A Look Back At Wednesfield North Labour Party History!

I was looking at the Wednesfield North Labour Party minutes book last night . I had open the page relating to the 9th January Meeting 1994, some 24 years ago.

The names of those attending that meeting were instantly recognisable – We had three Labour Councillors then as we have today. They were Councillor Gillian Walton. Councillor Gwen Stafford Good, and Councillor Phil Bateman. Also in attendance was Bob Jones, (Still a Labour Member) and still attending meetings! Len Davies, Iris Major (Iris is still a Party member) a real stalwart of the Party. Doug Legg, Alan Radford, and Mary Bateman.

We held a one minutes silence for the passing away of an Ashmore Park Legend – Bernard Gandy. Branch members stood in silence for Bernard as a means of  respect. Bernard was a longstanding member of the Wednesfield North Labour Party. He was a Councillor on Wednesfield Urban District Council.

The main issues discussed at the meeting was

  • Correspondence from Wolverhampton North East CLP re the vacancy for the Euro -Coordinator for the forthcoming European Elections.
  • The shortage of Education Psychologists
  • Rumours about the Ashmore Park Co-Op closing
  • The condition of the roads and the complaints about gritting, and pot holes!
  • The new investment being made in Oak Meadow School
  • The Pedestrian Crossing on the Lichfield Road
  • Letter from Ken Purchase MP praising the excellent Ward Reports!

John Donelly was t+

he Ashmore Park Tenants and Residents Association Chairman. He was a good man and did much good work for Ashmore Park. He had recently passed away, and the Branch instructed the Secretary to write to his widow expressing sympathy and condolences.

Councillors Reports

Cllr Stafford Good reported that she had attended the Police Consultative Committee, acted to assist Gary Cooper at Hodson House, with regards to a toilet, and had involved herself with the Garden development there. Gwen then informed the Branch she had informed the MAYOR and  had written to Joan, Bernards widow – about his huge contribution to Wednesfield and Wolverhampton.

Councillor Gill Walton – Raised some issues relating to a public meeting with residents living above the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade, which was held at Corpus Christi School. Also a meeting held at Moat House Lane Depot on the 17th January for local residents. She suggested that the new cable TV which was taking place on Ashmore Park would play havoc with the footpaths.

Councillor Phil Bateman – reported that – We had campaigned against the sale of the sports fields at Jennie Lee School. Wednesfield North had led the expose of the 83 children who were waiting for occupational therapy in Primary Schools in Wolverhampton. He also spoke about the death of Bernard Gandy. He appealed for the need to boost Labour Party membership in Wednesfield North. He told the Branch that they should prepare for a dirty campaign in this years Local Elections.

Any Other Business

  • The Branch were told of a Public Meeting being scheduled for 14th Jan 1994 with Malcolm Wicks MP the speaker. It was about the Child Support Agency.
  • Another Public meeting 3rd March 1994 – With Peter Hain MP –  ON THE ‘FUTURE OF THE LABOUR PARTY.

Doug Legg raised a number of questions about the funding of the Youth Club, Councillors responded to Doug’s requests, He also raised the issue about the need to have a new Community Centre on land close to the Youth Club.

The Branch agreed to have a horse racing night on the 9th April to raise funds for the Wednesfield North Party.

Chairman Bob Jones signed the Minutes as being true and correct….




Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more