Wednesfield North- A Great Place to Live and Work MD!

Today Wednesfield North Councillors gave  newly appointed Tim Johnson, Managing Director of City of Wolverhampton Council, an informed tour of Wednesfield North.

“It was a two hour tour and we showed him some of our high spots” said Councillor Phil Bateman. ” We  pointed  out some of the issues that we have, some that threaten us, Plus we showed him some of our community projects and introduced him to great people, involved in a great community – doing some great volunteering.”

It was a packed two hours of visits.

 All three Labour Councillors spoke with him…Councillor Rita Potter said “It allowed the three of us to get to know him a little better, and it gave us a chance in an informal way, to speak about Ward issues that will task us all over the next 12 months or more.

Laughing she said “We gave him a ‘Cook’s Tour of’ of our great Ward!”

The schedule included – 


  • Danesmore Pastures –  the new WV Living site at the North end of Wednesfield North. Here they are building new homes for private sale, and for Council Housing.


  • Kitchen Lane Public Open Space – Very important open space. This site is of enormous  environmental importance. Site of  a Wild flower meadow and rich in wild orchids. Problems relating to fly – tipping and a threat from Traveller incursion. was raised with Mr Johnson.

Linthouse Lane – Threat to the South Staffordshire Green Belt – proposal for 2,500 new homes, has been lodged with South Staffordshire Council.

Councillor Mary Bateman explained the situation to the MD. She said ” The loss of green belt, and the potential loss of heritage the Mineral Line, will go down badly here in in this part of Wednesfield . It goes without saying that people in these parts enjoy the wildlife the birds etc. “

Your Councillors  explained that this threat is becoming a BIG WARD Issue .

Councillor Phil Bateman said “that all three Wednesfield North Councillors were against the proposal. Such a huge influx of homes  had the potential to clog Wednesfield North and the City of Wolverhampton own  infrastructure.”Including local schools, Doctors Surgeries, Community & Leisure facilities, as well as placing great pressure on  Highways and public  transportation facilities.”

The tour also took in  -Devils Elbow alongside the  Wyrley and Essington canal. we explained what the New Local Nature Reserve  could do in  Economic terms ,  as well as it being an environmental gem. We then went to –

  • The Hub at Ashmore Park – The home of Volunteering! This place is hive of activity and it hosts a wide range of events. The Volunteers took him on a tour of the site and asked him to see the huge potential that it had.

We also visited – Ashmore Park Shopping Parade – pointing out the volunteers and the planting of the three redundant flower beds. How they  were part of ‘Wednesfield in Bloom’ and we also took the chance and requested support from  the city – by placing a sign giving indication of the three years of success the Village, and all our community has had, in the Heart of England in Bloom competition .

Councillor Phil Bateman  said  “We spoke of many of the other issues we have,   as we ‘criss-crossed’  across Wednesfield North.

Plus –  We saved a slot for him to savour, close to the Wyrley and Essington canal – Yep you guessed it Johnson Avenue!”


Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more