. It will lessen the links, it will ensure the only police people will see are those in cars. It will make the police unapproachable and remote from residents, children and business.

It isn’t the way to run a  police force!

This rotten Government also need to know that their voters, our communities,  are demanding that more national resource is place into our regional Police forces.

If you start to police , without the community consent to the style of policing, you will force people into thinking about other ways to police their property, and their families.

That is not what is required. Drop this silly proposal and everyone join together to have more of our tax pounds pumped into our Regional Police Force. Save the Police. That is why its important you raise your own voice. Be it through social media, the press, or by individual letter to your MP!


Please do your best to get your voice heard…….We need to Save The Police in your Town! and we need to save neighbourhood policing where you have chance to speak with a Police officer direct.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more