Joe Bateman- Bateman Family History
Family History is a useful and enjoyable pastime. Many of us are involved in the enjoyment of uncovering the pastimes, the trades and the local history of our families. I have been involved for years in uncovering the links.Last night whilst I was looking at some old birth certificates, i noticed that my dad, who […]
Fly-Tipping and Other Issues Sandy Crescent
Back in November I received information from residents in Sandy Crescent regarding a largely redundant Garage Site, when during the night some unsavoury practices had been allegedly taking place. I contacted the Authorities because it was suggested that a bollard be erected to keep the vehicles and Fly-Tippers away, and those using the car park […]
School ‘Spiders’ Sparks Intruder Alarm!
There is a real concern from residents living close to Coppice High School, as the intruder alarms at the school have been for a number of months last year, activating in the late night/early hours of the morning. I had reported the neighbour concerns during 2023 to the school, and they were very reactive and […]
Councillor Report – ASB on 59 Bus Route
“Anti-Social Behaviour and more, is the Bain of West Midlands Cities and Towns” said Councillor Phil Bateman of Wednesfield North. He went onto say “Its not just an issue here in Wolverhampton, but when it occurs on public transport, it is serious and dangerous, and the Authorities and local Police with other public transport agencies […]
So What Is The Anglican Church Doing To Fill Its Vicars Vacancies?
The facts are that churches and vicars play an important role not only by providing inspirational spiritual guidance to those religious individuals. But, the Church buildings and the staff and volunteers that do so much to keep the Church estate in good working order often play a key role in the wider community activity. The […]
Blackham Road – Non Residential Assets Demolition?
City Council are giving consideration to commencing a city-wide review of the non-residential assets and a small number of residential assets to determine the future management of these assets. Your Wednesfield North City Councillors have been asked for our views before binding and lasting decisions are made, about a disused former Garage site in Blackham […]
Councillor Calls on Anglican Church to Appoint a Fulltime Vicar to the Parish Church of Wednesfield.
Recently I wrote to the Lord Bishop of Lichfield about the failure of the Church to appoint a full time Parish Priest to the Parish Church of Wednesfield. I made it clear that many of the Parishioners were concerned with the delay. I also made it clear that not having such an important position within […]
Be Prepared Wednesfield -Storm Henk is About to Arrive!
Councillor Phil Bateman said today ” Wednesfield North Councillors want you to be prepared for the next Atlantic Storm which will hit Wednesfield later today! Mary Rita and I, have just received the following notice. It relates to the 8th Named Storm – this one is Storm Henk.” We are just dropping you an email […]
Top Shops In Need of Investment!
Yesterday your three City Councillors Mary, Rita and I, had a site visit with Officers at the ‘Top Shops at Higgs Road ‘ on Ashmore Park Estate. We requested a meeting because we are perturbed with the sad and sorry state of this important public facility. Your Councillors have set out many of the issues, […]
Short Heath & Willenhall Joins Wolverhampton North East to create a New Parliamentary Constituency.
Wednesfield North and Wednesfield south with Heath Town, Fallings Park, Bushbury North and Bushbury South with Lowhill, along with Short Heath and Willenhall North now make up the new Parliamentary Constituency of Wolverhampton North East. Its a brand new Constituency and it is sure to lead some confusions for people, as for the first time […]

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more