Wednesfield North Ward- Still A Low Crime Ward – But We Need to Do More!

Taking a look at Crime in Wednesfield North for a longer period than just a month. There is some important statistics that are brought into view between February 2015 through to January 2016.

IMG_0394.JPG Chatting policeThese are the statistics source (Police UK). Anti Social behaviour for the twelve months measured shows that this particular crime is still very much top of the criminal incidents that take place in Wednesfield North with 129 incidents reported.

Violence and sexual offences are the next largest statistic with 123 incidents .

Criminal Damage and Arson has 61 incidents, beaten by Vehicle Crime with 64 incidents recorded. There were 56 Burglary’s during the Course of the  12 months measured.

Even with these statistics laid out in this way Wednesfield North is still very much a ‘low crime’ Ward.

I have taken a look at the local Neighbourhood Crime league Table and currently Wednesfield North stands third with the same statistics as Oxley. With  Tettenhall who have two less crime reported  and  top the League table for the month of January 2016 with the lowest crime statistics in the table. Just for comparison purposes. Wednesfield South are in at 23rd, Cheslyn Hay in at 33 ,Essington & Featherstone at 34. So as you can see Wednesfield North is a comparatively low crime Ward. However we still all need to be vigilant, look out for neighbours, and report anything suspicious. I am still very keen to see more Neighbourhood Watch schemes implemented.  We may be a low crime Ward, But we still need to do more to drive crime out of our neighbourhood!

Crime type Total Percentage
Anti-social behaviour 129 25.15%
Bicycle theft 1 0.19%
Burglary 56 10.92%
Criminal damage and arson 61 11.89%
Drugs 11 2.14%
Other crime 5 0.97%
Other theft 21 4.09%
Possession of weapons 0 0.00%
Public order 12 2.34%
Robbery 7 1.36%
Shoplifting 22 4.29%
Theft from the person 1 0.19%
Vehicle crime 64 12.48%
Violence and sexual offences 123 23.98%

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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