Thursday 28th June 2018 – The Sun is still scorching Wednesfield!

Thursday 28th June 2018 – The Sun is still scorching Wednesfield!

I had an appointment at Corpus Christi School on Thursday, and I met the new Executive Head of the school Miss Craig. Corpus Christi School is part of the Pope John XXIII Catholic Multi Academy Company, a Private Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status.

I had arranged to attend the school following a change of Head, and the poor results from their latest Ofsted Inspection. Ofsted gave the school an Inadequate result.

However the changes are being made at double quick time. The new Executive Head Miss Craig is a person with great energy, and is hugely impressive. I had a tour of the school, the children were hard at work, and they looked a very happy bunch.

I have no doubt that the Corpus Christi School will be in a very different position next time Ofsted Inspect the school. They are expecting a new Head of School to be in situation soon, which will again strengthen the teaching staff.

My next visit was to The Hub at Ashmore Park, where I had conversations with the great volunteers that run The Hub.

It was the Scrutiny Annual Work Planning Event at the Civic Centre in the late afternoon, Mary and I attended this event.

It was primarily for outlining where the City Scrutiny should go next!

We left the Civic about 6.15 just in time to visit relatives and watch the England v Belgium World cup game where England lost 1-0. But we are still in the next round and up against Columbia! This Summer is still exciting!

Finally here are the dates and times of the Police and Community Meetings here in Wednesfield –

Friday 20th July 10:00 am Ashmore Park Hub

Thursday 6th  September 6:30 pm Ashmore Park Hub

Friday 23 November 10:00 am Wednesfield library

Monday 28th January 6:30  pm  Ashmore Park Hub

Friday 29th march 10:00 am  Wednesfield library

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