Severn Trent -3rd Night in a Row Low Pressure!

glassofwaterOnce again Severn Trent Water Company is having problems delivering water to Wednesfield North and other parts of the City.

Its three nights in a row now that residents have lost water and have suffered from reduced water pressure, this in the middle of a Pandemic, where water is
important to every family here in our Ward and our City. I criticise Severn Trent because the communications to elected members and with every one of their customers has been – well, Dire!

Having said that late this afternoon I was fortunate enough to get this report.

“Cllr Bateman,I’ve just left a message on your phone. The reason we have faced difficulties with supply is that demand has rocketed by up to 40 per cent. We are pumping more water than any time in our history – but the combination of sustained dry weather and more people at home because of C19 has meant that demand is growing even faster. We have plenty of water to go round for normal and even above normal use. It’s increases of up to 40 per cent that we’re struggling with.

We are asking people to go easy on paddling pools, sprinklers and hoses. Anything you could do to spread the word would be greatly appreciated.”

I am aware that we have a real problem with Covid-19, But their communications have at best been poor, and lamentable at worst. I will be pressing City of Wolverhampton to assist in getting a meeting with Severn Trent this week,. It can be held virtually. But arrangements need to be better than they are tonight. All day I have been speaking by digital means and on Social Media,from 6,30am this morning with residents. Its just not good enough. They must have a plan that they can implement.? I will be back in touch when I have more information available.

By the way the water pressure where I live is very poor also!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more