Supreme Court Rules Against Holiday Dad!


Term-time holiday dad loses court battle
Jon Platt has lost his legal challenge against the £120 fine issued by Isle of Wight Council for taking his daughter on an unauthorised term-time holiday. The Supreme Court ruling, which upheld the appeal by the council and the DfE, means that the case will be returned to the magistrates’ court, where Mr Platt says he will continue to plead not guilty. Speaking outside the court after the ruling, Mr Platt warned the “state is taking the rights away from parents”. The council said the decision provided “much-needed clarity about what constitutes regular attendance at school”.

Meanwhile, the Independent reports that around 150,000 families were penalised for their taking children out of school without permission during the last school year. Data obtained from 145 councils in England shows local authorities issued total fines of £8.8m for unauthorised absences.

Of those offering data, Suffolk and Lancashire councils issued the most, with more than 5,600 fines handed out by each authority, while Richmond Council in London issued none in 2015/16.


Phil Bateman

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