Weather Related Problems You Reported!

Weather related problems…Over the last week or so Wednesfield North Councillors have reported Pot Holes in Eccleston Road, Drummond Close, Kitchen Lane, Lower Prestwood Road. Also a pot hole that was creating problems and damage to constituents cars in Kitchen Lane Essington. The Essington highways defect is the responsibility of Highways Staffordshire County Council.

I was also told about flooding at corner of Whiston Ave/ Peacock Ave, and in Broad Lane North, and problems with trees and shrubs that were at face height and growing through a fence in Reynolds Walk. Residents told me that this was a health and safety hazard for pedestrians.

Here is the response received so far, from Highway and City Officials.

  • Lower Prestwood Road –“ A member of my team has surveyed Lower Prestwood Road and the comments are as follows:- Lower Prestwood Road has a hot rolled asphalt carriageway surface that has had a micro-asphalt surface treatment applied to it, a preventative maintenance technique to prevent further deterioration of the hot rolled asphalt surfacing. The micro-asphalt surface treatment is deteriorating, predominantly in the nearside wheel track of the westbound lane, exposing the hot rolled asphalt surfacing below it. The depth of the deterioration is approximately 10mm and therefore outside of the criteria for carriageway pothole although this deterioration has a significant effect on the aesthetics of the carriageway surface and the ride quality. Please find attached two photographs to illustrate the deterioration. We propose to undertake interim works to these areas, smothering them with a dense bituminous material. The ride quality will be improved and the aesthetics of the surface will be to a lesser degree.
  • Kitchen Lane Essington – From Staffordshire County Council – “Thank you for contacting Staffordshire Highways. We will endeavour to respond to you within 7-10 working days. During busy periods (e.g. extreme or adverse weather) enquiries may take longer to respond to.” – I will keep you informed on their response performance.
  • Reynolds Walk– The pathway located next to the Coppice School falls under the responsibility of the City Council. Details of the enquiry relating to encroachment of the footpath have been forwarded to the City Council’s Customer Services department with a request for the relevant department to undertake the required actions to remedy.
  • Flooding Whiston Ave/Peacock Ave –“The gully team will check the site, however please be advised, that the volume of water experienced recently in a 24 hour period sometimes put the drainage systems under pressure in some locations to take water away, especially when the Severn Sewer is at full capacity, there will be standing water for a while until the water levels subside.”

As your Councillors we receive issues every day! I will keep you up dated as the information comes in.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more