Wednesday – Full Council At Wolverhampton Low Level Station!

Wednesday is the 20th September. A little local history is made when the City Council is held at the Grand Central banqueting Suite, which rose from the former Great Western Railway Station..The Wolverhampton Low Level Railway Station!

The move has been made as the Civic Centre Council Chamber is closed for refurbishment.

Ironically I worked at Wolverhampton Low Level Station for many years, and to go back for A City Council meeting will be a delight for me. In fact I shall be moving a resolution at the City Council meeting tomorrow that calls for more funding for the Policing of the City.

The Grand Old Low Level Station an architectural gem in my mind. Will have heard my dulcet tones talking politics many times on the platforms of that station in the late 1970’s and Early 80’s!

I was in those days an active National Union of Railwaymen Local Departmental Committee member, and (union official). Indeed I once led a strike of Parcel Delivery drivers from that station! When the management induced a decision, that later got overturned, and even though we went on strike, payment of my union members were made after the management reversed their decision!

I am looking forward to delivering my speech tomorrow is it is an important call for more funds for our force in the City. The thin blue line here in Wolverhampton is getting thinner and thinner. We want the police to be neighbourhood police officers, we want the police to be available when crime takes place, and we want crime solved when it happens. Currently our local Bobbies are at full stretch, and they are moved into other towns like Walsall and West Bromwich when those towns do not have enough officers! That leaves our local areas denuded of Officers….my constituents want to see police officers and PCSO’s in Wednesfield. They do not want to go day after day without seeing that uniform. I am sure there will be plenty of support for this resolution. I am hoping the Tory Councillors on the City Council will also support the resolution! But I am not going to hold my breath….

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more