Wednesfield In Bloom – Gold Award Winners Yet Again!

Now I know Wednesfield and Wednesfielders from further away, are looking to hear what has been achieved in 2018’s Heart of England in Bloom’s competition.
Wednesfield in Bloom – are once again Gold awards winners. That in itself is just brilliant!
But this time is different to our success in 2016, and 2017!
This time we have won a ‘discretionary award’  from the organisers which reflects the way our diverse community works.
Wow! That is in itself just brilliant. This  Community Award comes with a Glass Trophy!
I think that all of our Volunteers in Wednesfield in Bloom deserve a huge ‘Pat on the back’
What we have achieved three years on the trot has been magnificent. I am sure the City of Wolverhampton will be proud of us all! As they should be, Its not just winning an award, its the way we have done so.
Our Village has been transformed by a riot of colours and the impact beautiful flowers have on people.
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While we Volunteers have been out and about planting and tending ‘Our Patch of Flowers’. Hundreds of people passing through have felt the need to pass the day by , commenting on the flowers, talking about the competition, speak about their gardens, or offer advice on flowers,Bugs,children, and of course the weather!
What we have done is encouraged people to speak together, be friendly with each other, Care about the environment and ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ has been the catalyst for this and more!
This year we expanded into Ashmore Park where we planted up three redundant flower beds, and that in itself has been a success, Ashmore Parkers will be pleased to know that we think that this years work on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade will take place again next year, and we will also be expanding that work. But more on that later!
Ashmore Park bloom Volunteering has grown and grown here in Wednesfield, We have had a summer of heat, flowers, great conversations and huge success, Enjoy the moment volunteers because we are about to start doing it all over again!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more