Wednesfield North – New Homes Delivered in 2019

Wednesfield North like many areas of the City of Wolverhampton has a dire need for new homes. We have done all we can to continue to identify sites that can deliver new homes and make the social contribution we need for a vibrant and happy community.

Danesmore ParkIMG_6686Danesmore Pastures – The project was won by Jessups in 2017 and these homes are branded as being of mixed tenure open market sale, rent and affordable housing. The scheme forms part of a strategy by Wolverhampton Council to provide 1000 new homes in the city by 2022. The site in the Ashmore Park area had been derelict for several years, having previously been occupied by Danesmore Park School.

The construction stage of Danesmore Pastures is now coming to a conclusion, and all the homes that were earmarked for sale have been sold.

The three Ward Councillors for the area have done their best to ensure that this WV Living site was constructed with as much care as possible. There were 6 public meetings held, which helped design the site.
This development contains 52 new homes. 39 of which were constructed for sale and 13 of which were built for Council Homes for Let. These have all been successfully Let.
The homes were built by Jessop and the Value was reported as being worth £6.7m

The City of Wolverhampton under this administration, have been keen to use the ‘Brownfield’ sites we have in the Ward in a very productive way. I can inform Wednesfield North residents that these pockets of unused land, usually long-time disused garage sites, have often been subjected to Anti-Social Behaviour. Now they have been converted into new homes.

These are the sites and the locations that have been most recently constructed and are now let to tenants.

They were all former garage sites, and they are located in –
• Parker Road (4no 2bed houses) Peach Road (A) – 3no 2bed bungalows. Peach Road (b) – 2no 2bed houses.
• All the small site developments are Council owned properties, non for market sale, and all have been Let.

The site that the Authority still has under construction are at – Whiston Avenue (2no 2 bed bungalows) I am looking forward to seeing this small construction site being handed over prior to Christmas 2019.

The next sites which are to be investigated by Wolverhampton Homes and the City of Wolverhampton Council for similar construction in this Ward are.
Townson Road,
Simmons Road,
Woodside (B),
Wolmer Road,
Southall Road

The back ground work on these further sites are still required, so the full information that is still required and relates to the ground conditions and other planning matters, before the next preparation stages can take place. This information will not be available before January 2020.

So come the New Year in 2020 we will be in a better position to know which further sites could be developed. I hope that this information is useful to Ward residents.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more