Wednesfield & Willenhall -Tell Me Your Views Now!

IMG_0126 (2) Keep Wednesfield TogetherReaders will know that there is Government plans to re organise Parliamentary Boundary’s and that will remove our current Wolverhampton North East and replace it with a new Parliamentary constituency of Wednesfield and Willenhall.

This new boundary (Wednesfield & Willenhall )will straddle two Metropolitan Boroughs, Walsall MBC and City of Wolverhampton.

It will contain the following Wards, three from Walsall and six from Wolverhampton. What it does significantly better than the previous attempt by the Boundary Commission to change Boundaries, is that it keeps the four Wards that represents Wednesfield together, and strengthens them with the addition of Bushbury South and Low Hill and the St Peters Ward.

Whilst there has always been a close relationship with Willenhall and Wednesfield as townships,  I am keen to hear Wednesfield residents views about this proposal today.

What a Parliamentary Constituency with this title of Wednesfield & Willenhall will do, and which is really significant, is to give considerable coverage to the identity of these two ancient settlements. An identity that Wednesfield has not had even when the Village was part of Cannock Parliamentary Constituency.

I intend to go to the Boundary Commission hearing on the 3rd November so be quick people. Let me know your comments now!… I am keen to go armed with Wednesfield’s folks views on the construction of this new Parliamentary Constituency of Wednesfield & Willenhall. 


47. Wednesfield and Willenhall BC 77,139
Short Heath Walsall 8,583
Willenhall North Walsall 9,275
Willenhall South Walsall 10,576  
Bushbury South and Low Hill Wolverhampton 9,038  
Fallings Park Wolverhampton 8,804  
Heath Town Wolverhampton 7,435  
St. Peter’s Wolverhampton 6,321  
Wednesfield North Wolverhampton 8,681  
Wednesfield South Wolverhampton 8,426  


Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more