Happy Richard Parker – New West Midlands Metro Mayor!
It was good to catch up with new West Midlands Labour Metro Mayor Richard’s Parker. What a baptism he is having! Nice to chat and he thanked us here in Wednesfield for the support in his own election campaign. Nice man, and he is keen to represent us well. Vote Labour #GE2024
Peacock Ave for Highway Improvement-Latest!
On this site and others on my other social media sites I have been trying hard to inform of our activities to deliver the necessary repairs to a number of highway defects in Wednesfield North, along with my fellow Councillors Mary and Rita. Highway defects are an on-going issue on all the highways that the […]
Have your say! Linthouse Lane.Green Belt.
South Staffordshire Local Plan Consultation Response. Regulation 19, 2024The SSDC has set out its new plans for consultation on their green belt land that they had in the previous consultation plan, and which had been earmarked for housing and described as “in the land North of Linthouse Lane.” This Local Plan does not include the […]
Mary Bateman Wins Wednesfield North in 2024 City Council Elections!
Great Result Mary! This is the third election you have fought for Labour in three years here in Wednesfield North. It was a great result winning the seat again for Labour. Winning 65.49% of the vote. Great performance. Wednesfield North – DeclaredCandidate VotesBATEMAN MaryLabour Party 1431 WILLIAMS Nathaniel RobertLocal Conservatives 754 Majority 677 votes. Elected […]
City of Wolverhampton Labour Party – “Delivering Healthier Lives for Local People”.
Labour election pledges are being delivered to homes across Wednesfield North and the City. Today we highlight the Healthier Lives for Local People part of the manifesto Labour is fighting on in this City. City of Wolverhampton Labour Party commits itself to delivering Healthier Lives for Local People. We have already delivered NHS Health Checks […]
It’s Official – The Essington Green Belt Remains!
The South Staffs District Council has now confirmed that they have removed the large green belt construction sites on the edge of Wednesfield and along the boundary line of the City of Wolverhampton. South Staffs District Council have published their updated version of their Local Plan, which will itself go out for consultation. Clearly all […]
£500m Investment Plan – Building a Thriving City!
Elections are important, and we are looking forward to the 2nd of May here in Wolverhampton. We have been busy as a Labour led Council, in building for the future. As part of that planning for the future investments of £500m for new apartments, retail and leisure spaces at the designated City Centre West and […]
Wednesfield North Ward is no longer dominated by City Council’s Social Housing sector.
Take a look how Wednesfield North Ward profile is changing The Wednesfield North Housing Profile is – Private home ownership is 65% The private rented sector is 11.4% Socially rented sector is now 22.8% Ward Profile – These are the sectors that employ the most people living in Wednesfield North – Top sector is Education […]
Labours Commitment -A New Wolverhampton City Learning Quarter!
Labours 2021 Election Manifesto for the City of Wolverhampton stated that ‘Kids’ would have “No more Cuts in our children’s services, and that we would invest more than £2m to ensure that activities and services will again return to all our communities.” We delivered on that commitment. The City Labour Group is now going to […]
Request for Scrutiny- Efficiency and Effectiveness Local City Bus Services
As Chair of the City of Wolverhampton’s Scrutiny Board, I have this week requested Officials to list the following work for an ” enquiry into the efficiency and effectiveness of local bus services as they serve the city and as they integrate with train and tram.”

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more