Wednesfield – Time to make Your Voices Heard!

The South Staffs District Council Local Plan is now out for consultation. I am in the process of sharpening thoughts on this development known as ‘Land North of Linthouse Lane.’
I am of the consideration that Wednesfield Residents when making their own consultations. Should consider making the following statements. That the proposed new Country Park for Essington as part of their Local Development Plan proposals, should be on the Wednesfield side of the former Mineral Railway – that as the former rail line, splits the development site. The proposed Country Park would do much to provide the ‘green lungs that the current arable farm land and Green Belt, has provided for decades for 30,000 Wednesfield residents and the further number of residents across the City of Wolverhampton.
I am having talks with my colleagues here in Wednesfield now the SSDC plans are public. I am also speaking with City Planners about other points of issues.
Remember we are on a short timescale, but we do have time to put our views in, for when the Planning Inspector finally gets to exam them.
Other stand out issues are the proposals for transport, highway infrastructure the placing of sites relating to housing in Kitchen Lane , Public Health requirements Local Transport and Highway impacts. The role of Policing and Fire and Rescue. Health facilities, the poor planning proposals around for instance Secondary Education.
South Staffordshire Councillors voted by 30 to 12 to move forward on these plans and they have a date in early December that they will use to wrap up their proposals.
Please give consideration to these comments, and I will keep you informed as we move forward.
The Planning Inspector will have a duty to hear the comments of 30,000 Wednesfielders, and the impact this development will have as it is being designed by South Staffordshire District Councillors. Just for the record the Essington Councillors Voted Against the recommendation – and were in the Group of 12 who voted for the decision to be delayed.
Now its time to influence the next steps in this saga….
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Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more