Well This Has Happened Today!

542_133226 AgendaThe day started with a funeral…..

Today we laid Steph Clarke to rest….It has been an emotional day that has been shared with a cross section of local people and those from a little further away. It has been funny and it has been draining all in one go! It was a service that was brilliantly delivered by Rector Nick Watson of St Thomas’s and Reverend Sam Leach of St Albans. They provided a service that was memorable, and will live with us forever. My heart was with husband James and son Jordan, Steph’s mom and Step Father ,her Brother and Sisters and all the rest of the family. Yes I had a trembling lip on more than one occasion during the Church and later at the Crematorium service, but Mary and I along with Councillor Rita Potter and MP Emma Reynolds played our part in remembering a passionate and energetic member of our community.

Rest in Peace Steph Clarke, as the Rector said you have done more for the community in your young years, than many much older than you have been able to achieve. Wednesfield North’s three City Councillors will miss your lively, discourse energy and passion. We will along with our community – long remember you for your  commitment to make this part of our World a better place.

New Home Achieved

Also today I have written to a constituent wishing her well in her new home. I do hope that she will be safe and well  and now happily looking forward to Christmas. It was a nice counter balance to the day. Plus it is always nice to be able to help in getting a new home for people who are on my active list for help.

 News on Wolverhampton Civic Halls.

Information was received from Wolverhampton City Council regarding Wolverhampton’s Civic Halls which will hold their last event on Friday, December 23 before closing for full refurbishment works to get underway in the New Year.

Enabling works on the multi-million pound refurbishment of the Grade II listed venue were completed earlier this year.

The doors to the Civic Halls temporarily reopened in October for a host of big-name events, which wrap up with Roy Chubby Brown on Friday.

Wednesfield High Street -Bus Camera set to arrive!

A bus lane camera is likely to be turned on in Wednesfield High street in January 2017. It should have no effect on motorists that never invade the High Street. But for these car drivers that regularly tear up the High Street, then they may well find out that there is a fine winging there way towards them. This camera should make the High Street safer for all.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more