Severn Trent Pays Out £100,000 – But Compensates only 24 Homes In Wednesfield North!

Residents know that following the hot and sweltering weather in May of this year.

I wrote and engaged with Severn Trent Water about the loss of Water in WV12 and WV11 postcodes affecting my residents in the Wednesfield North Ward of the City of Wolverhampton.

Since those days I have been continually pressing Severn Trent to compensate those customers who were without water, during that period. I reminded them that we were in the teeth of a Pandemic, and not only was it a water distribution problem, but it was also a Public Health problem. Water was needed and received information that Nurses returning from Hospital couldnt access water to wash or clean their uniforms. It was as bad as that in some parts of the Ward.

Since those days I have still tried very hard to ensure that those that suffered get rightly compensated.

I recently contacted Severn Trent Water once again with the following question – “Can you tell me how many claims were considered – and then were paid by the Company in Wednesfield in these postal districts, of WV11 & WV12?”

The response I have received is this- “We have proactively paid out over £100,000 to local households. Households don’t have to do anything – we can tell from our monitors which areas were affected and we will then pay them automatically.

Out of the 1,000s of homes locally, we have had 154 people approaching us asking for compensation and whom we haven’t pro-actively paid. Of these 154, we have rejected 130 because our monitors show to a very high degree of certainty that these areas were unaffected by the low pressure incident. (These 130 households might have had challenges/airlocks/etc on their own private network, ie from their boundary box, but we can tell that the water leaving our network was at the appropriate pressure).

If someone thinks they should have compensation, but we haven’t proactively paid it, they should by all means get in touch. Our team can check very simply.”

Now I know that there is still a great deal of resentment amongst my people in Wednesfield North. Please if you have a beef, and you are sure of the situation. Please press Severn Trent Water company again, as they themselves suggest.

They inform me as you can see that they have compensated 24 Local Homes. I am doing all I can for Wednesfield North. But it is you the customer of Severn Trent that has the real power. They are contracted with you. They should want to listen to your complaints.

I am pleased that I have played a small role in Championing the residents and I am pleased to see that 24 customers have at least received a compensation payment.I know the role that I have played to assist you.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more