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Today Again the News Papers Are Highlighting Tory Government Housing Policy.- As Labour Dub’s “It A Developer’s Charter!”

My briefing today from the LGIU spotlights again how some Conservative MPs prepare to rebel over planning reform.

Almost 100 Conservative MPs are understood to be prepared to rebel over the Government’s proposed overhaul of planning legislation – with a source telling the Times that rebels are rejecting potential concessions raised by ministers as “window dressing”.

The Labour Party has already set out its opposition to what it calls a “developers’ charter”, which will remove the right for residents to object to individual planning applications, and will require councils to nominate “growth sites” on which development will be automatically approved.

Damian Green, de facto deputy prime minister under Theresa May, says a “centrally imposed zonal system would be a really unconservative policy in this hugely sensitive area”, while Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen says that it “seems the system means the more you have built, the more you have got to build in the future”. “I’m quite happy to see more houses built”, he said, “we are the party of homeowners, but every area has to do its fair share.”

Councillor Phil Bateman said ” The more you see and read, the clearer it is that it is Conservative Government Housing Policy, that is the threat to the development of the Green Belt. A huge threat is that local democracy is under attack as local peoples right to object are under consideration to be wiped away. Even Conservative Tory MP’s are beginning to rebel over the Governments Housing Policy.”

Analysis shows how high streets will become place for housing!

Analysis shows how high streets will become place for housing

Councillor Phil Bateman said today ” One of the hottest topics in and around our City at the moment is Government Planning Policy. We have seen disagreement, and bad tempered discussion already in the City Council Chambers. Following the Government targets for Local Authorities to deliver housing.

The Gov are placing pressures on the Green Belt . That isnt popular with our localities. Now hot on the heals of those Tory Policy objectives, and starting from tomorrow we have this Government Policy. The Times reports that High streets shops,cafes and Restaurants can be converted to houses, without planning permission! “

Analysis conducted for the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) indicates that four out of five high street premises face being converted into housing following the Government’s overhaul of the planning system. From tomorrow, developers in England will be allowed to turn a range of high street businesses into flats without planning permission.

The TCPA study looked at representative high streets in Leicester, Huntingdonshire, Barnet in north London and Crawley, West Sussex. It found an average of 80% of shops and other commercial buildings could be lost.

Councillor Bateman added ” The Conservative Government are really ensuring that the shake up they have promised to take place around planning, look more like a developers charter, and the checks and balances that Local Communities carry out are being truncated.”

The full article was published The Times today Saturday 31 July 2021.

Walsall Finally Agrees! Boundary Hedge Ownership.

Residents living in Snape Road and Simmons Road will know that for some time now I have been fighting to get Walsall MBC to recognise and then take actions with regards to their tree’s and hedges that run along the Coppice Farm walkways behind the homes in Snape and Simmons road.

Finally we have had a breakthrough! I am delighted!

Instead of Walsall saying that for what seems like many years. that they had no responsibility. This is a breakthrough in that there is now recognition that the hedgerow is theirs. This helps tremendously going forward.

Please read what Director of Place at Walsall MBC states now.

Dear Councillor Bateman,- I apologise for the delay in responding. I can confirm that we have received several enquiries from Wolverhampton residents in Snape Road and Simmonds Road regarding the trees on the open space. Establishing who is responsible for this land has taken some time; however, it has been agreed that it will now be maintained by Walsall Council. We plan to undertake some pruning works in September this year. It should be noted that this will be weather dependant, as the site gets particularly wet following heavy rain and we would be unable to gain access for the equipment required. Unfortunately the work could not commence any earlier as our teams are committed to planned school works during August. The woodland is in excess of 350 metres in length which will possibly take 2 weeks for our teams to complete. The works would be crown lifting, dead wood removal and pruning some of the overhang. It would not involve reducing or topping of the trees. The area will now be included in our cyclical inspection programme in future years.

So some planned maintenance is going to take place and that will help I am sure, as will the fact that they have now taken ownership,of what was once disputed. Progress!

The Photo shows the once disputed hedge line on the left of the property, on the part of the walkway in Walsall MBC ownership.

Latest Information About Covid-19 In Wolverhampton

Good Morning Wednesfield – I thought that today I would bring you up to date with some Covid-19 statistics as they affect Wolverhampton.
The Covid-19 infection rate-The latest figures show there were 327.7 new cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people in Wolverhampton over the last seven days. That means 862 people in the city tested positive for the virus in that same period – though the true number of new cases will likely be higher.

Covid-19 vaccine update – Some 163,385 residents in Wolverhampton have now had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, with 126,372 having had both doses. In total, 289,757 vaccinations have been administered in the city.

The Covid-19 vaccine bus has pulled up at Bilston Market this week, and anyone aged 18 and over is invited to get their first or second jab without needing to book an appointment. It is open today (Friday 16 July) to Sunday 18 July from 10am-4pm each day. The City Council urges people to carry on practicing Hands, Face, Space and Fresh Air.

The Government has announced that existing Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted from Monday, with a national emphasis on ‘personal responsibility’ to help stop the spread of the virus. With Covid-19 cases continuing to increase rapidly in Wolverhampton and elsewhere – and hospitalisations now starting to rise too – the council is strongly advising people to act with extreme caution. Our message is clear: ‘Covid’s not over’ and we should continue to look out for each other.

That means being safe when we meet others, getting vaccinated when we have the chance, keeping our distance from each other remembering ‘hands, face, space and especially fresh air’ this time of year, wearing a face covering in enclosed public places like in shops and on buses, trains and trams, and getting tested regularly. The council is taking this approach and we are urging residents, city businesses and other organisations to do the same.

Meanwhile, the council is encouraging schools to keep pupils in ‘bubbles’ until the end of term to help stop the spread of Covid-19. The Government announced last week that the school bubble system would be scrapped from Monday. However, with the end of term just a few days later, the council is asking schools to retain the bubbles, and other measures such as the wearing of face coverings and staggered start and finish times, until the summer break.

Operation Guardian Turns-Up Hammer.

Wednesfield Police report that “As part of “Operation Guardian” the team carried out a weapons sweep of the canal area between the Dog & Partridge pub and the Boat Inn, following intelligence that weapons had been secreted in the bushes.
Finally after an extensive search by several team members a claw hammer was found hidden under a bush on the memorial gardens across the road from St Thomas’s church.

Gladly no bladed weapons were found on this occasion, but the team remain vigilant and are very grateful for any local knowledge.”

Any reports can be made via the web chat facility, crimestoppers or 101.

Wednesfield Police Warn of Beggars

Councillor Phil Bateman said today-” I have received this notice from Wednesfield Police. Please take notice of the situation which is developing.Please also take the advice the Police are giving through this public notice.”
Nuisance Beggars.
Wednesfield Policing team are again aware of nuisance / persistent beggars in the area..
We are continuing to monitor and deal with this by handing out Community Protection Warning Notices and Community Protection Notices.

Our advice to the public is as follows:

Giving money to those who beg could be making their situation worse.
You could be feeding their addiction, causing them to be robbed or even worse.
There are other ways you can help!..
ALTERNATIVE GIVING CAMPAIGN supports charities that can help get the homeless off the streets.

Wednesfield Police Warn! – Co-Op Ashmore Park

Councillor Phil Bateman said today,” I have been advised of the following information. I wanted my readers to be as aware as I am.” Here is the Police message – “The Wednesfield Neighbourhood Police team have been made aware of a male that has been loitering outside the entrance of the CO-OP on Griffiths Drive and also outside the tanning salon, It has been reported that he is approaching people for money and being a general nuisance.

We have seen a cctv image of the individual, however he isn’t known to any of the team at this point.

Apparently he is there during the early evening, so when we are on our late shifts, we will be giving the area some extra attention.
In the meantime, if anyone has any information, please contact us via the web chat facility on line, or ring 101.”

Cllr Bateman added- “please take note and follow the advice if you see him.”

More Than 80% Vaccinated -Wednesfield

I am sure that there will be a lot of people in Wednesfield North who will be curious to how the Covid-19 vaccinations taking place are going locally.

The three data sets that basically cover the Ward are Wednesfield North East, Ashmore Park and Woodend.

These are the official statistics up to 13th July.

Wednesfield North East 1st Dose – 81.6%
2nd Dose -65.6%
Ashmore Park 1st Dose – 81.3% 1st Dose
-2nd dose 65.9%
Woodend- 1st Dose -81.2%
– 2nd Dose -65.4%

I hope this information is useful to you.

Covid-19 -We All Need To Remain Cautious!

Councillor Phil Bateman said today. An official briefing I have received inform me that “The latest figures show there were 228.2 new cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people in Wolverhampton over the seven days to 7 July.

That means 600 people in the city tested positive for the virus in that seven-day period – though the true number of new cases will likely be higher. “

It is expected that the Euro 2020 final: England V Italy will be a massive draw this week end. I like many others will be cheering the England team to a win”

Councillor Bateman added “But the City Council want to remind fans that they really do need to stay safe.- We’re reminding football fans in the city to keep safe when they enjoy this weekend’s Euro 2020 final between England and Italy.The big game takes place at 8pm on Sunday and many fans are expected to watch the match with friends and family at homes and pubs across the city. While we want everyone to enjoy the occasion, we’re reminding people to do what they can to prevent the spread of Covid with national guidance still in place. This is the message that the City Council wants to get over “

City Council message – Please help us share the message that if you’re meeting up with others to cheer on England, don’t forget to exercise caution and remember the Hands, Face, Space and Fresh Air guidance. People are also urged to take free rapid test beforehand to reassure yourself, and the people you are meeting with, that you don’t have Covid-19. West Midlands Police are reminding pubs to pubs to comply with the guidance and ensure a safe environment for fans.

Covid-19 walk-in vaccinations now available

To encourage vaccine uptake and make it easier for people to access their jabs ahead of the proposed relaxation of restrictions on 19 July, a number of walk-in clinics are now available across the city.

Wolverhampton Wanderers have shown their support for the vaccine rollout again by hosting the vaccine bus this week and also offering a signed team shirt as an extra incentive. The vaccine bus is on the Stan Cullis Stand car park (opposite Asda) at Molineux Stadium from 11am to 6pm until Sunday 11 July. Anyone who has their first or second vaccination will be entered into a prize draw to win the signed new season shirt.

In addition to the vaccine bus, more walk-in clinics are now open across the city, offering first and second doses to anyone aged 18 or over without needing to book. Locations change frequently, but this week have included Aldersley, Wednesfield, Whitmore Reans and Bilston. The latest dates and locations can be found on our dedicated web page you can view by clicking here and are also advertised on social media.

. Covid-19 test site opening hours

Revised opening hours are now in operation at the city’s Covid-19 test centres. PCR testing (for people with symptoms or who have been asked to get a test, for instance, by their school or employer) are available at the five walk-through centres at Showell Road, Faulkland Street Car Park, Blakenhall Resource Centre, Whitmore Reans Library and Mountford Lane Car Park, Bilston, between 8am-1pm seven days a week, and at the drive-through centre at Priory Green, Whitburn Close, Pendeford from 9am-3pm daily.

Meanwhile, Rapid Covid-19 testing (for people without symptoms) is now available at the Civic Centre, Monday to Friday from 8am-6pm, and The Hub at Ashmore Park from 9am-6pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Opening hours at the Jamia Masjid Bilal, 58 Newhampton Road, remain the same, with rapid testing available from 10am-7pm daily. Rapid Covid-19 testing can also be done at home using test kits.

Councillor Bateman added “Please everyone enjoy Sunday, and the Euro Finals . But please stay safe and remember we are not yet out of the legislation that drives all the precautions that are in place to limit Covid-19 . have a great day and cheer England to a famous victory and the European Championship”.

Street Trees and the Environment -Wednesfield North

There has been some concern in Broad Lane North about the size of the tree canopy in Broad Lane North,as it runs towards the junction with Lichfield Road.

There is also some major concerns with the way trees and hedges along Kitchen Lane have grown towards the centre of the Lane. This growth has caused damage to vehicles.

I have also been informed of trees in Griffith Drive where the tree branches are resting on the roof of local homes.

I am also involved in a request to Walsall to deliver attention to the trees owned by Walsall which are causing problems in Snape and Simmons Road to City residents.
Plus there are some trees in The Ashmore Park which are causing boundary problems and concerns about safety.

As residents will see the importance of trees weighs heavily in the thoughts of residents and the implications on the City Council are immense considering that there are 59 other Wards in addition to Wednesfield North.

In Broad Lane North this is the latest information that I have – All highway trees in Board Lane North are due for inspection this financial year 2021/22 (on programme) at which time the trees health, condition and any work requirements will be assessed. The team will also ensure all trees have the appropriate height clearance over the public footpath.
Kitchen Lane- the problem tree and hedge was due to be inspected, and any remedial work undertaken. If anyone has faced damage to their vehicle.I would urge you to make a claim. It is not something that Councillors can do for you.

The issues of the trees in Snape and Simmons road. This is still frustrating because the ownership of them fall to Walsall MBC. The latest information on the 11th June is that Walsall Officers are to respond. ! will keep you informed.

Trees at Griffith Drive- I am still engaged with City Officials over these.

Trees The Ashmore Park- Again this is an issue where the conversation remains ongoing.

The issue of trees and the environment is a major part of the work currently being undertaken here in Wednesfield North.

Also the issues that relate to the Green Belt and the potential of new home building on Green field sites are taking up a lot of time. Please keep a watch on my social media sites where I try to keep answering the issues so that the wider Ward of Wednesfield North can follow.