Wednesday Was All About Wednesfield North Ward!

Well Wednesday (27June18) was again a very interesting day the sun was high in the sky and so was the temperature! Every morning the first thing to think of is Wednesfield in Bloom and the ‘do the plants need watering’!

In the morning I attended with Mary, the Slimming World class held at St Albans, no loss this week but no gains either. So all in all a good start to the day. There were about 10 constituents in the extended class, and it is always a great start to the day to have a gossip with them about life in the Ward!

Following the Slimming World event. Mary and I visited the Hub at Ashmore Park, had a few hello’s to make. Glad to see Ann and Derek there, both of them haven’t been in good health over the last few weeks. We had a cup of tea and a natter with friends and again generally put the World to rights.

Telephone calls with the Head Teacher at Ashmore Park Nursery about the impending Full Governors meeting, and some reading relating to the Scrutiny Committee I am chairing relating to the flooding that took place on the 29th May here in Wolverhampton was next on the Agenda.

In the Afternoon I had a meeting with Cllr Greg Brackenridge and City Officials in the Civic Centre about some work taking place in the City Council about Wednesfield’s Action Plan. It was a good meeting as we look to see the Action Plan develop over the next few months. Wednesfield North & Wednesfield South Councillors are working together on a range of Local Initiatives that affect Wednesfield.

Later In the day I learned of the death of a former chum, Micky Minogue a huge character in Wednesfield, larger than life and always a great laugh. RIP Mick.

Late las night I also had cause to phone the Police because of some marauding youngsters coming down Broad Lane North running behind cars on drives, shouting and throwing bottles. Not pleasant and very dangerous.

Finally I have also taken the idea of turning the former Elephant Park in Millbank Street in to allotments a step further, following the sympathetic response the idea got after I raised the proposal on my Facebook site. I have requested a meeting with Officials of Wolverhampton Homes. I will keep you informed as the idea is kicked around…..!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more