Well Attended Police Meeting – As Residents Raised Their Issues!

cvjqwdzxyaav9cj-pact-meeting-police-octoberLast night at the Wednesfield North PACT Meeting a report on the speeding in Kitchen lane was given by the Police Sergeant. He explained that this event took place on Wednesday 19 October in Kitchen Lane.

There were complaints from residents about the commercial vehicles on the corner of Phillips & Griffith Drive which were obstructing views and that were described by residents as an accident waiting to happen.

On the speed of vehicles, the Police reported that around 150 vehicles have been speed checked in Wednesfield North. The police say that a minority that were speeding were dealt with.

It was a lively meeting last night. There were also accusations about arson taking place on the Park. Gangs of youths were said to be lighting fires in the bushes. Police urged residents to report it as it was going on.

Kids issues and the continued concern about people smoking drugs on the Park, caused a debate. Residents were mightily concerned that there were cars and bikes late into the night and the early hours of the morning. Police were strongly urged by residents to deal with the drug problem. The City Council came in for criticism because the gates were left open until late into the night.

The Police team reported that they are on a late shift over Halloween.

A resident reported on an assault in her back garden as two youths came to try and steal her dog. She was assaulted and the dog is still not well. There was outrage at this, and the resident complained about the Park and the vacant land in Barnard Close that created the poor security situation.

Again  The Park security with the gates being left open until late was a perceived problem for local residents. This allowed the kids on scooters and the drug dealers to do their business in the Park disturbing people living close by.

The Police also reported that they had been dealing with issues of anti social behavior across the estate. They had identified youngsters and letters had been sent to some Parents.

The Police also reported that an arrest for Burglary had been made, and a theft of vehicle arrest had also been achieved.

With bonfire night approaching firework patrols are also taking place, With regards to further Community speed checks the Sergeant reported that the police & fire service were working together on speed hot spots.

Recently there had been some worrying build ups of gangs of youths who are causing much concern amongst residents. There have been reports of fighting, and intimidation. The Police wanted residents to continue to report to them these issues.

He said after last weekend problems the Inspector in charge had been granted a’ Dispersal Order’ , and this will be in force around the shopping precinct at Griffith Drive over this coming week end.

This is a big development to counter act gangs.

After the meeting took place I spoke with various individual members of the public about certain issues that came up in the meeting. The Police sergeant Martin Danher also spoke with individuals.

It was a well-attended meeting and was very lively throughout.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more