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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more

Dementia diagnosis rate in city beats national target.

Councillor Phil Bateman said today “I always try to ensure that Wednesfield North residents get to read, what I believe are important information. Dementia certainly falls into this category. So when we as City Councillors get a briefing such as this one. It immediately registers that you should be aware, of what I feel are alarming stats for Wolverhampton. Please read the information.”

Dementia diagnosis rate in city beats national target
Diagnosis rates for dementia in Wolverhampton are now well above both the local and national average, meaning people living with the condition in the city are able to get the help and support they need more quickly.

Latest estimates from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities show that 67.2% of people with dementia in Wolverhampton have been formally diagnosed as having the condition, compared to 62% nationally. Across the West Midlands, the diagnosis rate is 58.9%. The national target for diagnosis is 67%.

People who are worried about dementia can contact the Alzheimer’s Society for information and support either via the Dementia Connect Helpline on 0333 150 3456 or by visiting For more information about the help and support available locally find it here

Severn Trent Sewer Clearance Welcomed By Councillors.

I have along with Mary and Rita over the last few weeks, been tackling a property following a report of flooding with sewerage multiple times, Phil visited the dwelling originally and found a lady with sewerage in her bathroom. This was not the first time. Wolverhampton Homes were informed and they sent an operative to identify and deliver relief to the occupant. It was clear that there was more to this issue when we told that this had happened multiple times over the last year.

Phil contacted Severn Trent Water Company, and they have been involved since.
Severn Trent Water Company – have now informed us that recently there has been “No issues were identified when we attended site, so we did wider investigations to try and find out the root cause. As a result, we completed a cleanse of the sewer which was approximately 103 meters in length.
Outstanding works
A further section of sewer was camera surveyed and cleansed (Line B), although the camera survey shows some cement and debris still in the line. We now have to make sure this cement and debris is removed and there are no further defects. I’m currently awaiting a start date for this work but I’m assured it will be conducted during the next week. We believe this is likely to be the cause of the previous flooding.

Once the further work is completed, we’ll review the CCTV footage to ensure the sewer is clear and running as it should be. As an extra precaution we’re arranging for ad hoc inspections to health check the main. We’ll be installing monitors to give us advanced warning should any future blockage issues start and deal with them before the residents experience any further disruptions.”

Councillor Phil Bateman said “All three Councillors have been out and inspected the dwelling when it was invaded by sewerage. We have been progressing this case ever since. I am confident as City Councillors that we could not have done more, for our resident. We will keep a close watch on the remaining issue that Severn Trent have declared. We hope that the sewer clearance , will have cleared the problem. But we stand by to act again in the unlikely event of it happening again.”

Update – Green Belt ‘Land North of Linthouse Lane’

Last night Councillor Rita Potter and I attended an invitation made to us by South Staffordshire Council, to attend The Chamber at the Council House to discuss a concept Plan for ‘North of Linthouse Lane’ in South Staffordshire development.
We attended the meeting and we informed them that we were against the proposals to have the land developed. Wednesfield North Councillors have reiterated that view on every occasion that we have had the opportunity to do so.
However, the planning process continues and it is in everybody’s interest that we find out as much as we can about the thought process and the machinery that is taking place.
It is a difficult place to be. South Staffordshire are leading this program, and they have instructed Hyas a Consultations’ Group to create a ‘concept Plan’ for the Option they have for this land.
As City Councillors we are in a difficult position, we have no control over this planning arrangement, and we sit there knowing that the huge majority of Wednesfield North residents are against the loss of this Green Belt. Yet the process keeps marching on.
Yesterday we were shown ‘concept plans that set out the vision the Officers are to place before South Staffordshire Councillors, and later in this year, they MAY form part of the plans that the South Staffordshire Councillors will go out for public consultation on. That public consultation will likely be timetabled for later this year.
Last night the development as envisaged became clearer,
• In short, the concept plan envisages, a development of 1,956 dwellings
• Primary access opportunities (Roads) linking with Linthouse Lane and Blackhalve lane
• Secondary primary access (Roads) linking with – Kitchen Lane
• A two-form entry Primary School
• A Community Hub
• Central Green Space
• Housing – Higher Density Zones, Lower Density Zones Medium Density Zones
• Green Links with Bio Diversity enhancements
• Pedestrians and Cycle routes
• Locations for Football pitches
• Proposed Country Park
Now I have to reiterate this is NOT what is going to happen, it a vision thing, that is being developed by a planning consultancy company, with the developers’ representatives, and Officers of South Staffordshire District Council. All with the aim to help South Staffordshire IF they decide to go ahead with the decision, to use this land, in their next stage of their Local Plan.
From a Wednesfield North perspective your Councillors have felt very uncomfortable in the two meetings that have taken place. One by a Teams virtual meeting, and last night at the meeting in Codsall.
We strongly underlined that we were against the option of a development yet again, but being there enabled us to see and to envisage the thoughts, as they were outlined to the meeting.

I will provide more feed back later and keep you informed of developments.

Police and Crime Commissioner Comes to Ashmore Park

On Monday 11th July, your three Labour Councillors met with the Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands. We invited him to Ashmore Park to make him aware of the crime problems, we have here in Wednesfield North and across Wednesfield.

The Commissioner arrived at The Hub where we had arranged to meet. We introduced him to James Clarke the Chair of the Ashmore Park Community Association.

All three of your Councillors were in attendance. We explained to the PCC that there just was not enough Neighbourhood Police officers in Wednesfield. We explained that whilst we were not a ‘high crime ‘ area, nevertheless crime hurt our residents, and they feel it is rising across the Ward. I explained that we felt that the WMP Communications fell short in explaining what the police were doing locally, that the information often when published and then carried in publications was often incorrect or misleading. We explained that there had been some high profile crimes that had been carried out recently in the area that had knife issues at the core.

We informed him that many residents felt that contacting the Police didnt bring the response they wanted. We told him that the 101 line was a constant criticism, when we speak with residents as to the need to report crime. We informed him that when the Police didn’t turn out for crime calls, that was just another nail into the trust issue that was constantly eroding and creating gaps between West Midlands Police and our local residents. We told him that now days we hardly ever see an officer above the rank of Sgt, Never mind knowing the name or rank of senior officers. As was the case 10 years or so ago.

The PCC replied that in 2010 there were 2200 Police in the West Midlands. Today even with the up lift in new officers and when they are fully operational. This will bring west Midlands up to a strength of just 1200 Police Officers, to protect and serve a population of over 3million. Not even after this 12 year period of stress and strain, and with the new investment of Officers coming on the beat . We would still have to face up to the fact that we would have a service strength below the levels of 2010.

The PCC recognised there was not enough Police Officers. He informed us he constantly repeats the message to the Government who were the architects of this forces Police officers slack of strength.

He did say that amongst the new recruits coming on board were to be 450 new Community and Neighbourhood Police officers.We praised the role of the PCSO’s and we underlined the local situation here where there was not enough Police Officers to Police the two Wards in Wednesfield and Bentley Bridge Retail and Leisure Park.

We also informed him that all the work that we had undertaken with our residents here in Wednesfield North, there was an overwhelming support for our Wednesfield Police Station to remain open and to have a front desk again. We made that case strongly. The PCC said it was unlikely to close completely for the next few years. More to Report over the next few Days…..

Swan’s Death Is Sad!

One of the Swans that were to be found on the Wyrley and Essington Canal in Wednesfield, was located dead this morning near to the Devils Elbow Bridge. The Canal and River Trust were quick off the mark when told. They have been and collected the body.
Thank you CRT for such a fantastic response. With two other Swans killed on the Wyrley and Essington Canal in the Walsall area this Summer. Many of the local community feared the worst for our Swan.

CRT tell me the Swan was not showing signs of injury that perhaps points to a natural causes death. They have bagged the body and taken it away.

They tell me there was no sign of pollution and there was lots of other Wildlife and fish evident at the site.

I will try and keep you all informed if any other issues materialise.
Thank you to our community for passing on the initial information about the Swan’s death this morning. CRT didnt hang about, and I want to thank them and their operatives for such a swift response.

New Crack Down Announced on City Racing!

Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall councils and West Midlands Police have announced plans to apply for a new High Court injunction to ban “street racing” in the Black Country.
If granted, the injunction would forbid people from participating in, attending, promoting, organising or publicising a street racing event. Anyone ignoring the injunction could be arrested, face penalties such as up to two years’ imprisonment or an unlimited fine, or have their assets seized. For the purposes of the application, street racing is defined as the act of drivers of cars, motorbikes or quadbikes meeting to race or show off in their vehicles.

The councils are expected to issue proceedings in a few weeks’ time, with a court date likely to be later this summer or early autumn. The application is being led by the City of Wolverhampton Council, as was the previous successful application for an injunction which was in force from 2015-2021.

People are invited to submit comments and observations regarding street racing and the application for a new injunction by emailing; if you have anything to share from your ward, please do so as soon as possible; comments received may be presented as evidence to the High Court. Incidents of street racing should be reported via or to West Midlands Police on 101. In an emergency, always dial 999.

Please Beware- Covid19 Is On The Rise Again.

Hi I just want my residents in Wednesfield North aware that thre is a stream of medical advice which is warning that infection rates are on the rise in our City and other areas.”

With Covid-19 infection rates rising rapidly, residents are being urged to remain vigilant and are reminded that first, second and booster vaccinations are still widely available in Wolverhampton.
Latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics suggest that 1,829,100 people in England had Covid in the week up to 24 June – equivalent to 3.35% of the population or around one in 30 people. A week earlier, that rate was one in 40, marking an increase of around 30% in seven days.

In Wolverhampton, 434 people tested positive for Covid-19 in the last week, though with free testing no longer widely available, the true number of new cases is likely to be considerably higher.
For details of local walk-in Covid-19 vaccination clinics, please click here. People can also book an appointment by clicking here or by calling 119.

Police Make Arrest Early This Morning

Police Information relating to an arrest in the early hours of this morning on Ashmore Park.

I know that many of you locally in Kitchen Lane and Millbank Street and were awakened by the Police dealing with an incident in the very early hours of this morning.
I have spoken with the Police and I can inform you that it related to a traffic incident which started in Staffordshire. The vehicle was eventually stopped and the driver arrested in Kitchen Lane.

I am sorry if the police activity woke you.

The Police had a number of Officers attend to conduct an area search. This incident in no way relates to the recent events that the Police were involved with regards to the stabbings, on Ashmore Park.

I hope this clarifies the situation..

Start Of The Week Briefing Note- Wednesfield North (27th June2022)

Here is a short briefing note of pertinent issues that we have been informed or involved with over the last week, here in Wednesfield North.
• Planning Applications validated on the 6th June 2022 – 51 Shardlow Road detached two bedroom bungalow.
• South Staffordshire Council are still progressing Master Plan sessions with a consultant relating to the planning vision and objectives for the site. The planning consultants are reviewing the feedback received, including from infrastructure providers and stakeholders in draft. Please note this is NOT planning permissions. We will keep you informed.
• I have received a request from a resident about a piece of land at the rear of Eccleston Road that is overgrown -We have requested Wolverhampton Homes who owns the land, take action. We will keep you informed.
• Other issues which we are dealing with regards to Wolverhampton Homes are a number of cases based around the need to make repairs and deliver maintenance.
• Last social distancing measures to be relaxed in council buildings.The remaining Covid-19 social distancing measures will be relaxed in council buildings from Monday (4 July).
• From next week, colleagues will be able to book and use each workstation within the Civic Centre and other locations, rather than every other one as was previously the case. City of Wolverhampton Council are continuing with the new ways of working, including home and remote working.
The Games are coming to Wolverhampton – find out more!
Wolverhampton residents and business are invited to attend an information session to find out more about the Commonwealth Games coming to the city. The Get Set drop-in session will take place in the atrium of the Civic Centre, Wolverhampton, WV1 9SE, on Thursday 7 July, from 3pm to 6pm.
Residents and local businesses are encouraged to attend the drop-in session to find out how to get involved and how they may be affected.
At the sessions, they’ll be able to find out more information on:
• The full route and road closures on race day
• Information on waste collections and parking permits
• Where you can watch the action from for free
• City centre activities including the ‘Festival Site’
• The Queen’s Baton Relay event
• Our cultural programme

More information about the event can be found at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Finally – all three of your Councillors are involved in the planning of next Saturdays #Stuff4Steph Funday on the Moat, at Ashmore Park Shopping Parade. Starting at 10am finishing at 4pm. Please come along and enjoy a family day out.

Update on Ashmore Park Police Incident

Well it is the start of a new working week. Hopefully it will be a better opening to the week, than what was faced at the closing of last week.

The Police have informed your Councillors that they are “investigating after three men were seriously injured in Ashmore, Wolverhampton last night (Friday 24 June).” They tell us that “At around 10.55pm we started to receive multiple 999 calls reporting a fight between a group of people with weapons, on Southall Road. We immediately sent lots of officers and medics, supported by firearms teams. Three men, aged 26, 37 and 39, were taken to hospitals across the West Midlands with multiple serious injuries. They continue to be treated for their life-changing injuries, today. The three injured men, who are all from Wolverhampton, had just left a nearby pub when they were attacked by two men armed with knives. At this time, we believe that all of the men know each other.”

The Police go onto say that “We have spoken to people who saw the crime happen, have started downloading CCTV and have looked at footage recorded on mobile phones. We have also had forensic teams in the area searching for evidence. We are actively searching for two men – dressed in black – who are suspected are being involved.

Searches have taken place at multiple addresses in the city.” West Midlands Police then called for help asking “If you can help our detectives, send them a message via Live Chat on the right of your screen quoting reference number 4513-240622.Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you have information but do not want to give your name. You may be entitled to a reward and the charity will never trace your call.”

Now today Monday 27th June 2022 that we have received a further update on the situation, this is the information that West Midlands Police inform of –
“I wanted to update you that the 2 outstanding suspects are now in police custody and that whilst I can’t give much information as it’s an ongoing investigation, it is believed the men involved were all known to each other. Therefore we believe this to be an isolated incident, and whilst clearly a serious matter, not something for the wider community to be concerned about. We have been, and will continue to conduct reassurance patrols, as well as assisting our investigation colleagues and developing intelligence around the incident.”

I would like to add that if you do have any further information that you think is pertinent to this case or you become aware of any information from anyone. I would encourage the reporting of this via 111 or Crimestoppers if you wish to remain anonymous.