UN World Water Day Kicks off the UN Water Conference- then read about what is happening here in Wednesfield.!

The UN’s World Water Day yesterday, coincides with the start of the UN 2023 Water Conference (March 22-24, New York).
The conference is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to unite the world around solving the water and sanitation crisis.
National governments and stakeholders from all levels of society are collaborate to make voluntary commitments to accelerating progress on SDG 6 and other internationally-agreed water-related goals and targets.
These voluntary commitments will form the Water Action Agenda, designed to deliver rapid, transformative change in the remainder of this decade. This is important news for the World and of course water and sanitation are the real big Third World Issues that the UN and other Governments and Local Governments want to crack.

In the meantime back here in Wednesfield
But even here much closer to home and equally as important to our Local Community, water distribution is a key civilised objective. Living with low water pressure brings its problems. During hot summers, and times when water services are under stress. Low water pressure can bedevil both homes and business.
Councillor’s here in Wednesfield North have been pressing Severn Trent Water company to deliver a better water distribution service to residents, here in our Ward of Wednesfield North for some time now.
Last January (2022) Severn Trent- told us they knew that there was a problem with low water pressure in the Wednesfield North area. They told us that they had “a plan to upgrade a local (booster) pumping station and that this would require significant capital investment.”
This is the pumping station at the corner of Kitchen Lane. It’s true to say that Severn Trent have always explained that this investment would take some time to deliver. Earlier comments we received from Severn Trent Water company suggested possibly 2025?
We have been dogged in our approach for the need for stronger water pressures. We are pleased to now inform you that the company have now reaffirmed that they are “committed to starting work this year and (b) we’ll complete the upgrade in 2024.”
This is of course good news for everyone living and whose business is in the Ward. It means that it is quite possible that increased water pressure to our homes will be supplied 12 months earlier, than originally, we were informed.
I hope residents and business note the latest information that has been brought to you by Wednesfield North Councillors.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more