Retail Units Planning Application – Passed!

The Planning Committee on the 21st July dealt with an application 14/01283/FUL

The application  was for the erection of two retail units, including an ATM, plus refuse point.

The applicant was New River Retail Property Trust number 4, the agent was Tom Hallett, Peter Brett Associates. The Cabinet Member with responsibility was Cllr Peter Bilson of Economic Development and Prosperity.  The application was viewed and the recommendation by the Planning Committee was to Grant subject to conditions.

The applicants site is a grassed area within the car park to the existing Ashmore Public House. The Public House the Ashmore Inn will be retained. The applicant states that the proposal will create employment – six full time positions and fourteen part time positions. There will be 14 parking spaces allocated to the new retail units. There will be 24 parking spaces for the Ashmore Inn customers. Planning committee felt that these were adequate proposals. The hours of opening would be –

  • 07.00- 23.00 Mondays to Saturdays and 08.00 -13.00 Sundays

There was a 130 name petition and four letters of objection to the development. These were laid before the Planning Committee.

  • The objections to the proposals were based on -Loss of trade to existing shops.
  • Loss of jobs
  • Increased traffic with noise and pedestrian safety issues
  • Loss of light and privacy to neighbouring dwellings
  • Height of the proposed fence

The Planning Committee after hearing of the proposals and after visiting the site approved the proposals….IMG_5518


Phil Bateman

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