Big Thank You to Hawk Cycles & Mark Reynolds!


Here Aaron meets Mark! The reason? Well Mark has just offered Aaron a new bike to replace the one that was stolen from him on Friday 11th March!

IMG_7945 Aaron & Mark Bike robbery

Aaron meets Mark Reynolds of Hawk Cycles

Today was a good day for Aaron Keirle as Mark Reynolds – Regional Controller from Hawk Cycles of Cradley Heath delivered him a replacement bike, for the one that was stolen.

The handover was made at the Volunteer run ‘The Hub at Ashmore Park’ and the Volunteers waived the fee for hire so that it all could take place.

Regional Controller of Hawk Cycles Mark Reynolds, said “we are happy to respond in this way. We thought that it was a vile robbery. My company was keen to help this young man continue his job starting out in the World of work.

Councillor Phil Bateman said “The arrangements were made following the story that I wrote up on my Blog immediately after the robbers had struck! What I am still stunned at is how quickly all this has come together. It’s just 4 days since the dastardly theft occurred. Yet here we are all gathered to witness a fabulously generous action by Hawk Cycles.”

Phil Bateman went onto add – “I had lots of offers of help from our community. Here is a few of those very generous offers.

  • Mr Mervyn Fulford was first to come forward with an offer of a bike he had in his garage
  • Several residents have offered me small cash donations
  • Also today (15th March) a neighbour in Broad Lane North offered a donation of £50!
  • Punjabi Wolves also offered to fund raise for the cost of a new bike.

Isn’t that a real great community re-action”

The original incident happened at about 4.20pm on the 11th March, our paper boy Aaron was stopped and robbed of his bike by two men in a blue car as he was delivering the Express & Star newspaper, it was a Peugeot type vehicle. It didn’t have registration plates attached.

They screamed abuse at the paper boy then one robbed him of his bike, the other then followed the guy who rode off on his bike driving in the car.

It was a blue car. If any of our neighbours who have CCTV that may have captured this action in Broad Lane North, should contact the police on 101 if they have witnessed or recorded the incident.

Back at the Hub today Aaron was surrounded by his family. I arranged for the Express and Star and Signal Radio in the presence of Wednesfield Presenter Richard ‘Dickie’ Dodd to cover the hand over. Allison Degg his employer was in attendance. Mark Reynolds own family came along to give him support. (Mark Reynolds is very much an Ashmore Parker!)

There was final surprise for Aaron and his family, as Wednesfield Aces –  Mr Wayne Tipton had contacted me earlier in the day, to offer him and his family the chance to attend a Cycle Speedway League fixture at the Wednesfield Aces track. Their kind offer included being the guest of honour for the match of Aaron’s choice. Now that is what I call Community spirit!

Councillors Rita Potter, Phil Bateman and Mary Bateman were also present –  having arranged the ceremony.

Phil Bateman

Phil Bateman is Married to Mary and lives in Wednesfield North. He was a long serving local politician having served previously on the now defunct West Midlands County Council... read more


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