Councillors Report – 17 New Items of Case Work Opened!

February 2019

This is just a brief note with regards to my activity with colleagues held over the month of February. It does not amplify everything that is happening but it is a good descriptor of the wide range of activities that are undertaken here in Wednesfield North and the City Council.

I want to thank Councillor Rita Potter for picking up the slack whilst Mary and I have been on holiday.

Advice Surgery – Two were held and attended at Ashmore Park Nursery School, and The Hub at Ashmore Park.

This is the headlines of the issues and cases I am dealing with which have been opened in February, there are other cases that are being progressed that were opened in January as well, and which  I am still active on.

Charitable and Funday Planning Activities that have taken place during February

  • Wednesfield in Bloom attended organisational meeting, made many individual actions around the organisation. Launched the Ashmore Park In Bloom appeal with Councillor Rita Potter – An Appeal through the Express and Star was made.
  • #Stuff4Steph Charitable activities start and organisation help for the Opening event on the 6th July 2019 and making arrangements for activity. This continues to be a time tabled activity with many individual meetings taken.
  • Wednesfield Canal Festival – A two-day event scheduled for the 10th & 11th August 2019 a number of meetings attended through February, and paperwork dealing with Licences continue to be addressed.
  • Visiting Oak Meadow School ‘A Million Dreams’ show casing the work undertaken by the children as they future predict where they would like to be in their careers. All there Councillors were hugely impressed by the work done by the school. I was very pleased that all three Councillors were invited.

Individual Case Work Opened in February and activated. These are new cases.

17 new pieces of case work opened. I have also attended 4 Meetings with individuals and organisations.

  • 3 Housing cases
  • 1 Police issue
  • 1 Road safety
  • 3 Blue Badge cases
  • 1 Canal & River Trust
  • 1 Vandalism
  • 1 Litter
  • 2 Dog Poo Issues
  • 2 Welfare Rights.
  • 1 Planning
  • 1 Volunteering

I have also attended two funerals. Plus two City Council Meetings.

All in all an active February 2019. Even with a vacation involved.


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Phil Bateman

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