Supporting Our Volunteers and Community Projects.

As City of Wolverhampton Councillors for Wednesfield North, we are often amazed at how effective our volunteers and community activists are here in our Wednesfield North community. Yesterday whilst in The Hub@Ashmore Park. I ran into Sarah Rutter , who had spent the morning operating her school uniform project .

Everyone knows how expensive School Uniform is, Sarah runs this project called ‘The Uniform Exchange’ where people make available to other parents, school uniform that still has a lot of life in it for Local Wednesfield North Schools. Sarah Rutter – has been running this uniform bank for over 10 years encouraging recycling of reusable garments to the most vulnerable within our community. She has also been involved in numerous other projects.

She is a ‘special lady’ giving up so much of her time and energy not just to this project, but other community projects right across our patch.Last year (2021) your three Councillors awarded Sarah a ‘Wednesfield North Community Excellence Award’ , as we felt the Uniform Exchange Project was one of the standout volunteers project of the Year.

The Mayor and Mayoress of the City of Wolverhampton joined us in the presentation, as did the Leader of the Council and the Deputy Leader of the Council. (the photograph is an image of that award presentation.)I was pleased to see Sarah, as I had the chance to inform her, that Councillor Rita Potter, Councillor Mary Bateman, and myself, were to follow up on last years Ward Fund (2021) contribution of £687, with a new Ward Funds contribution for this year 2022. We are in the process of getting those funds (2022) ‘signed off’ and will make an announcement when the time is appropriate.

It goes without saying that Sarah was pleased! She explained that the Uniform Exchange Project is under even more pressure from families, as the economic situation and the cost of living issues, creep ever higher.

Photograph Wednesfield North Community Excellence Awards 2021 -Left to Right Phil Bateman, Mayor Brackenridge, Councillor Rita Potter, Sarah Rutter, Cllr Mary Bateman, Mayoress Sureena Brackenridge.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more