School Parking Issues Raise Temperatures!


Parking Issues – Corpus Christie School – Ashmore Avenue – Ashmore Park.


Residents initially contacted me via one of my  Facebook Pages  making the point that school attracts a lot of cars, and some parents blocked the drives of residents obstructing their free movement on and off their property. This annoyed those residents.

This initiated an intense debate which crystallised the issues, and it quickly became clear that there was more complexity than was evident in the first set of Posts.

I have listed the following issues as being raised by the debate, these include allegations.

  • That the car parking in the Social Club Car Park is chaotic and itself a danger to school children
  • Parents park indiscriminately around the school
  • School only allows parking for staff inside school grounds.

My initial thoughts are that

  • The School has a responsibility in this as well.
  • Clearly at least two residents have a problem with cars parking and obstructing their drives on a regular basis.
  • The school should be considering with the Diocese a safe parking plan for parents.

There should also be a transport plan for pupils, which could include a ‘Walking Bus’

  • All these solutions or some of them could mitigate the problem that appears now.
  • Some Parents suggest that ‘lollipop’ staff could play a part with safe crossing of Griffith Drive.

The School may have addressed all these issues or none of them. The school has never been in touch with me over any of these particular problems. They may of course have addressed the matter directly through the School Governing Body.

What I intend to do is contact the City Council about the items raised in the Social Media debate on my pages

  • Contact the Police about their view on highway safety around the school
  • Contact the Headteacher so that she is aware of all these issues.

Plus to press the Headteacher on what changes the school can make to ameliorate the current arrangements, and deliver a safer better set of arrangements, that will carry widespread support amongst both parents and residents.

Hopefully in this way we depress bad tempers and reduce tension, making the arrival and departure of residents, me Coropus Christi Logoparents and children safer for all.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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