Unemployment in Wednesfield North October 2015 is 175 ( 2.6%.)

Unemployment in Wednesfield North October 2015 is 175 ( 2.6%.) 

This is 10 less than in in September 2015.

The highest JSA claimant rates are in St Peter’s (5.7%) and East Park (5.3%). 

The lowest JSA claimant rate is in Tettenhall Regis (1.6%). Comparing October 2015 to the previous month, twelve of the City’s wards have decreased claimant rates, with six wards remaining the same. Fallings Park and Tettenhall Regis wards saw an increase in JSA claimant rate.

Wolverhampton unemployment rate is significantly higher than the rate for the wider West Midlands region which is 1.9%.

It is also higher than  the local Black Country average (Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton),2.9% and well more than double the national unemployment rate.


As of October 2015, Wolverhampton has the fourth highest JSA claimant rate, at 3.8%, of all 326 English local authorities. Middlesbrough, South Tyneside and Kingston–upon-Hull have higher claimant rates than Wolverhampton…

Councillor Phil Bateman said “Unemployment is a dastardly situation to be in. and I feel for my constituents that fall into that category. Much more needs to be done by the Government to make right the West Midlands economy. Having no plan to deal with the dumping of steel in the UK will not help manufacturing areas like Wolverhampton. The awful loss of Caparo to the Black Country will also feed through via the support chain industries. Much more attention to job creation for this region is a must. Local Authorities have a role to play. Here in Wednesfield a search is on to provide redundant land for house building. This means that on this land homes can be developed, which leads to a capital receipt if it is Council land, IMG_6152 Corporate Plan 2015employment during the building process and the supply chain, Counciltax income for  support to Council services. Some 19 homes in Wednesfield North have been built over the last two or more years.”

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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