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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more

Happy Commonwealth Day!

Ever since I invited the Secretary General of the Commonwealth to visit Wolverhampton when I was Mayor of the City. The date of that important visit by the then Commonwealth General Secretary, Mr Don McKinnon was the 3rd March 2006 . I believe, he was the first Commonwealth Secretary General to visit Wolverhampton whilst serving in Office.

I feel very warm towards the Commonwealth, its aims and the good work that the Commonwealth undertakes to improve the lives of children and communities across the World.

This years focus is very much on its 75th Anniversary, and the Commonwealth Service to be held in Westminster Abbey today.

Mary and I wish it well, as I am sure Wednesfield and the City of Wolverhampton does as well! Mayor Hardaker our current Mayor with Wolverhampton City Council will be raising the Commonwealth Flag over the City Centre this morning.

Amos Lane – Temporary Road Closure.

the proposed temporary closure of Amos Lane, Wednesfield North/Heath Town, Wolverhampton.

• Amos Lane closed in both directions between its junctions with Cedar Way/Bellamy Lane and its junction with Woden Avenue.
Vehicular Diversion Route: Wood End Road, Lower Prestwood Road and vice versa.

The closure and diversion route can be viewed on One.Network via this link –

It is anticipated that the above closure will be in place from 25/03/24 to 05/04/24 to facilitate gas mains replacement works by Cadent Gas.

If you have any concerns or comments, please contact me by 01/03/23, in order to process the advertisement of the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) accordingly.

International Women’s Day – 8th March 2024

On International Women’s Day, here in Wednesfield North Labour Party, We celebrate the impact that women have on politics, and the battle they have undertaken to deliver equality and opportunity.

Back in 1921 Emily Sproson became the first elected Woman Councillor in Wolverhampton.

Fast forward into 2024 and we see that in a City Council of 60 Councillor’s, more than 50% of those Councillors are now women. The Labour Party has done much to encourage women into Local Politics in those 103 years.

But there is a still much more to do to deliver true equality and opportunity.

Here in Wednesfield North Labour Party, two of the three members of our Ward currently representing you on Council are women.

Here Councillor Mary Bateman and Councillor Rita Potter exchange a thought about the day ahead.

Delivering Our City-Our Plan, through Wednesfield North Ward Funds

Wednesfield North City Councillors said today “We have helped deliver fun and enjoyment for hundreds of our residents, even thousands over the last few years. We do our best to ensure that modest resources provided by the City Council help our community across a wide range of policy areas, and is very much part of delivering a better Wednesfield, in line with the City Councils own plan ‘Our City – Our Plan’.

More than £30,000 have been distributed by Wednesfield North Councillors to good causes, volunteer groups, and charities since 2021 here in Wednesfield and across Wednesfield North. All these funds have helped support the City of Wolverhampton’s own ‘Our City – Our Plan’ policies. This policy document is a key component of the Councils policy framework. In short, we are doing locally what the plan determines. Which is to align with the priorities and the needs of local people. Its about increasing economic prosperity, improving outcomes for local people, and tackling inequalities, whilst addressing other challenges like Net Zero. As we work hard to bring communities together.

Our Ward resources have been used and allocated to organisations as wide spread as Local Food Banks, through to education support for local schools in our Ward.
We have supported all sorts of community groups like the Wednesfield History Society, who organise to protect and record our unique past. We donated support for the Wednesfield Lancaster Bomber Crash Memorial on the Lichfield Road commemorating the brave flyers who lost their lives at that location in 1945. We also donated and supported the internationally recognised ‘Battle of Saragarhi Memorial’, which some military historians describe as one of history’s great last stands.

We encourage the Arts and recently assisted with funding for Ashmore Park Choir. As well as funding digital maps for the Wednesfield Art Trail.
We have found resources working in partnership with Ashmore Park Community Association, for a local Youth Club based at The Hub. We have assisted in resources for three Defibrillators set across and serving the public in our Ward of Wednesfield North.
Your Councillors have also assisted Caring Hearts and St Albans Church with funding for making their roof waterproof.

Wednesfield North Councillors are all about helping residents deliver fun and enjoyment in Wednesfied North, for children and families. We use our close working relationships, to full advantage. We have helped organisations and volunteers find resources to help fund the Ashmore Park Uniform Exchange, Wednesfield North Community Excellence Awards, and the ever popular free ‘Stuff4Steph’ Fundays held on the Moat, on the Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.
We have funded the capital for three Remembrance Benches one in the Ashmore Park, one on the Coppice Farm Walkways serving Public Open Space, and one at the front of the Hub at Ashmore Park. All three much used items have all been funded by Ward resources. We have also help fund a Christmas Toy Appeals, and furnished Christmas Lights on Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.

We continue to support the Wednesfield Canal Festival, as they put on bigger community events based on the Wyrley and Essington Canal. Last year (2023) that event alone drew 10,000 visitors into Wednesfield, and there were two days of live music, a ‘Floating Market, with Narrow Boat Traders, a fun fair, local craft stalls, all meaning enjoyment, and good experiences for our local residents and local families.

The Environment isn’t forgotten. We have helped resource two bins one on Open Space on the Linthouse Lane estate, one on Kitchen Lane, at The Nicket which links with Essington. So that dog walkers can place their doggie doo’s safely for collection.

We are really proud of our local people, who give their time freely to improve the local environment. Wednesfield in Bloom volunteers are known locally as ‘The Bloomers’! Wednesfield in Bloom have been excellent in turning grey into green. They have been so successful in changing Wednesfield into a colour vibrant Village, bathed in natural colours bringing much satisfaction to residents and supporting the local economy. We have made resources available to their organisation in their endeavours.

Our actions provided assistance with resources for the volunteers of Hands on Wednesfield, to purchase Public Liability Insurance for that organisation, helps other groups and volunteers in Wednesfield put on public events.

Our latest support is for the Richie Tanner ‘Make a difference campaign’. This campaign group has been formed to assist local adults living with cerebral palsy, and those with similar disabilities. Giving them the ability to make friends, chat and meet together to discuss issues of importance to their group.

Our aims as Wednesfield North City Councillors, is much like Richie Tanner own aims which is all about – ‘Making a difference, and delivering a better Wednesfield.’

Joe Bateman- Bateman Family History

Family History is a useful and enjoyable pastime. Many of us are involved in the enjoyment of uncovering the pastimes, the trades and the local history of our families. I have been involved for years in uncovering the links.
Last night whilst I was looking at some old birth certificates, i noticed that my dad, who was born in 1913 lived at 42 Alma Street in Heath Town at his birth. I also noticed that his father my Grandfather Joseph Bateman is described on his birth certificate as a ‘Blacksmith and Licenced Victualler.”.
Closer investigation throws up that 42 Alma Street was in actual fact The Royal Oak Public House. Question now is at that time was grandfather Joe the Licenced Victualler at The Royal Oak in 1913?….more to do.

Fly-Tipping and Other Issues Sandy Crescent

Back in November I received information from residents in Sandy Crescent regarding a largely redundant Garage Site, when during the night some unsavoury practices had been allegedly taking place.

I contacted the Authorities because it was suggested that a bollard be erected to keep the vehicles and Fly-Tippers away, and those using the car park in the night for other unwanted activities.

The enquiry was ref T11784.

The Fly-Tipping had been removed but the bollard had not been erected. I have been in constant touch with the authorities. The argument is being made that this is a Public Right of Way and The City Council has a responsibility and it was not just a Wolverhampton Homes decision.

I now have another reference Number T11978

Since the original intervention I made there has been a debate taking place within the Authority, because there is an additional issue of access for the National Grid, and their access arrangements for the Electricity -Sub Station, that is also located on the site..

So the conversations are still taking place between The National Grid, Wolverhampton Homes, and City of Wolverhampton Council. I will continue to keep you updated on any progress that is made.

School ‘Spiders’ Sparks Intruder Alarm!

There is a real concern from residents living close to Coppice High School, as the intruder alarms at the school have been for a number of months last year, activating in the late night/early hours of the morning.

I had reported the neighbour concerns during 2023 to the school, and they were very reactive and initiated a number of steps with their alarm company to redress the problems.

Sadly there has been an issue in the start of this year, where early morning activation by ‘spiders’ has caused the alarm to ‘sound-off’ at 1am.This has disturbed residents sleep.

The School is trying its hardest to deal with the problem. I thought that the neighbours should be aware that the issue is not being ignored. Hence the information that is on this social media site. Any changes to the position will be reported here.

Councillor Report – ASB on 59 Bus Route

“Anti-Social Behaviour and more, is the Bain of West Midlands Cities and Towns” said Councillor Phil Bateman of Wednesfield North.
He went onto say “Its not just an issue here in Wolverhampton, but when it occurs on public transport, it is serious and dangerous, and the Authorities and local Police with other public transport agencies working in partnership, become the best way forward to deal with the matter.
At the end of last year we had started to receive reports from bus users that ASB and assault was taking place on the 59 bus route, that links Wednesfield with Wolverhampton.
Today at a Safer Wolverhampton Partnership meeting. I released information from TfWM about the way that the complaints had been handled.”

TfWM had written to me saying “Thank you for continuing to shine a light on the issues being experienced by passengers of the 59 bus route on a weekly basis. I know you have personally worked diligently for many years to help build a safe and reliable transport network, so I can appreciate how worrying these reports must be.”

TfWM continued that ” that many incidents have been reported to you with each of these being shared with our Safer Travel Team, National Express West Midlands and neighbourhood police teams.
TfWM has dedicated further resources to patrolling the 59 route leading to the identification of a youth most commonly involved in these abhorrent attacks. Taking a wider view of the 59 service, our Transport Safety Officers and Safer Travel Police Team have seen a reduction of incidents since their regular patrols began. In November, 9 reports had been identified to relate to the 59 service and its route however, we have seen this fall to just 3 in December 2023. Their patrols mirror the times that have been reported and will continue to evolve alongside any further reports we receive. To date, four other youths have been identified using CCTV and the Neighbourhood Police team have visited them and their parents at their homes to discuss their antisocial behaviour. 1 was issued with a first stage warning with the remaining 3 being issued ASB advisory letters. This was achieved thanks to the coordinated efforts of the Safer Travel Team, the bus operator National Express West Midlands and the Neighbourhood Police Team.
I hope that this update assures you and passengers that TfWM is actively working with partners to tackle this kind of behaviour which will not be tolerated. We will continue to monitor the levels of antisocial behaviour and should you receive any further reports, please do not hesitate to contact us again.”

Councillor Bateman added – “All three of your City Councillors Mary , Rita and myself, work hard with all these agencies to ensure that we do all we can to help our Ward develop safe effective. and efficient public transport services. We know its hard for bus passengers when their bus services don’t turn up, or when they are delayed by bad behaviour and worse.
This particular issue has been difficult, but there are some positive actions that come of it. Transport for West Midlands report that there has been a reduced number of incidents since the actions started. My hope that these police actions with partners will help to deliver safer bus services for users and residents.”

The meeting took place today in The Hub at Ashmore Park, Griffiths Drive Ashmore|Park.

So What Is The Anglican Church Doing To Fill Its Vicars Vacancies?

The facts are that churches and vicars play an important role not only by providing inspirational spiritual guidance to those religious individuals. But, the Church buildings and the staff and volunteers that do so much to keep the Church estate in good working order often play a key role in the wider community activity.

The Church estate often provides meeting rooms, sport venues, etc. Weakening the leadership chains of communities by not replacing Vicars in Posts, is a dire blow that can be seen as nothing short of a crisis in the communities that make up our City, and the settlements that nestle closely to us.

Since I wrote about Wednesfield’s Parish Church. I have been informed that there is no full time Vicars in place at Essington, St Marys Bushbury, Holy Trinity in Short Heath, St Leonards in Bilston.

You may know more?

Plus, there is a temporary Bishop standing in for the Vacant seat of The Bishop of Wolverhampton. That role is being filled by The Bishop of The Falklands. I know that there are concerns in the congregations of these Churches. But there is also concerns outside of the Church as I have described here. I am sure the Anglican Church must have a plan going forward? It would be good to hear it.

Blackham Road – Non Residential Assets Demolition?

City Council are giving consideration to commencing a city-wide review of the non-residential assets and a small number of residential assets to determine the future management of these assets.

Your Wednesfield North City Councillors have been asked for our views before binding and lasting decisions are made, about a disused former Garage site in Blackham Road on Ashmore Park.

For the garage site at Blackham Road the proposed solution being given consideration is to demolish garages, remove foundations and secure site. This site could be considered for a potential HRA residential redevelopment sometime in the future.

Your Councillors Rita Phil and Mary would like to hear your views over the next few days. We need those thoughts that you may have before the 9th of .January 2024

Local residents views would be most welcome –