Weather Up Date- Storm Hannah Is Coming!

The image is of Storm Barney which blew down road signs in Feb 2015.

As a Local Councillor I have been given early warning of the Storm Hannah which is now making its way to Central England from Ireland.It is expected in and around Wednesfield tonight…Please make sure your washing is In, and that there is nothing that can be blown around your garden or across a highway. I have placed the full information on this site to assist you. Take care Wednesfield!

Weather Update for West Mercia, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands Police/LRF areas

A weather system (Storm Hannah) will push across the Ireland today and then across Wales and England during Friday night and Saturday.  Originally we expected Hannah to mostly affect parts of South Wales and Southwest England – but latest data shows it will take a more northward track – and this means that it will bring some strong gusty winds to the Midlands during Friday night and Saturday.

In more detail then –  Today (Friday) will see a little rain at times probably becoming a little heavier this evening.  Winds will start picking up this evening as well, and become strong and gusty during Friday night.  Saturday will continue to see strong gusty winds throughout much of the day with some squally rain showers too.  Wind speeds look as if they will occasionally gust to around 50mph or so during Friday night and throughout Saturday in many places – perhaps a little stronger than that in some of the higher communities/routes  in Staffordshire and Shropshire.  These sorts of wind speeds are not uncommon, but nevertheless they will be enough to bring down some branches and trees, and make for some quite difficult driving conditions at times too.  Also we could see poorly erected tents/marquees/banners brought down. Saturday’s weather will be quite different to last weekends weather and the contrast may take some outdoor event organisers by surprise if they haven’t been following the weather forecast.

Winds will gradually ease off later Saturday afternoon and during Saturday evening though as Storm Hannah clears away across the North Sea. Sunday looks like a better day with light winds and a fine start, although a few places could see a little rain later on Sunday.

In Summary then – Storm Hannah is now expected to bring some strong and gusty winds to West Mercia, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and West Midlands Police/LRF areas throughout Friday night and during Saturday.  Wind speeds expected to gust to 50mph or so – which are not exceptional but will be enough to cause some problems on transport networks and perhaps impact on some outdoor events as well.

Met Office has just issued a Yellow weather warning for strong winds for Friday night and Saturday for much of England and Wales – details are at

Phil Bateman

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