A Day In The Life of Your Councillors – Sunday is Canada Day!

Today Sunday 1st July 2018 -Mary and I had one of those days today!

It was of course Canada Day, the day Canada received its Independence from Britain. So Canadians celebrate the day in Canada and wherever Canadians gather. I shot off happy Canada Day messages to friends and family.

We also snatched a few hours of family time, and Mary and I went and played Golf with Mary’s brothers! We won’t go into the scores…but I must admit we had a great time. The weather is still in scorcio form here in Wednesfield.

Sun and Blue skies and 29 degree heat! Phew!

But our minds are never too far away from watering the flowers that are part of the Wednesfield in Bloom competition. In fact tonight on Ashmore Park – Mary & I watered the three flower beds on the Ashmore Park Parade.

We also planted some extra flowers to make the beds a little more attractive.

Whist playing golf I took a phone call from Wednesfield Police who told me that the CCTV images picked up a man taking the 25 plants that were nicked from the Ashmore Park flower beds. They are investigating the matter, so if you thought the cctv cameras on the shopping parade didn’t work think again.

Whilst on crime issues, you will be aware of the attacks on bus shelters in Peacock ave and Lichfield road. I have been following these attacks up. I can tell you now that this vandalism is immensely expensive.

I have been in touch with Transport for West Midlands and they have told me that this is what the true situation is….Transport for West Midlands have told me

“ from monitoring and our damage reports and repair orders. We’ve noticed an increase of damage along Lichfield rd and are monitoring this closely with our colleagues from the Safer Travel Police Team. – There have been 370 incidents of vandalism at 178 Shelters in Wolverhampton since 1 January 2016. -The cost to clean, make safe, repair or replace glazing for these incidents comes to £56,550. – There have been 63 panels damaged at 27 shelters on the 59 bus corridor since 1 January 2016. -The cost incurred on this corridor is £9,450. TfWM provide weekly proactive cleaning and auditing of all shelters within the West Midlands. They also offer a 24/7 fault reporting service for their customers and partners to inform TfWM s of cleaning or damage issues by using the ‘Fix it’ service.  Information about using ‘Fix it’ is displayed at every stop and shelter. They tell me that they have a reactive maintenance team who provide daytime and out of hours service to quickly respond to issues.”

I don’t know what you think but I think that figures quoted are horrendous. So if anyone does see or who find out who these vandals are please report the, Not only are they destroying our environment and this activity is so costly to every single person who pays Counciltax.

Finally before the light went totally Mary and I drove to Bentley Bridge to have a look at the work the scouts had done with the old boat Mary and I had sourced for Wednesfield in Bloom….It was worth it! You Wednesfield Scouts have done a cracking job! We salute you!

And another day slips by!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more