Terrorism in London – Wednesfield Sends Sympathy and Condolences

The news of yet another terrorist attack in London will shock and anger many of us. I know as I stopped up and watched the unfolding action on the TV screens, and followed the news on Social Media I felt horror on what was happening last night.

This morning when the full extent of the terrorists actions are becoming clear. I know that Wednesfield people will feel exactly the same as I do this morning, and they will want me to express their feelings, and their first thoughts will be with those Londoners and Visitors to our Capital City who have lost their lives and have been injured by this vile terrorist attack.

They  will want me to share our sympathy and offer condolences with all those families who will be filled  with grief   this morning at the loss of their loved ones.

They will also be filled with pride at the way the Police and the First Responders dealt with the threat and the aftermath of the attack. We have many brave men and women serving us  in London and elsewhere in the country.  Well trained and rehearsed they went to Londoners  aid and we and will be always so very proud of their actions last night.

Whilst we live in an area of the Country where the terrorist threat is low, it goes without saying that with the threat level at ‘severe’ all of us should be vigilant when we are out and about. If we have any concerns about actions or are suspicious about events you witness, please tell the Authorities.

Wednesfield sends London and its residents its sympathy and condolences, we would also like to say that our life, our lifestyle, and our future, is entwined with the people in our capital city. Our thousand years of history makes our roots strong and substantial, the threats that we have faced up to in history shapes us moving forward. Atrocities we have laid upon us, only strengthens the resolve we have to apply the rule of law and uphold the democracy that we shaped for ourselves over the history of generations.

Today is a sad day for everyone here in Wednesfield, our City of Wolverhampton, London and the UK.




Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more