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Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more

Cllr Phil Bateman Welcomes Latest Metro Announcements on Extensions.

I was delighted that the West Midlands Combined Authority and the Metro Mayor has announce proposals for the Light Rail Transit extensions in our conurbation, in the last few days.

I have always been a strong supporter of this mode of transport for Wolverhampton and the West Midlands, giving that support wherever I could, in a long period of local government service.

My pleasure at reading that the Metro Mayor and the WMCA are supporting a further two extensions in our City of Wolverhampton was pleasantly pleasing.

When the Metro celebrated their 20th Birthday in June 2019 , I released this statement.

I still strongly believe in the comments I made then, and I am remaining hopeful that our City Council will lead a strong campaign to ensure that the route to Wednesfield is progressed quickly, and I underline my further plea for a line to service the home of Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux and the developments in housing, commerce and industry out at the I54 site on the Staffordshire boundary.

Here is the original statement I released on the 3rd June 2019- Its a great transport project,

“Councillor Phil Bateman said “I am delighted Midland Metro has made its 20TH anniversary.
Not only is it a transport project that we need, it is also a very good economic tool. All the housing and the industrial development now clustering around the metro on Line One is a testimony to that. When it was first designed and constructed the line was running through derelict land,empty space and industrial ruin. That changed and is still changing when metro started to operate.

My big hope is that Wolverhampton can get two more extensions. One that reaches to Wednesfield, and points towards Walsall, and one that it serves the new Molineux from the transport Hub in Wolverhampton and stretches out towards the housing estates and industrial developments around Jaguar and the M54 corridor.I am hopeful that the Wolverhampton City Council will recognise that these two schemes would be the right sort of transportation planning for the next 20-30 years.”

Wednesfield In Bloom -Wins Heart of England Gold Again!

Brilliant work even better recognition of what the Volunteers in Wednesfield in Bloom does for our community, and City! The Wednesfield North Councillors Rita, Mary and Phil are delighted with the Heart of England announcement of a Gold Award for our Wednesfield in Bloom Volunteers!

Once again recognition in the sector Urban Community. You do us as part of the City of Wolverhampton, ever so proud Wednesfield Bloomers!

Road Works- Date for Your Diary!

Hi Wednesfield North- Here is a set of road works that Wednesfield North residents should be aware of. They will become operational in October. Please place the dates in your diary…
These are the details below regarding the proposed temporary suspensions of left hand turning lanes on Wednesfield Way and Waddensbrook Lane, Wednesfield South, Wolverhampton.

• Left Hand Turn Lane from Wednesfield Way onto Waddensbrook Lane suspended.
Vehicular Diversion Route: Wednesfield Way in a Southerly direction, around the roundabout and back on Wednesfield Way in a Northerly direction.

It is expected that the above restriction will be in place weekdays only from 15/10/21 to 18/10/21, between the hours of 09:30 & 15:00 only, to facilitate the laying of duct for the 5G network by City Fibre.

• Left Hand Turn Lane from Waddensbrook Lane onto Wednesfield Way suspended.
Vehicular Diversion Route: Wednesfield Way, March End Road, Neachells Lane and Wednesfield Way.

It is expected that the above restriction will be in place weekdays only from 19/10/21 to 21/10/21, between the hours of 09:30 & 15:00 only, to facilitate the laying of duct for the 5G network by City Fibre.

Rest In Peace Irene Dodd –

It is always a sad time when someone you know passes away. Life is always tough for the family they leave behind. It’s been reported on Saturday that Irene Dodd has sadly slipped away.

Irene was a community champion, she had a great feeling for our community. She held many roles across a whole range of activities. She will be remembered for her work with the Police Liaison Committee, The Tenants and Residents Association. Her affiliation with the former Danesmore Park school. Plus many other organisations and charities. Irene will also be remembered for her Jam making, and her monologues! Both Mary and I wish to send sympathy and condolences to Irene’s family and friends. She made her mark in our community and she joins a long list of other ‘Big Characters’ that Ashmore Park and Wednesfield have lost in these last few years. Rest In Peace.

PTA Bateman MBE

Good morning Wednesfield! Saturday 11 September 2021.

Good morning Wednesfield! Saturday 11 September 2021.

I start this blog with an Agenda of international story’s of major impact on the City of Wolverhampton.

There was a terror attack in New York which shook the World. When twenty years ago a coordinated attack using commercial airliners and killed a total of 2,977 people. This was a horror attack and it stunned the World. This death toll included 67 Britons.
Events today are being held around the world to remember those who lost their lives.

The attacks, which were planned by al-Qaeda from Afghanistan. It saw four US passenger jets seized by suicide attackers – two of which were flown into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. The Third hit The Pentagon, and a fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania after passengers fought back against those that had hi-jacked the plane. Many of us here in Wednesfield will remember the moments, and remember where we were, when the news of the attack was being broadcast live to the World.

Covid-19 is also a huge Worldwide story, and today I want to bring Wednesfield right up to date with the very latest local results here in the City of Wolverhampton of the stats that affect us here in Wolverhampton.
1. Covid-19 infection rate
Latest figures show there were 397.5 new cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people in Wolverhampton over the last seven days. That means 1,045 people tested positive for the virus in that same period – though the true number of new cases will likely be higher.

2. Covid-19 vaccination update
Over 152,000 people in Wolverhampton have now had two doses of their Covid-19 vaccines. In total, 322,192 life-saving jabs have been administered in the city, with 169,910 people having had a first dose and 152,282 people having two doses for maximum protection from serious illness caused by the virus.

3. Covid-19 vaccination for care staff
The Government has said that anyone whose duties require them to enter a registered care home, either for work or to volunteer, must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 from 11 November. That means people have until Thursday 16 September, to have their first jab so they can have their second dose in time. People who have not had both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine will not be able to enter a care home to work or volunteer after 11 November unless they are medically exempt. Executive Director of Families Emma Bennett and Director of Public Health John Denley have written to all council staff whose job role requires them to work within a care home or to enter one as part of a planned visit and so are covered by this requirement.

Saragarhi monument unveiling. In Wednesfield Village tomorrow there will be the ceremony of the Saragarhi monument unveiling. The first UK memorial of its kind commemorating the bravery of 19th-century Sikh soldiers will be officially unveiled on Sunday 12 September. The city’s new Saragarhi Monument, which stands in Well Lane in Wednesfield, is the first statue in the country to specifically honour the fallen soldiers and has been created by Black Country sculptor Luke Perry. Wednesfield’s Guru Nanak Gurdwara undertook a massive £100,000 fundraising programme for the memorial, with donations made by the temple and the project supported by the local community. The Council also contributed £35,000 towards the memorial after it agreed to transfer land to the Gurdwara on a 99-year lease. Guests at Sunday’s ceremony are set to include the Jathedar of the Akal Takht, who is the appointed head of the Sikhs of the world, members of the British Army and three descendants of the battle’s soldiers. Your Councillors wish the project well, we know that it will have a huge impact for good and it will help under pin the very local economy.

On the Agenda -This Traffic information is one for your diary -Please find details below regarding the proposed temporary closures of Griffiths Drive, Whitehouse Avenue, Linthouse Lane, here in Ashmore Park in Wednesfield North.
• Griffiths Drive closed in both directions between its junction with Linthouse Lane to outside property number 75.
Vehicular Diversion Route: Lichfield Road, Peacock Avenue and Vice Versa.
• Linthouse Lane Island at the junction with Griffiths Drive/Whitehouse Avenue closed.
Vehicular Diversion Route: Wood End Road, Lichfield Road and vice versa.
• Whitehouse Avenue closed at its junction with Linthouse Lane.
Vehicular Diversion Route: Shardlow Road, Spondon Road and Vice Versa.

It is expected that the closure will be in place from 11/October 2021 to 20/October 2021, weekdays only between the hours of 09:30 & 15:30 to facilitate carriageway resurfacing.

I hope you all have a great Saturday and a good weekend.

What’s Happening in Wednesfield North!

Good Morning Wednesfield. Its Sunday 5th of September 2021, and I thought that we would start the new week by informing you of the type of cases that we have been dealing with over the last weeks of August. We try hard to make our residents the best informed in the City.
• In the last few weeks Wednesfield North Councillors have reported on a schedule for Road works in Linthouse lane, towards the end of the month, which will be based around new street lighting.
• Drain Covers that had been stolen in Peach Road, plus their replacement via City Council Highways team in just 24 hours!
• The Passing of former Wednesfield North Councillor Gillian Walton.
• We have also reported on Fly Tipping in Baylis Ave and a positive result that goes with it.
• A proposal to make safer the Peacock Ave number 2 Car Park.
• The proposal for Ridge Lane to be closed,again later this month, to allow Severn Trent Water Company to replace infrastructure.
• We gave a ‘break down’ on the new Covid-19 regulations in place for the return of School children to schools, at the start of the new School Year.
• We reported on New Universal Credit Cuts, plus we helped needy parents with school uniform issues.
• We have channelled £680 of Ward fund monies into a local volunteer’s organisation that helps provide school uniforms for parents and families struggling to find the resources for their children to attend schools in Wednesfield North.
• Your Councillors have also arranged and provided the funds for a new memorial bench to be fitted in the Gardens of the Hub at Ashmore Park. -More on this later this month.
We are always looking to provide help here in Wednesfield North, and I think that by and large we do this very well. Our regular social media blogs are all about informing you of what is happening locally. Also what we are doing as your local Councillors.

Enjoy Sunday folks! Stay safe and continue to be cautious with regards to Covid-19.

Latest – 353 New cases of Covid per 100,000 City People.

There are a lot of local people that think the Covid-19 pandemic is all but over here in the City of Wolverhampton! Sadly, it isn’t.
The latest statistics I have, dated yesterday Friday the 3rd September is set below-
Covid-19 positive case rates
The latest figures show there were 353.6 new cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people in Wolverhampton over the last seven days. That means 930 people in the city tested positive for the virus in that same period – though the true number of new cases will likely be higher.

The impact on Covid-19 is being felt heavily in this Ward, not just through the illness, and the deaths that it has brought to our community. But also through the need to continue to use The Hub at Ashmore Park for testing. This has meant that the public activities that were scheduled to take place within The Hub are still not happening.

The Hub therefore remains closed except for the Public Health duties that are taking place within. Your Councillors will continue to provide information as and when we receive news and updates .

Stay Safe Wednesfield!

More Road Works in Linthouse Lane Wednesfield – Planned.

There will be more disruption too traffic on Linthouse Lane at the end of this month, as Western Power transfers services from the existing lamps, into the new lamp columns that have been erected, this is scheduled to take place between the 27th September and the 7th October 2021.

There will be 2 way rolling traffic lights during this period. The work will take place from the junction with Wood End Road all the way to the junction with Spondon Road.

Please put these dates in your diary and prepare your journeys accordingly.

Dramatic About Change! Baylis Avenue Fly-Tip Removal.

Earlier this week I reported on a large Fly-tip that had taken place in a Garage site at Baylis Ave here on Ashmore Park. I reported that this item was brought to my attention by local residents.

I reported that the City Council and Wolverhampton Homes were going to use their own resources to clear the site of Fly -Tip. Well there is a dramatic change in the planned process. Here is a portion of correspondence that indicates a new approach.

“Dear Councillor Bateman Thank you for your enquiry regarding the garage site at Baylis Avenue

Our estate caretaking teams were on site earlier this week to commence clearance works of the fly-tipped items.

We have found some evidence linking the fly-tipping to an address in ********* . We have been in contact with the occupier who has advised us that they are taking steps to have the rubbish removed from the site. We have advised that the site will be re-visited during week commencing 6th September to ensure that this is the case. If required, our caretaking teams from Wolverhampton Homes will intervene and clear the site as previously arranged and look to a recharge.”

Thank you for everyone that has offered advice. Its wrong that public money has to be used to clear sites of peoples own household rubbish, in this instance this now will not be the case.