Wolverhampton City Council – Inadequate Police Funding for City?

Residents of Wednesfield North and those that read my social media sites will know that for a long period now I have been concerned about West Midlands Police and their ability to police our communities in a way that carry’s our broadest community support. We have had a difficult time in Wednesfield this summer.

Many of you as residents have told me that you are concerned that this Ward is not receiving the Police support it has in the past.

Your three Wednesfield North Councillors – Rita, Mary and I, have heard your concerns.

We have acted together as your Councillors and this resolution which will appear on the City Council Agenda in my name. It will be debated (next Wednesday, 20th September, 2017, 5.45 pm) at City Full Council – the resolution was put together to address those concerns you have as a community.

It’s not only Wednesfield that is suffering through stretched Police resources. It’s the whole of our City! That is why the resolution is couched in these terms.

Now you too can help.

You can address your views directly to me, or you can make your concerns known on Facebook and Twitter!

If we are to get the right police resources for our City, The Police & Crime Commissioner must be made aware of our feelings, and he must in turn make the strongest case that can be mustered to alert the Government. Short changing Wolverhampton and denuding us of police cover is not making Wolverhampton or Wednesfield Safer, it is having quite the opposite affect! – Tell me what you think!

Resolution to Wolverhampton City Council – Neighbourhood Policing

“The City of Wolverhampton Council is concerned about the ability of the West Midlands Police as it is currently funded to continue to deliver the sort of proper Community and Neighbourhood Policing that keeps our City safe.

We note the Chief Constable’s recent comments that the force is very stretched, and that he may not be able to deliver ‘neighbourhood policing’.

We therefore request that the Police and Crime Commissioner urgently demand
increased funding from Government to meet the needs and requirements of West
Midlands Police and the Chief Constable and return confidence in Policing to our City.

We call on the Government to provide the resources that tackles the changing face of crime, protects our residents and their property, delivers better and safer policing, in an age when large Metropolitan conurbations also have to protect themselves from terrorism.”

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more