The Phil Bateman Blog – Hectic Thursday!

Hectic Thursday – Meeting after Meeting! Phew…

Today I started by attending a meeting at the Civic Centre making plans for Fridays continuation of the Scrutiny Panel looking in to the flooding that took place on Bank Holiday May 27th 2018. This meeting with the officials was important as it sets what the agenda will be on Friday.

11.30 – On Bentley Bridge Leisure Park for a meeting with City Council Officials and Mark Welsby of Bentley Bridge Leisure Park relating to the work that I have been undertaking trying to get the Wyrley & Essington Canal gain official Local Nature Reserve status!

Well Football may not be coming home folks. But the status I have craved for this canal, most certainly is! Look out for the week before the Wednesfield Canal Festival, as I am hoping that the official announcements will be made then! Yippee!

12.30 – Meeting moved onto the The Nickelodeon, and the Hands on Wednesfield team met with me, as we worked through all that needs doing to deliver an up beat all action week end for the Wednesfield Canal Festival.

The late this afternoon I along with Mary attended the The Vibrant City Scrutiny Panel at the Civic Centre where we had a full agenda. One of the items discussed was the Kingdom contract for enforcing action against those that litter the City.

Litter is a growing issue. I know it divides people. But without enforcing the law we would be under a pile of dropped litter items. It certainly made a lively debate amongst Councillors like it has done already on these my Facebook Page.

One of the most important facts that have been produced recently by the Public Health team on the City Council is the fact that 22.5% of City adults smoke. That indicates that rates of smokers in this City are going down and our statistics are improving. I think that this is something to be proud of. Though we need to see the figures reduce even more…

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