Wednesfield Robbers Fire Shots – Our History Is Amazing!


Wednesfield on a Saturday night can have its moments, as we see from time to time!

 Its been the same over the centuries.

Here is an article printed in the Staffordshire Advertiser on the 1st February 1817. It’s a very dramatic account of the robbers of the past!

Poor old John Mason had a bit of a shock when “7 or 8” men surrounded his home in Wednesfield.

Some of these men had guns!  John was in bed when he heard a bit of a commotion, he looked out of the window to see these blokes who instantly lifted their guns and fired at him!

As the paper says they missed their shots and the bullets hit a beam in the ‘chamber’. Another gun was fired at another part of the house.

The Brewhouse which was attached to Mason’s property, was broken open and the robbers grabbed and took off with ten geese, eight ducks, and a quantity of fowl!

John Mason and his family had a very torrid time as threats were hurled at him, and the men promised him another visit.

Next time in larger numbers!

They left shouting that they ”want something better next time”.

So there you have it folks! I think our Saturday nights here in Wednesfield in 2018 are a lot less worrying than in 1817!

My thanks again to Jackie Harrison one of our Wednesfield History Detectives who has supplied the story to me. Jackie is a prominent member of Wednesfield History Society.

Keep them coming Jackie.


Jackie is featured in the Photo at the last meeting of Wednesfield History Society.




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