Wednesfield Councillors Call on NXWM – “Go the Extra Mile!”

Wednesfield Councillors Call on NXWM – “Go the Extra Mile!”

Residents in Wood End have contacted me, as well as other Wednesfield Councillors.

There is much anger with regards to the disruption of the bus service into Wednesfield & Wolverhampton due to the construction of the Pinfold Bridge. Residents recognise that the bridge needs to be replaced. Where they are concerned is to see the Local Bus Services failing to provide a workable alternative bus service, for those customers living in Wood end and who do not have the same mobility as younger people, but want to get into Wolverhampton along this routebaqwjq9ciaexs4h-nx-hybrid-bus.

The Residents who wrote to Cllr Phil Bateman have been  saying –

I’m just writing with concern to the closure of Pinfold bridge, I was previously assured that the buses would be rerouted but would still be continuing to pick up passengers from wood end island.

This is not the case passengers have to either walk to Wednesfield police station or to Wednesfield high school.

I’m aware that the work needs doing but surely the buses could take into consideration that a lot of people can’t walk that far and rely on the bus service otherwise they are cut off completely. Could you please find out if the service could be rerouted to include wood end?”

I have been in touch with the principle bus company NXWM. They have made ‘sympathetic’ comments with regards to the situation that has developed.

I have impressed upon NXWM the concerns of their customers, and I am hopeful that between the NXWM team and the Transport for West Midlands organisation, a plan can be developed that will insert a bus service that can help these stranded customers.

It is not for the want of trying, as all Wednesfield Councillors are doing their best to impress upon the bus company that these bus users who are having difficulty accessing their services, are indeed loyal customers.

It’s in difficult situations like they face now – when they look to the provider of the bus service, “to go that extra mile” to provide much needed connections.

Waiting for a bus in fine weather is bad enough but in such bitter weather, to expect our senior citizens to walk the lengths they are expected to do to meet the 59 and 89 is just not feasible.

I hope that the bus company will note that it’s at moments like these that companies get rated by on their customer care, and their service delivery!


Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more