Being Steadfast Pays Off – Good News for Snape Road!

Back in July I had a resident contacted me about the poor state of the garages in Snape Road opposite the True Briton. These garages are unusual in the sense they are not hidden away behind homes.

But are in full view of the PH and loom large in the street scene.

My constituent was critical of the overall state of these garages saying that they were looking run down in appearance and deadly scruffy. I contacted Wolverhampton Homes and I wrote to the Director of Housing as Wolverhampton Homes, owns the garages, asking if there was anything that can be done to improve them, and thereby improve the street scene.

In August I was informed by WH that “Due to its low usage and the lack of demand for the garages it was decided that it was not financially viable to carry out repair work either on the garages themselves or the forecourt.  Given the low occupancy rate at present, the need to recoup any investment over a maximum of 10 years via the rental income would not be possible. There are 13 garages on the site, only 3 of which are let”

I was not satisfied with that information and again returned to the Director setting out further arguments as to why the site should receive investment to improve its image and make the site attractive for lettings.

I spent September arguing the case for investment with WH, and I also asked via my web site ( for residents who wanted a garage at this site to contact me or Wolverhampton Homes. I then passed on expressions of interest to WH.

Well now for the good news! My dogged approach to this issue appears to have paid off. I have received written confirmation from Wolverhampton Homes stating that “It has been agreed that we will be carrying out some work, which includes replacing the doors, repairing the roof’s, internal walls etc.”


I am delighted that this investment will take place as it will improve the street scene in this location, as well as providing some off street parking for residents living locally.


I understand that Wolverhampton Homes will not be allocating the garages until after the work is completed. It has been anticipated that work will commence in January 2016.


IMG_0462 Snape road garages

Here are the Garage’s as they look today. Tired run down, indeed falling down, in some cases.A detracting image doing nothing for the street scene.

Personally I am very pleased with the arrangements that have been told about. If other residents are keen to take a Garage, be quick and inform me via my address, and I will ensure Wolverhampton Homes receives your indication of interest!

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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