Welfare changes to exacerbate child poverty

Welfare changes to exacerbate child poverty
Now this is not a good news story at all! Yet the Guardian, The Independent and the Daily Mirror all feature the details in their newspapers!

542_133226 AgendaAnalysis for the Guardian has calculated that a quarter of a million children will be pushed into poverty once the Government’s welfare shakeup comes into effect on Thursday. The research shows that a family with a child born ahead of Thursday will be up to £50,000 better off over 18 years than one whose offspring are born after. More than 600,000 families falling into the ‘just about managing’ category the Prime Minister has vowed to protect will be hit by child welfare cuts, and thousands more could be affected by other cuts. Meanwhile, people suffering with terminal illness have warned that their families will see tens of thousands of pounds wiped off their bereavement benefits when reforms introduced this week limit payments to widowed parents from many years to a maximum of 18 months. Separately, the Trussell Trust, Britain’s biggest foodbank operator, says volunteers will provide hungry children with almost 140,000 meals during the Easter holidays, matching last year’s figure.
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