#ShopLocal – Our Campaign Reached 4376 Residents!

Well yesterday Saturday was designated a campaign day to highlight the needs of the Local stores in our Wednesfield North Ward  and in Wednesfield .

#ShopLocal was the brand that your three Councillors – Cllr Rita Potter Cllr Mary Bateman and myself Councillor Phil Bateman here in Wednesfield North  have supported. We all believe in the need for vibrant local shops and stores, and we have a track record of support. We also believe that the Wednesfield in Bloom volunteers that helped plant hundreds of flowers around the Ashmore Shopping Parade, has also helped in this years #ShopLocal campaign. It has put a focus on the shops and added much needed colour and pride.

Last year in the run up to the 2017 designated #ShopLocal day – Councillor Mary Bateman was able to advocate the need for the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade to be given a lick of paint. As it was looking tired and a bit unloved.

This was achieved, and with some crisp and bright painting the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade  and the shops and stores have been made to look – that bit more attractive.

This year the campaign has been about making residents more aware of the tough trading that is taking place in all the local neighbourhoods in Wednesfield North,  where Local Stores exist.

This time of the year when many Local Residents go on holiday is tough for Local shop keepers. As they often have to take account of less footfall. The economy is the key to peoples shopping habits, and of course people will look for bargains to match their purse.

This year in 2018 I paid for  Social Media advertising and the results show that this promotion reached 2891 persons. However the organic reach of our #ShopLocal campaign also reached out and informed a further 1485 persons about the message and the needs of the campaign. So in total 4376 local people were made aware of what your Councillors in Wednesfield North were trying to do to support Wednesfield North traders.

Now the success of our media campaign also had a knock on impetus. With the Wednesfield High Street traders also seeing the potential of a #ShopLocal awareness campaign, and they too decided to deliver something similar. So Saturday had quite a flourish!

Our own Local Economy would be that much worse off if we just allowed shops and stores to decline and close. Jobs would be lost,  simple convenience would force people to drive further looking for the goods they want. That would affect the environment.

If we lost even a few local stores, the simple convenience of looking directly to the neighbourhood, for that forgotten item would be lost. Convenience and accessibility is by far the best reasons for needing your Local Shops and stores.

Going Forward

Your Councillors here in Wednesfield North are going to support another #ShopLocal campaign in the run up to Christmas.

Christmas is a key trading time for shops and stores and I hope that some  of our local stores will themselves join in and try and woo you the customer into their store!

IMG_4650 ShopsWe are a very progressive and active bunch of Councillors here! Perhaps if you have a view, or if you actively supported #ShopLocal you could let us know!



Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more