Battle Information All Signed Up!

You know when you have been arguing for such a long time for an action, you think after a while you will not achieve it! Well today we have exceeded that wish… when a boundary sign was erected that tells people entering into Wolverhampton and our Village of Wednesfield, that it is the site of a huge battle that changed the history of Britain. This battle took place when the Mercian’s and Saxons defeated the Danes here in Wednesfield in August 910 AD.

Back in 2015 I moved a resolution in the City of Wolverhampton Full Council asking the Authority to recognise the importance of the battle that took place here.

Our neighbourhoods and our Wednesfield History Society recognised the unique situation, because if the Danes had won. Then the  Danelaw would have been extended from York over most of Britain.

It is feasible to consider that if that had happened, we may all be ordering our drinks in Danish now! Those of us who cherish our history also firmly believe that the battle and its location within The City of Wolverhampton, can help re generate our local economy….here is the resolution passed by the City of Wolverhampton Council  in 2015.

“This City Council recognises the importance of the Battle of Wodensfield which took place in August 910 within the current City Boundaries. We wish to ensure the historic significance of this battle by declaring that the City Council flag is flown over the two day Anniversary (5/6) August  annually. We further request the City Council to investigate and report back to Cabinet, ways in which this historic event can be marked to regenerate and develop our local economy.”

I am pleased also to announce that in the run up to the Battle date in August it is planned to add, a further Boundary Sign. Adding further impetus to the events staged by Wednesfield History Society and their partners at the anniversary date…. Its been a good day for Wednesfield today, despite the snow.



Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more