Wednesfield North Urges “Lets Not Risk A Second Peak!”

This morning I want to raise the issue of the Lockdown and what will happen next. Its been forecasted all week, that the Government will ease the Lock down arrangements from Thursday. Now it seems that on Wednesday, that the Thursday date has now slipped to Sunday, when the Prime Minister is being paraded for an important statement.

This week I have asked the readers of my social media sites to set out their feelings about having the lifting of the Lock down.OakMeadow IMG_2496

I have been surprised by how many of you are urging caution in lifting the restrictions. There appears to be a fear here in Wednesfield, that being too bold will allow the Covid-19 virus to raise a second peak. Many of you are shocked that we already seem to be one of the Countries with a high death rate. Many of you seem to erring on advising Government to be much more cautious than the Press and Media think they will be. Here is what the Public have urged when contacting me, and making their views known.

Comments such as these –
• “Prefer uneducated children to dead ones. Keep schools closed until September.” Have no ambiguous tones!

• “No we cant stay on lock down forever but people are going to have to be very aware of their actions. The traffic numbers have already gone up which indicates that some people have already decided that they are no longer on lockdown.”

• “I am over the 70 group (76) Have now been in isolation 7 weeks
But to if it means the kids have a future to live in I am prepared to stay at home.”

• “I work in the community and what we see is scary. There some who just don’tphil-bateman-speaking-to-the-pharmacy-resolution care. It has to be done with caution.”

• “feel for businesses and those struggling with childcare and working at home but our NHS just about coped with the first peak. Let’s not risk a second.”

• “I am returning to work on saturday do i feel its to soon maybe. But the truth is we will have to start at some point only time will tell.”

• “I’m coming 80 Nd i feel we should wait a bit longer.”

• “Bit too soon yet Phil, don’t think some people are taking it serious enough, we need to wait until the number of cases come down.”

• “Too soon…i’m feeling stressed at the thought of my journey to Aston via buses & rail network.”

So having listened to my constituents, I place their views out there, and hope our MP’s and our Government take their fears and concerns on board. Having carried so many people with the ‘Stay Safe Stay at Home’ slogan. It would be tragic if the Government threw that trust away, by rushing into decisions to burst through the Lockdown advice. Without taking these individuals along with them. There is also a message in these comments for Local Authorities. My advice is what ever decisions we make, they should be well rehearsed ones, and that the full importance of communications are added to the decision equation.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more