Tram Works Will Lead to Road Works in the City

Councillor Rita Potter, Councillor Mary Bateman and of course me! Your Wednesfield North Councillors, have always wanted to ensure that Wednesfield North residents are well informed about what is taking place here in our City and of course in Wednesfield!

Now I know that what you are about to read will send some people into a rage! But the fact of the matter is that this essential construction work will allow this metro  project to move forward. I know that this early ground work will create the transformation of local tram services. Bringing the integration of metro tram and rail services with bus & coach services to the benefit of our City.

So whilst the road service closures will cause some disruption, when the extension to the trams are complete, the extensions will create better connections, plus the tram will be in a better position for its future extensions across our City.

driving-a-tram-phil-batemanThat is a transport objective that this City must drive forward over the next ten years. I for one want to see New Cross Hospital and Wednesfield linked to the tram network. The business development, health service expansion, the retail and the leisure offer in Wednesfield continues to grow, so the reasons for attaching the trams to Wednesfield is for all to see.

So when you see the Midland Metro Alliance starting work on moving and protecting underground service and undertakings… really is the start of exciting tram plans for the future of Wolverhampton and the generations to come!

Here is what will be taking place in Wolverhampton in the New Year!

The Midland Metro Alliance working on behalf of Transport for West Midlands will continue coordinating a programme of works in the city centre to relocate and protect underground pipes and cables in Pipers Row from 9 January 2017.

 The following road closures are due to commence on 9 January 2017 for 8 weeks:

 Pipers Row northbound closed between its junction with Tower Street and Queen Street (24 hrs).

Pipers Row northbound closed between its junction with Tower Street and Lichfield Street (11pm – 6am) 

Once completed, construction on the extension of the tram track can begin in summer 2017. 

The utility works will mean a series of traffic diversions in Wolverhampton city centre:

–           Northbound access will be via Tower Street and Market Street (via Queen Street)

–           Southbound traffic will be permitted on Pipers Row

–           Access Northbound to Castle Street will be restricted to businesses and local access only


There will also be traffic diversions operating between 11pm and 6am:

–           Access to Castle Street from Pipers Row will be restricted

–           Northbound access to Queen Street and Berry Street will be via Tower Street and Market Street

–           To exit the city, there a be diversion via Princess Street and Broad Street

Traffic Marshals will be on hand during the day and night to assist motorists.

I hope the work does not create too many problems for you!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more