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Police and Crime Commissioner Comes to Ashmore Park

On Monday 11th July, your three Labour Councillors met with the Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands. We invited him to Ashmore Park to make him aware of the crime problems, we have here in Wednesfield North and across Wednesfield.

The Commissioner arrived at The Hub where we had arranged to meet. We introduced him to James Clarke the Chair of the Ashmore Park Community Association.

All three of your Councillors were in attendance. We explained to the PCC that there just was not enough Neighbourhood Police officers in Wednesfield. We explained that whilst we were not a ‘high crime ‘ area, nevertheless crime hurt our residents, and they feel it is rising across the Ward. I explained that we felt that the WMP Communications fell short in explaining what the police were doing locally, that the information often when published and then carried in publications was often incorrect or misleading. We explained that there had been some high profile crimes that had been carried out recently in the area that had knife issues at the core.

We informed him that many residents felt that contacting the Police didnt bring the response they wanted. We told him that the 101 line was a constant criticism, when we speak with residents as to the need to report crime. We informed him that when the Police didn’t turn out for crime calls, that was just another nail into the trust issue that was constantly eroding and creating gaps between West Midlands Police and our local residents. We told him that now days we hardly ever see an officer above the rank of Sgt, Never mind knowing the name or rank of senior officers. As was the case 10 years or so ago.

The PCC replied that in 2010 there were 2200 Police in the West Midlands. Today even with the up lift in new officers and when they are fully operational. This will bring west Midlands up to a strength of just 1200 Police Officers, to protect and serve a population of over 3million. Not even after this 12 year period of stress and strain, and with the new investment of Officers coming on the beat . We would still have to face up to the fact that we would have a service strength below the levels of 2010.

The PCC recognised there was not enough Police Officers. He informed us he constantly repeats the message to the Government who were the architects of this forces Police officers slack of strength.

He did say that amongst the new recruits coming on board were to be 450 new Community and Neighbourhood Police officers.We praised the role of the PCSO’s and we underlined the local situation here where there was not enough Police Officers to Police the two Wards in Wednesfield and Bentley Bridge Retail and Leisure Park.

We also informed him that all the work that we had undertaken with our residents here in Wednesfield North, there was an overwhelming support for our Wednesfield Police Station to remain open and to have a front desk again. We made that case strongly. The PCC said it was unlikely to close completely for the next few years. More to Report over the next few Days…..

Make sure children have both MMR jabs before starting school :

Make sure children have both MMR jabs before starting school
Released: Tuesday 14 June, 2022

Parents and guardians in Wolverhampton are being asked to ensure their children are up to date with the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, as latest data shows uptake across England has dropped to the lowest level in a decade.

The percentage of five-year-olds who have had both doses of the MMR vaccine in England is currently 86.3%, well below the World Health Organization’s target of 95% which it says is needed to achieve and sustain the elimination of measles. It also means around three in 20 children starting school are at risk of catching measles.

The virus is highly contagious, so even a small decline in MMR uptake can lead to a rise in cases. And, as international travel resumes, it is more likely that measles will be brought in from countries that have higher levels of the disease.

The MMR vaccine is known to give 99% protection against both measles and rubella. Children are offered two doses of the vaccine by their registered GP surgery, the first when they turn one and the second at around three years and four months, before they start nursery or school.

Councillor Jasbir Jaspal, the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, said: “Measles is highly contagious; it can infect nine in 10 non-immune children – those who are either unvaccinated or have not been infected previously – and lead to complications such as ear and chest infections, fits, diarrhoea and dehydration.

“On what are thankfully rare occasions, it can cause long term disabilities or, tragically, even death.

“Starting nursery and school increases the risk of exposure to infectious diseases, and that’s why it is vital your children have their MMR vaccines as soon as they are eligible for them.

“Indeed, it is incredibly important that parents and carers ensure their child is up to date with all their routine vaccinations, not just MMR, as these vaccines give children crucial protection against serious and potentially deadly illnesses. They also help to stop outbreaks in the community.

“If you think your child has missed a vaccination, check their Red Book. If you don’t have the Red Book to hand, do not worry – simply contact your GP to check as soon as you can. You can ask for an appointment for their jab to be arranged so that you can make sure they have maximum protection against disease.”

Dr Vanessa Saliba, Consultant Epidemiologist at the UK Health Security Agency, added: “The MMR vaccine offers the best protection from measles, mumps and rubella which is why we’re calling on parents and guardians to make sure their children are up to date with their two doses.

“Even a small drop in vaccine coverage can have a big impact on population immunity levels and lead to outbreaks. I would urge parents to check if their children are up to date with their MMR vaccines and if not to get them booked in as soon as they are able. It’s never too late to catch-up.”

For more details on the MMR vaccine, visit If your child isn’t registered with a GP, you can find out how to do so at


A Quick Round-Up of Wednesfield North Issues.

Your Councillors Mary, Rita and myself, often work together as a team. We try hard to ensure that we improve the environment and the lives of people who live and work here in our Ward of Wednesfield North.
Here is a brief round up of some of the actions we have taken recently with regards to issues that have been brought to our attention by constituents.
Graffiti smeared on the Memorial bench on the Ashmore Park Playing Fields. This has been reported for action. It goes without saying that if anyone knows who spray painted the bench, please inform the Police or any of your Councillors. It is an upset for many to see vandalism of this sort being targeted on Remembrance infrastructure.
We were requested to help speed things up! As we are trying to assist in getting the Easy Line Gym up and running at The Hub at Ashmore Park We are doing this by trying to assist them with two pieces of Gym Equipment that they have identified, as a requirement, and needs transporting. We got involved and I have now been informed that the supplier is arranging transport to deliver the equipment to The Hub at Ashmore Park. So it looks like this particular issue has been successful.
We have also been requested to assist where we can in helping volunteers who are raising funds to locate a defibrillator on the Linthouse estate. The organiser is a grand chap who with friends and neighbours are raising cash through sponsorship. We have pledged help in what sounds like a great project in saving lives.
I have been trying to assist a person with disabilities into the school of choice. I am pleased to say that parents have achieved their objectives, and a school place, in the school of their choice, has been filled. I am pleased to have assisted as the stress has been severe for the parent and the child.
There is a Care worker shortage locally, and I have recently received a request from a Care company to assist. I have passed the matter onto the City Council.
Since the start of the new Municipal Year in May 2022 – I have logged 92 enquiries from you the constituents.
There have been two Planning Applications validated in the Wednesfield North Ward in the last 28 Days.
They were in Shardlow Road where an application has been lodged for a detached two bed bungalow and Woodend Road where an application has been lodged for a Single storey rear extension.
Council Tax rebates in Wednesfield North stand at 3,631 Paid with a total value of £544,650. There is an overall take up Rate 73.7% meaning around 1290 eligible payments have yet to be granted.

Wednesfield -Champions.

Wednesfield win local derby with Darlaston and win the title.!
Then they displayed a poignant message ‘RIP Moggsy’ for a much liked former member of the Football Club! Great Win, and Much welcome Good News for our Village…

Wednesfield North Labour Councillors Working for You!

As we approach the close of the Municipal Year 2021-2022 and get ready for 2022-2023.

We have had a wide range of cases that we have been investigating for constituents.

They range from Licensing, Fly Tipping, Highways, Pest control, Dog Fouling, Fencing, Graffiti, Hedge Maintenance, Bins, Leisure issues, Litter, PublicTransport, Manhole covers, Anti Social Behaviour, Police, Parked Vehicles, Planning, Parking, Flooding. Traffic Regulations, Street Lighting, Adult Social Care, Children services. Pathways, Licensing, Revenues, School Parking, Abandoned vehicles, Dead Animals,CCTV, homes,Park Security, Public Health and much more!

We are not in an election period now. But, I can inform you that your three City Councillors have been dutiful and diligent in looking after the Ward.

We appreciate that we will not always win every case. But we do take up hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cases each year.

We work very much as a team, that means we collaborate where we can on problems and solutions. We share information, and we often empower each other to investigate problem issues, then come together to press the City on the outcomes of our working together.

(Photograph shows a Planning Issue that was a major concern for residents. It was reported to City Councillors, and working practice was examined, and a close watch on its development continues)

Empty and Void Dwellings in Wednesfield North.

During the course of the Local City Council Election 2022. Local Housing need was a major part of the debate with local people.
A vacant private property came up here in the Ward, when a resident complained about its long time being void. So here is the situation. We have at least two dwellings that are being treated by the City Council through the Legal processes here in Wednesfield North, to ensure that these homes are brought back into use.

The two long term empty and void private property’s, are in different neighbourhoods in Wednesfield North. Cabinet Resources Panel approved the acquisition of one of the the property’s “either voluntarily or by Compulsory Purchase on the 17/2/21.”

The other property is well down the legal road to change of ownership.

Resolving probate, unfortunately takes some time, there are legal processes to go through, and indeed some of the issues to be solved are very complicated.

These two dwelling’s are a very live issue locally, to their neighbours, and I hope that it will not be too long before the future of these property’s have been resolved.

I have been in touch with the City Council and will be receiving up dates on their progress. Which I will of course share.

Linthouse Lane Closure Details.

This is an important date so please place it in your diary.Please find details below regarding the proposed temporary closure of Linthouse Lane, Fallings Park/Wednesfield North, Wolverhampton.

• Linthouse Lane closed in both directions between its junction with Wood End Road and its junction with Argil Close.
Vehicular Diversion Route: Wood End Road, Lichfield Road and vice versa.

It is expected the above closure will be in place on 30/05/22, between the hours of 09:30 & 15:00 only, to facilitate Severn Trent Water remedial works.

If you have any concerns or comments please contact me by 11/05/22 in order to process the advertisement of the Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) accordingly

A ‘Big Thank You’ –

What a good Night for Labour Councillor Mary Bateman winning her 3rd election for #WednesfieldNorth on Thursday night the 5th of May. However, it was Election Agent Geoff Foster (First on the left, in the photograph) who helped make this all possible again this Year.

Well done Geoff! The man on the left with the Big Smile….#LocalElection22 – 20 years an Agent!

Plus a real ‘Big Thanks’ to everyone else that played a part in Labour winning this seat. Thanks to the team of supporters that placed ‘Mary Bateman -Labour’ Posters and window bills in their windows.

Those that tramped the streets putting thousands of leaflets through the doors. Our friends who put up with us for being late everywhere! Thank you to everyone for being so helpful and understanding. Plus an even bigger ‘Thank You’ for the Voters who trusted in Mary and the Labour Party and who cast their Votes for Labour!

Mary Wins Wednesfield North for Labour!-

Big result for Mary as she once again wins her third election for Labour in Wednesfield North on City of Wolverhampton Council.

As Labour romps to success in the City Council election.

I am proud of Mary, she is a caring individual and it’s pleasing that she won the seat 1358 over her Tory opponents 875. A cracking majority of 484.

Labour holds Wolverhampton City Council which is a great result for the City.

Don’t Lose That Vote!

Hi Wednesfield North don’t leave that Postal Vote behind the clock, or on the Mantle, or in a pile of letters!
Today is the day to use it, fill it in, and post it back to the Civic Centre. Your vote may be the crucial one. Please don’t lose it – Vote today.