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The Kings Coronation Day -Wednesfield

Here in Wednesfield there were a number of Coronation Day Street and Community Party’s. I take my hat off to those communities that rallied around and gave a street party.

Mary and I attended the Wednesfield in Bloom event, at St Thomas’s Church, and briefly the Orchard Road event held on the green.

Rocester Ave held a Street Party, and they are getting very good at organising them. I understand that one of the Deputy Lord Lieutenants attended with a message from King Charles!

Well done everyone taking part- its history in the making.

Environmental Action with Labour in Wednesfield North.

Matters on my mind this morning is inevitably the City Council Elections on the 4th May 2023.
It is rapidly approaching.
One of the main issues that are rising to the top of the postbag, is the environment.
Its not just the case that all three Labour Councillors in Wednesfield North have been progressing opposition to keep our much loved Green Belt is South Staffordshire being ripped up over the past years.
Its also been the success we have had in delivering a Local Nature Reserve situated along the Wyrley and Essington Canal, kept and maintained properly. Both boaters and the general public love the canal,its walks, its nature, the wild fowl and the trees and wild flowers. We are very proud of our actions again over years. To get it to where it is now.
Where we are finding public distaste is the rise and rise of ugly graffiti tagging, on Public buildings and on Private infrastructure.
Its been raised with the Police by your Labour Councillors, and we have raised the matter with the City Council officials.
We do need the publics help to identify where these ugly tag marks are, and crucially who is behind them- and the tags must have a meaning? So what is the meaning? Anyone who can help?
We have also been involved in the past year with the improvements to the Parks, with more trees being planted by corporate investment. We are also very proud that there are proposals to improve the Ashmore Park that will be forthcoming. We have also encouraged the Police to extend their patrols on our Canals and in our Park’s, and across our Green Public Spaces.
Your Councillors arranged the environmental fencing in Coppice Farm to protect against vehicle intrusion onto the space, the placing of memorial benches and bins.
The environment is important to us. We hope it is important to you as well. Please remember in this Local City Council election on 4th May 2023, You have three Votes – Use them all for Labour Mary Bateman, Phil Bateman and Rita Potter!

UK government’s new Emergency Alerts system is now live.

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UK government’s new Emergency Alerts system is now live

Dear Reader

The UK government’s new Emergency Alerts system is now live.
The system will enable people to be contacted via their mobile phone when lives are in danger. On Sunday 23 April 2023 at 3pm, there will be a national test of the Emergency Alerts service.

It will be used to warn you in the event of emergencies, such as severe flooding.

Emergency Alerts are sent to all compatible mobile phones within an area of risk. They don’t track your location, need your phone number, or collect personal data. Only the government and the emergency services will be able to send them. If you don’t have a mobile phone, you’ll still be kept informed through other channels.

If you get an Emergency Alert on your phone, you’ll hear a loud, siren-like sound. A message on your screen will tell you about the emergency and how best to respond. You’ll be able to check an alert is genuine at

If you receive an alert, read the alert carefully and follow the instructions.

You can opt out of receiving emergency alerts; for more information on how to opt out please go to

To find out more about Emergency Alerts, visit

Scandalous! Just scandalous.Stinking Sewerage Pouring Directly Into Brooks and Waterways!

Please Click on this Link Directly Below and Read -Well Done the Independent!

This is a real good piece of investigative journalism. It has uncovered the size of the job, that this Tory Government over the last thirteen years hasnt tackled. Whats more local to all our areas Severn Trent Water Company whose responsible for sewerage discharge into rivers, creeks, and streams in this case. Need to be told to do more and quickly!
In 2022 Waddens brook had sewerage spillage , also the brook received sewerage through discharge via Merrills Hall Lane storm sewer, But Waterhead Brook received sewerage spill on 27 occasions during 2022!

Now Severn Trent Water Company, let me say -” that just isn’t good enough. We want our brooks and river tributaries which flow through our conurbations to be much cleaner than that!”

There is more of this ugly story, in other water courses in Willenhall , Bilston and other parts of Wolverhampton. This Tory Government is not looking after our Environment very well at all!

Vote Labour i n May 4thLocal Government Elections – and in the General Election, which cannot come soon enough!

Supporting Our Local Community

You know it’s not what you do during the last weeks of a City Council Election Campaign!

It is what you have done in the preceding Years that really count!
Our Team of Labour Councillors have – Actively supported local Voluntary and Community organisations. Funded the Christmas Lights Switch on, Wednesfield Canal Festival, Wednesfield in Bloom, and the#Stuff4Steph Fun day on Ashmore Park Shopping Parade.

We have also part funded three defibrillators in the Ward. We have provided three Memorial Benches, we have provided Dog Pooh Litter bins, on Kitchen Lane and on Linthouse estate. Supported the Food Banks, The Uniform Exchange, We have in partnership with Ashmore Park Community Association provided the funding for a Youth Club based at The Hub for 11 years to 18 years old.

We have also supported School Funds. Plus we have been active in support of many many more charitable and Voluntary causes. We are together very proud of the role we play as your Team of Labour Councillors here in Wednesfield North.

Dumping-Environment Crime!

oday is Wednesday the 5th April 2023 – In line with the theme of todays Postings which are majoring on Crime & Police in Wednesfield. We bring you this story.
Earlier this week the Express and Star reported on an environmental crime here on our Wyrley & Essington Canal. A local Nature Reserve here in our City, as well as being a 230 year old canal and an important link in the regions Inland Waterways…..Here is what the regions biggest newspaper reported. If anyone has information as to who was responsible please contact the Canal and River Trust, the City Council or the West Midlands Police. Fly tipping is a crime.

Labour ‘Working 4 You!’ – Read about the New City Learning Quarter.

City of Wolverhampton under Labour control, and in our City manifesto, is building a brand new £55m City Learning Quarter, centred around a new City centre College.
Which will attract 45,000 learners and 7,500 apprentices to our City,
an action by itself which will bring energy and vibrancy to our City centre, opening up new opportunities, and feeding commerce and trade.
Plus, the benefits of educating people, will help to serve the business opportunities of others trades and manufacturing industries.. This is another great example of “Labour Working 4 you!”

Wolverhampton 400 miles of roads- 6418 Potholes reported in Three Years!

Potholes here in Wednesfield North are often the centre of conversations at this time of the Year. Like after a tough winter of ice and water. Both of which work hard against the surface of our highways. So I asked the following questions. So you can see the huge size and scope of the operation here in Wolverhampton.

1-Can you tell me how many miles of road that the City Council maintain.
Answer – 730km or 437 miles
2 How many pot holes have the Council repaired in the last three years -2020-2021 -2022
Total number of potholes reported
2019/2020 2020/2021 2021/2022
1,854 2,327 2,237

3 At what cost have the potholes been repaired at over the same three year period?
Expenditure for pothole repairs
2019/2020 2020/2021 2021/2022
£462,340 £903,830 £978,870

Councillor Phil Bateman says- “As you can see the operation is a large one, and the cost keeps rising. There has been a united pressure by Local Government on this Conservative Government because the state of Britain’s roads are declining across ever Borough in the UK. Simply put – they (Government) are not giving Local Government enough Grant! and against that pressure this City Council continues to repair and maintain with all the speed and efficiency they can muster..”

UN World Water Day Kicks off the UN Water Conference- then read about what is happening here in Wednesfield.!

The UN’s World Water Day yesterday, coincides with the start of the UN 2023 Water Conference (March 22-24, New York).
The conference is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to unite the world around solving the water and sanitation crisis.
National governments and stakeholders from all levels of society are collaborate to make voluntary commitments to accelerating progress on SDG 6 and other internationally-agreed water-related goals and targets.
These voluntary commitments will form the Water Action Agenda, designed to deliver rapid, transformative change in the remainder of this decade. This is important news for the World and of course water and sanitation are the real big Third World Issues that the UN and other Governments and Local Governments want to crack.

In the meantime back here in Wednesfield
But even here much closer to home and equally as important to our Local Community, water distribution is a key civilised objective. Living with low water pressure brings its problems. During hot summers, and times when water services are under stress. Low water pressure can bedevil both homes and business.
Councillor’s here in Wednesfield North have been pressing Severn Trent Water company to deliver a better water distribution service to residents, here in our Ward of Wednesfield North for some time now.
Last January (2022) Severn Trent- told us they knew that there was a problem with low water pressure in the Wednesfield North area. They told us that they had “a plan to upgrade a local (booster) pumping station and that this would require significant capital investment.”
This is the pumping station at the corner of Kitchen Lane. It’s true to say that Severn Trent have always explained that this investment would take some time to deliver. Earlier comments we received from Severn Trent Water company suggested possibly 2025?
We have been dogged in our approach for the need for stronger water pressures. We are pleased to now inform you that the company have now reaffirmed that they are “committed to starting work this year and (b) we’ll complete the upgrade in 2024.”
This is of course good news for everyone living and whose business is in the Ward. It means that it is quite possible that increased water pressure to our homes will be supplied 12 months earlier, than originally, we were informed.
I hope residents and business note the latest information that has been brought to you by Wednesfield North Councillors.

Changes for Exmoor Green & Suffolk Close- Polling Arrangements

This part of Wednesfield South Ward is to be transferred into Wednesfield North Ward this next election day.
Our hope is that when the homes come into Wednesfield North. that you will be continued to be well served by the Ward Councillors.
These homes in Exmoor Green and Suffolk Close are likely to be voting in a different Polling station than they have been used too. As your potential new Wednesfield North Labour Councillors, can we welcome you into our Ward.
If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.