Wednesfield North – News Round -Up

Illegal Raves
I did post information on my social media sites about illegal raves taking place. It was a warning for our young people not to organise or attend as the Police were making it clear that they would be prosecuting Rave offenders. Well last night in Bloxwich I understand that there was one such Rave!Here is what West Midlands Police have had to say this morning “Thanks to the eagle eyes/ears of PC Treherne and PC Foxall, Team 3 officers along with @ResponseWMP and @BlakenallWMP have closed down an illegal rave containing more than 100 people in Bloxwich. 1 attendee also in custody for being Wanted #teamwork.
“Lets hope no Wednesfield youngsters were tempted to attend!”

Traveller Incursions
There is a news item in the Express and Star that kind of hints that Staffordshire Police escorted Travellers from Great Wyrley to a New Invention School.
Here is what the Star said “Which brings us to the officers from Staffordshire Police who, on receiving complaints about unruly behaviour and criminal damage by travellers in Great Wyrley, did they (a) investigate the allegations, and arrest those involved, or (b) escort them to a school playing field in Willenhall where they caused more trouble? I guess that’s what they call ‘neighbourhood policing’ – pass the trouble onto your neighbours up the road.”

City of Wolverhampton Audit and Risk Committee
The Committee recently met and discussed the full impact that the Covid19 Pandemic was having on the City of Wolverhampton Budgets.
There was a stark warning about budgetary pressure 2020-2021 that perhaps has not been picked up by residents of the City. The report stated that “There is a risk that the Council will need to spend more than we have in tackling Covid-19 (above and beyond specific covid grants received) There is a legal requirement to operate within budgets.”
Now that warning comes now as a ‘Red Risk’ for the Authority. Whilst both Officers and Members are very much aware of the pressure that Covid is placing on the Council. I repeat the comments here, because I want Wednesfield North Residents to be very aware of the deepening economic crisis, we will all have to face, as the impact of the Pandemic reaches further into our City.
One of the more significant comments made by officers in Audit and Risk was the fact that though the law allows for residents to follow the ‘Spend’ data which is available on the Council’s internet site under the Transparency and Accountability(payments to suppliers) and is updated monthly. Additionally to the spend data the site also includes spend for the financial years 2011 onwards. The public I hope recognises there is a lot of financial information being made available so that the City is transparent in its dealings. Surprising to me is the fact that Audit and Risk members were informed that there had been No Requests for information from the public(as an armchair auditor)! Now I have been a member of the Council and Other Councils, and single Authorities like The former Passenger Transport Authority. We always had ‘Armchair Auditors’ questions!

Covid 19- Loss of Business
This issue will become an increasingly more significant risk, the longer that Covid 19 restrictions are in place. Business intelligence is being gathered by the City Council. The City has been provided with £55m by Central Government, which is to be paid out to more than 4,000 businesses in our City in a very short frame of time.

Type of Fraud Under investigation.
These headings are the type of Fraud currently under investigation by City of Wolverhampton Tenancy Sub letting -Illegally subletting of properties, Right to Buy, Other Tenancy Fraud,Social Housing Application Fraud. The sum total of the cases amount to 21 individual cases, with a total value of £1.4m

Former Garage Sites -Wednesfield North
In trying to develop Brown Field sites rather than Greenfield sites the City Council is scouring all under developed sites to see if we can provide new Council owned homes, and at the same time deliver an improvement to neighbourhoods. On the 23rd June- City Cabinet approved a Small Sites New Build Council Housing policy. Which was approval to deliver new homes across former garage sites and small infill pockets of land. This action included sites at these locations in Wednesfield North.-
Southall Road B site
Wolmer Road
Townson Road
Simmons Road

There will be opportunity to scrutinise the individual planning proposals when they are worked up. If there are any queries in the meantime please email me on

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more