Bad News for NX Service 28 Passengers.

I wrote requesting National Express West Midlands ‘think again’ on changing the 28 bus service,bus here is the response I received yesterday. It’s bad news for some users sadly.  Here is what National Express West Midlands told me…. The Service change will now take place on the 24th July 2016
NX said  “I can now confirm the bus service changes taking place from 24th July 2016 and attach the draft of our responses to customers following the consultation. This explains what people said in response to the proposals and why we have reached the decisions we have. This will be posted on our website and should be available from travel shops shortly.
With regard to the 28 we have not changed our original proposal and the service is being withdrawn. The numbers using the facility across New Invention were very low and could no longer support a dedicated service.
The vast majority of customers have replacement services covering the route of the 28 –
– service 69 will replace the 28 between New Invention and Wolverhampton
– service 41 will be increased in frequency between New Invention and Willenhall
The numbers using the 28 across New Invention are as follows:
​From Ashmore Park/Peacock Avenue: 17 return journeys daily
From Linthouse Lane (between Spondon Road and Peacock Avenue): 6 return journeys daily
From Wood End: 5 return journeys daily. NB – these passengers can use the 25 for travel to Willenhall
From Deyncourt Road: 4 return journeys daily.​
Overall just over 30 people a day using the 28 of which 25 will not have a direct replacement and will have to change buses. Unfortunately the numbers are not great enough to justify the continuation of the 28. I do sympathise with the people affected but have not been able to resolve their travel issue.
However, some people will benefit from the new links that are provided by the 69 to Walsall.
Other changes will be:
– Service 89 will increase in frequency (to every 20 minutes) and provide a new link into Bentley Bridge retail park from Wolverhampton, Wednesfield, New Invention and Bloxwich.
– Service 59 will have minor timing alterations. We have increased the journey times to improve reliability. I am sorry I couldn’t give you more positive news on the 28 although we did seriously look at the option for retaining it following your representations and the consultation responses.”

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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