A Must Read For Parents of Children At Ashmore Park Nursery


11698434_10206357576111790_1952088822448313835_n Ashmore NurseryI thought that if you are interested in Ashmore Park and that you were keen to know what takes place in Ashmore Park Nursery, you may like to read this description of the work that is taking place here in the Ashmore Park Nursery.  Click on the link above and read!

As you read the article it will hit home that this Nursery is not a place to drop children off and it will deliver just childcare.

No! There is not a toy in the School. Ashmore Park Nursery School delivers top class education for children that provides a platform for them as they move onto Primary then Secondary school.

We employ at the Nursery School to work with the Teachers and Educators and ultimately the children , one of the top European Pedagogical  Consultants in Debbi Keyte Hartland.

Debbi has written this article and it shows beautifully the work that is taking place in our school in conjunction with our partners  in the UK and Sweden.

Debbi has taken the work we do in Ashmore Park Nursery and when she presents in educational seminars across the World, she is presenting the work that Ashmore Park Nursery School is producing day in, and week out!

Now I am so very proud of this ground breaking education that Headteacher Sue Lacey is developing, along with her team here in Ashmore Park.

I am bursting with pride with what the team of educators do, and we have extended our policies now into The Phoenix Nursery School with whom we have recently Federated with.

Please if you have a child at the school read and marvel at the work they  are undertaking which is filling their minds with education! Let me know what you think. Read it its brilliant work and leads you to understand why the school has been awarded by Ofsted  ‘The Outstanding School’ award, not just once! But three times on the trot.


Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more